Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1003 – The Monkeys Reign when There Are No Tigers in the Mountain

Chapter 1003 – The Monkeys Reign when There Are No Tigers in the Mountain

The Monkeys Reign when There Are No Tigers in the Mountain

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The remark was out of Gu Zheng’s expectation, and instantaneously caused an uproar. Everyone’s eyes fell upon Gu Chen. Now that the devil army were on their way, they were supposed to stay united. No one had thought that Gu Chen would verbally attack the Great Lightning Tune Temple at this moment.

One should know that even if the Buddha Sect had declined in power, the Great Lightning Tune Temple still symbolized the Buddha Sect, and even Saint Origin Palace had to show them respect. Gu Firmament and Desolate Emperor wouldn’t even dare demand replacing the abbot.

“Gu Chen, don’t go too far. You have no right to give orders here. Our temple represents the Buddha Sect and you can’t just find someone to replace our abbot as you please.” A high-ranked monk from the Great Lightning Tune Temple was angered, pointing his finger at Gu Chen and yelled.

“I’m sorry to say, but I am the one in charge here. I now speak on behalf of Gu Palace. Currently, our great enemy is just ahead of us. Every one of you has to obey my commands.”

Gu Chen showed a stern disposition. Knowing that the Great Lightning Tune Temple had always wanted to eliminate the Greenlotus Mountain, he would exploit this opportunity to get rid of them and allow the Greenlotus Mountain to gain control over the Buddha Sect in Western Domain. He believed that Tyrant would one day restore the glory of Buddha Sect.

“What if this old man says no?” The abbot said angrily.

The Great Lightning Tune Temple was a magnificent and important existence in Western Domain. So how could it allow one young man to command them?

“You don’t have the right to say no.”

Cold light sparkled in Jiang Chen’s eyes. In the blink of an eye, he came before the abbot, and then clutched the abbot’s neck in lightning speed. The peak Seventh Grade Great Saint monk didn’t even have the chance to resist before he was held firmly by Jiang Chen.

“What are you doing?”

Sensing the power of the youth in front, the abbot’s facial expression changed dramatically. He had to admit that he wasn’t this young man’s opponent if they fought. Also, he somehow knew that this young man could straightaway kill him if he wanted to. However, he did not believe that this young man would dare to kill him in the middle of a war, and considering how much he had contributed to Buddha Sect.

“Gu Chen, don’t be presumptuous. We of Saint Origin Palace have never been involved in the matter of Buddha Sect. Besides, the devil army is going to strike any second now. Can you afford to bear the consequences of creating an internal strife now?” Desolate Wuleng bellowed.

Many experts of Saint Origin Palace were getting a little annoyed by Jiang Chen’s action. They were clueless of why he would go against Great Lightning Tune Temple at such critical moment as it was forbidden in a war. Given Jiang Chen’s wisdom and intelligence, it was impossible that he wasn’t aware of this fact.

All the experts of Gu Palace were also confused, not knowing Jiang Chen’s true intention. However, Gu Zheng didn’t speak anything about it. He believed that Jiang Chen wasn’t a reckless person and had his own principles in doing things.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen had said that he was speaking on behalf of Gu Palace. So if Gu Zheng stood in his way at this time, it wouldn’t be good to Jiang Chen, it’s like denying his status in Gu Palace.

“Consequences? I am doing this for the sake of Buddha Sect. The Buddha Sect today is no longer the Buddha Sect that vows to save all sentient beings in the past. The Great Lightning Tune Temple has become greedy and the Buddha nature inside of them were getting weaker day by day. They are now merely a group of shaved-head people. The higher ups were also the reason that the Great Lightning Tune Temple has deteriorated into such an extent today. The war against the Devil Race is the best chance to change Buddha Sect. I’m replacing the abbot now to help the Buddha Sect rise,” said Gu Chen sternly and with a sense of justice.

Then, a tremendous force was exerted in his palm. Along with a cracking sound, the abbot’s neck was snapped, ending the vital force in his body.


Everyone was very shocked at the scene. None of them thought that such an event would occur. They were currently facing a great war, however Gu Chen had killed the abbot even before the war begun. This act was undoubtedly too arrogant. Looking at Gu Chen’s posture right now, it showed that he was disdaining the whole world.

It was the first time in the history of Buddha Sect that an abbot was killed before the Great Lighting Tune Temple. Across the entire Saint Origin World, they were afraid that there was only one man who could do this—Gu Chen.

“Abbot!!!” Some high-ranked monks roared.

Their red eyes glared at Gu Chen and bellowed, “Gu Chen, you devil! You are even more ferocious than the devils! Killing our abbot before our enemy will severely dampen our morale. Your action has made the relations.h.i.+p between Buddha Sect and you irreconcilable.”

“Irreconcilable? Then you are worthy of dying together with him.”

Without adding another word, he struck the monk’s neck, causing an instant death. This was Gu Chen’s style of action, it’s either he do it with all of his might or not take action at all. Considering the fact that the Great Lightning Tune Temple had offended him, it was inevitable that they would face such an outcome.

“Who else wants to protest? I, Gu Chen, demand anyone from the Great Lightning Tune Temple who doesn’t agree with my commands stand out because I will kill you one after another. Even if I have to annihilate the entire Great Lightning Tune Temple, I won’t show any sympathy to you all. I can still fight the Devil Race even without your help.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes swept across the crowd of those high-ranked monks, like a sharp blade that caused them to s.h.i.+ver. They felt angry inside but didn’t dare to express it out because this young devil king was too fierce and domineering. He already killed two people right after he took the command. They wouldn’t doubt that if they stood up against him at this time, they would meet the same end.

“Gu Chen, what are you doing? Do you think that there’s no one who can control you when our palace masters are gone? The person in command right now is Gu Zheng. You don’t have the right to show off your powers. By killing the abbot and a high-ranked monk of the Great Lightning Tune Temple, you have confused the people’s thoughts, you are no different than the Devil Race!” Desolate Wuleng said, his eyes widened.

Many experts of Saint Origin Palace started to reject Gu Chen’s actions, thinking that what Gu Chen did was wild and reckless.

“Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Who do you think you are? It’s not up to you to tell what Gu Palace will do. Do you believe that I won’t kill you as well?”

Jiang Chen looked at Desolate Wuleng. His tone naturally didn’t show any respect to him. As he had just advanced to the Fifth Grade Great Saint, killing Desolate Wuleng would just be a piece of cake.

There was a cla.s.sic saying that fitted this situation: The monkeys reign when there are no tigers in the mountain. Jiang Chen had gone wild as soon as Gu Firmament and the other Ninth Grade Great Saints left. To Jiang Chen, this was indeed a great opportunity. None of them were his opponent. As such, it was the time to show his power.

“Exceedingly arrogant. I am going to cut this maniac myself!”

Desolate Wuleng raged, immediately striking out a palm toward Jiang Chen. Gu Zheng wanted to block it but found that Jiang Chen had already moved.


A clear sound of a slap rang. Everyone could see that Desolate Wuleng was sent a few dozen meters away from his original spot. His face was left with a very obvious palm print.


A lot of experts took a deep breath of cold air. Everyone on the scene were experts with sharp eyesight, they naturally knew what had happened just now. The Eighth Grade Great Saint, Desolate Wuleng, attacked but was slapped by Gu Chen instead, which was kind of humiliating.

Looking at another angle, Jiang Chen was too strong that even Desolate Wuleng was no match for him. Logically, this gave him the right to be arrogant. Now that all the Ninth Grade Great Saints were gone, no one else here would be able to suppress Jiang Chen.

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