Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1004 – Super Powerful

Chapter 1004 – Super Powerful

Super Powerful

The 2nd!

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“d.a.m.n! Why is he so strong?”

Desolate Wuleng’s face darkened. In addition to the slap he received from Gu Chen, he also felt shocked. He always wanted to get rid of Gu Chen and had never put this young genius in his eyes, but today, he found out that he was no longer the opponent of Gu Chen. That kind of psychological blow was unbearable to most ordinary people.

“Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you step in my way again, I will be the first to kill you.”

Jiang Chen glared at Desolate Wuleng. Initially, he wanted to kill Desolate Wuleng but his opponent was a peak Eighth Grade Great Saint after all and he had just advanced to the fifth grade. If he wanted to eliminate this old man without the dragon transformation, it would require a lot of effort.

Moreover, the great enemy was just ahead of them; it was inappropriate to wage war on one’s own ally. So now, he would let Desolate Wuleng live a little longer. Once he had the chance, he would definitely kill him.

Desolate Wuleng had gone really mad. Given his ident.i.ty and status, he had never been scolded by a junior before. However, he was smart enough to know that he had to endure such humiliation, he understood that Gu Chen was a ruthless man that had already grown to a terrifying extent. If he continued to provoke him, it was highly possible that he would die in vain, just like the monks of the Great Lightning Tune Temple. As to getting rid of Gu Chen, he would need to find another way later.

The people of Gu Palace were pleasantly surprised. Jiang Chen’s rate of growth was just too fast, faster than their expectation. They were incomparably relieved when Jiang Chen slapped Desolate Wuleng. Presently, Gu Zheng had a smile plastered on his face and still remained silent. This was a world dominated by strength. Whoever was stronger would have the right to give the orders. Although Gu Firmament had given Gu Zheng the command, he tacitly approved Jiang Chen replacing him.

The experts of the other palaces didn’t speak a word. They were smart enough to see the situation clearly. They better not offend Gu Chen this time, especially when he just slapped Desolate Wuleng. No one was not afraid of this young genius whose power rose constantly. Putting aside his cultivation base and strength, his methods were already enough to frighten them all. The impression they had on him right now wasn’t merely in his strength. It was his ruthlessness and ferocious means. He would kill as he pleased regardless of what occasion he was in or who his opponent was. Someone like him was the scariest and most difficult to deal with.

A single man managed to shock them all, the kind of shock that carried fear. Seeing that no one dared to speak anymore, Jiang Chen looked at Tyrant in the distance and shouted. “Young monk, come over here for a talk!”

After hearing this, Tyrant, Great Monk Ran Feng and Han Yan, as well as Yan Chenyu, flew over immediately. They had seen what happened here clearly. Though they had grown accustomed to Jiang Chen’s dominance, the killing of the abbot and a high-ranked monk of the Great Lighting Tune Temple, and slapping an elder of Desolate Palace were extremely satisfying, particularly to Tyrant, he had disliked the Great Lightning Tune Temple for a long time now.

Han Yan had fully comprehended the Great Devil Curse. In less than two days, he would be able to advance to the sixth grade of Great Saint realm. Both he and Tyrant were also getting stronger and were now almost unbeatable amongst the young generation of Saint Origin World.

“Young monk, are you interested in taking charge of the Great Lightning Tune Temple?” Jiang Chen said with a smile, sounding as if the Great Lighting Tune Temple had already fallen into his hands.

In fact, he had enough power to decide who would take charge of the temple right now, even without discussing it to the monks of the temple.

“What qualities and abilities do I have to take charge of the Great Lighting Tune Temple?” said Tyrant, expressing the modesty of a monk.

“There is no need to be humble, young monk. With your current strength, you are eligible enough to be called the number one monk in Buddha Sect. Plus, you are the descendant of Ancestor Greenlotus. Everyone in the Buddha Sect knows about the reputation of Ancestor Greenlotus. You are the best candidate to take charge of Buddha Sect of Western Domain. I hope that Buddha Sect will flourish in your hands and restore it to the height it once reached,” said Jiang Chen.

“In that case, this monk won’t refuse it.”

Tyrant didn’t try to push the offer anymore. All these years, Greenlotus Mountain had been oppressed by the Great Lightning Tune Temple. Now that the day the tables had turned , he naturally wouldn’t decline this chance. Ever since the deterioration of Buddha Sect, it only got worse year after year. As a genius of Buddha Sect, if he could revive it and bring it back to its former glory, it would be a magnificent feat, and this was what he desired the most.

The high-ranked monks of the Great Lightning Tune Temple wanted to opine, but did not do so in the end. They were fooled by fate. Over the years, Greenlotus Mountain had been under their supervision and control, but now, a young monk of that place was taking over the place of the abbot. They were unsure of how this young monk would treat them.

The rest of them didn’t say anything either when this young monk replaced the abbot of the Great Lightning Tune Temple. Like Jiang Chen said, the descendant of Ancestor Greenlotus is naturally qualified to control Buddha Sect. Moreover, the young monk had already shown his strength, even the Seventh Grade Great Saint monks of the Great Lightning Tune Temple weren’t his match.

*Howl… Howl… Howl…*

Devil waves rushed out as the devil army approached the Great Lightning Tune Temple. The war would break out at any moment.

“Young monk, lead the Great Lightning Tune Temple to the front lines. Buddha Sect has to use this opportunity to transform itself.” Jiang Chen said.


Tyrant’s combat intent billowed up to the sky. He became high spirited looking at the oncoming devils. This time, Buddha Sect must transform itself.

“All the people of Great Lightning Tune Temple, listen up! Follow my lead to eliminate the devils and raise the prestige of Buddha Sect!”

Tyrant roared at the direction of the Great Lightning Tune Temple, and then rushed first towards the devil army. Han Yan and Yan Chenyu followed. This was the main battlefield of Han Yan, so he wouldn’t miss such a great opportunity to improve himself.

“People of Saint Origin Palace. Follow me to slaughter the devil army. Today, we will hit them so hard that they can’t return to the Devil World anymore!”

Jiang Chen’s body was filled with golden light of dominance from top to bottom, making him look like an invincible War G.o.d. After witnessing his overbearing means, no one in Saint Origin Palace dared disobey his commands. Moreover, the devil army was just ahead of them. It was necessary for every expert to join the war.

Desolate Wuleng was looking at the back of Gu Chen, getting more and more suspicious of Gu Chen’s ident.i.ty.

“That young monk and the other two were also friends of Jiang Chen. Gu Chen has killed the abbot of the Great Lightning Tune Temple just for the sake of that young monk. The two of them must have an extraordinary relations.h.i.+p. Besides, Jiang Chen didn’t appear in this war. It is very likely that both of them are the same person. I have to find a way to eliminate him quickly. I’ll send a message to Desolate Palace now, urging the hidden peerless geniuses to come to Western Domain and kill this man now.”

Desolate Wuleng’s eyes sparkled with a cold light. He now felt even more certain about Jiang Chen and Gu Chen’s ident.i.ty. If he wanted to eliminate Jiang Chen this time, he needed the help of the secret geniuses, because none of them here could match Jiang Chen. Furthermore, the Ninth Grade Great Saints had gone to deal with the Super Devil Saints. If Jiang Chen was allowed to continue growing, the threat that they would face in the future would be immeasurable.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen wasn’t as concerned about his cover like before. His current cultivation base was enough to cope with plenty of things.

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