Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1005 – Eliminating the Eighth Grade Devil Saint

Chapter 1005 – Eliminating the Eighth Grade Devil Saint

Eliminating the Eighth Grade Devil Saint

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*Howl…* *Howl…*

Frenzied devils attacked from everywhere fiercely. It was like what Jiang Chen had expected, instead of reducing the morale of the devil army, Sang Ba’s death had ignited their fury and ferocity.

The monks had entered the war zone where the devil army dominated. Devil waves billowed and rolled in the sky. Tyrant was leading his team of monks to the front line. Using his three supreme Dharma Seals, he killed each and every devil that was on his way.

As the monks were following the lead of Tyrant in the warfare, they slowly felt the glory days of Buddha Sect coming back. Back in the day when Buddha Sect was at its peak, the monks were undefeated against the Devil Race and all of the devils were suppressed intensely. At that time, Buddha Sect was enough to control the entire Devil World, unlike now where they had to hastily ask for the help of Saint Origin Palace the moment the devil race attacked the Western Domain. As disciples of Buddha Sect, they felt extremely humiliated by such action.

Tyrant’s formidable power made them see the bearing of Buddha Sect once more, and also the hope and future of their sect. They gradually forgot the scene of the abbot being killed in their minds. Their combat strength began to soar and their Buddha Light rose to the sky, creating a suppressive effect on the devils.

There was a reason for everything that Jiang Chen did. The killing of the abbot in the middle of a war did not negatively affect the Human Race. The Buddha Sect would only s.h.i.+ne again when it was in the hands of Tyrant. In addition, the disciples of Buddha Sect would only flourish after going through a life-or-death trial.

As such, this war would be the key to their transformation; Western Domain itself was the symbol of Buddha Sect. Jiang Chen wasn’t the only person who believed in this change. Now, plenty of the monk of the Great Lightning Tune Temple began to believe that under the leaders.h.i.+p of Tyrant, Buddha Sect would once again return to its former peak. Also, they were convinced of the ident.i.ty that Tyrant had—he was the descendant of Ancestor Greenlotus.

Although Ancestor Greenlotus was not a member of the Great Lightning Tune Temple, no one could become as influential as him and replace his position.

No one knew how many miles the battlefield had spread across the place. Jiang Chen was unimaginably fierce while charging into the devil army. Every wave of his hand was a storm that caused countless of devils to die. Even the powerful Sixth and Seventh Grade Devil Saints couldn’t withstand his stormy attacks. Their huge bodies were shattered into dust on the spot. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da in his body was like a bottomless pit that would never get full. All the corpses of the devils were absorbed dry by the paG.o.da.

With the continuous absorption of energy, the rest of the 5th level of the paG.o.da was condensed. As for Jiang Chen, he obtained lots of benefits in the process, new dragon marks were forming every now and then. Each dragon mark that was condensed would enhance his combat strength by a little. To put it bluntly, while Jiang Chen was fighting, he was growing stronger and stronger. This type of growth was beyond anyone’s imagination and no one could compare his advancement speed.

“Chief Mo Zun, he was the one who killed Sang Ba!” Above the devil army, someone pointed to Jiang Chen who had been killing back and forth on the battlefield, and said.

The devil called Mo Zun was a bald middle-aged man with a look of atrocity. His Qi was incomparably strong. His cultivation base had reached a terrifying extent, an Eighth Grade Devil Saint. Not just any Eighth Grade Devil Saint but the peak of Eighth Grade Devil Saint.

“He is extremely conceited. He dares to charge into our army by himself. He’s truly a man who doesn’t know what death is. We will kill him to avenge Sang Ba’s death. It will deal the human army a great blow if they lose such a genius.” There was another Eighth Grade Devil Saint standing beside Mo Zun. His black eyes glinted with cold light and killing intent.

“Kill him,” said the Eighth Grade Devil Saint emotionlessly.


As soon as his voice faded, the Eighth Grade Devil Saint vanished. The next moment, he appeared in front of Jiang Chen. Horrifying devil waves rippled out, encompa.s.sing Jiang Chen in an instant.

“Arrogant human brat! You are seeking death for coming here all by yourself! I would like to see how strong you really are.”

The Devil Saint changed into his true form in an instant. He opened his mouth that was three meters wide and released gusts of foul air, rus.h.i.+ng down at Jiang Chen aggressively, seeming to devour him.

“Trying to devour me? I’m afraid you don’t have the teeth for that.”

Jiang Chen was fearless. With his present strength, dealing with an Eighth Grade Devil Saint wasn’t a difficult task anymore, he had the advantage of suppression. Frankly speaking, killing an Eighth Grade Devil Saint was much easier than killing Desolate Wuleng.


The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a long blood-red dragon. Every inch of the void that it pa.s.sed cracked. The sword light was travelling at extreme speed. Countless sword Qi wove to form the Purest Yang net of swords. The Qi of the Purest Yang alone could suppress the devils to the maximum. Under such circ.u.mstance, even a powerful Eighth Grade Devil Saint could not fully exert all of his powers.

*Pu Chi!*

A lot of devils around guessed that the sword light originated from h.e.l.l. Initially, they thought that this human brat was certainly going to die while facing the Eighth Grade Devil Saint. They didn’t think that this would be the outcome. That Devil Saint whose mouth was wide open was slashed into half, from its mouth to the back of its skull by the Heavenly Saint Sword. The devil’s blood spattered, its stench was intense.


That Eighth Grade Devil Saint roared angrily after being injured so severely. He wasn’t dead yet, after all, he was a powerful Eighth Grade Devil Saint.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da hidden in Jiang Chen’s body buzzed, and started to tremble intensely. Then it sucked the Eighth Grade Devil Saint and absorbed it, completing the condensation of the 5th level.

“This sure is satisfying.”

Jiang Chen felt exalted. Although he hadn’t fully discovered the secrets and functions of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he knew very well that the more levels he could condense, the greater the benefits he would gain. He had obtained a huge benefit after the completion of the 5th level. A hundred new dragon marks were formed. He could feel that his essence and Qi grew a little, and his foundation was fortified again.

Originally, he wanted to use the Edifying Light to edify the Eighth Grade Devil Saint, but that might draw the attention of some people despite being deep in the enemy’s camp. Moreover, he had lost much interest in edifying Eighth Grade Devil Saints. All these devils should be treated as his nourishment. What he needed to do right now was to advance his cultivation to a powerful extent through this war, because getting rid of Desolate Palace with his current cultivation base was nothing more but a wishful thinking.

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