Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1002 – Replacing the Abbot

Chapter 1002 – Replacing the Abbot

Replacing the Abbot

The 14th!

Gu Chen advancing to Fifth Grade Great Saint was expected. But to the geniuses, it had caused a psychological impact on them. Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled and his face brimmed with excitement. As he had not expected to be given two Immortal Pills, his advancement to the Fifth Grade Great Saint was also an unexpected breakthrough.

When he was a Fourth Grade Great Saint, he was powerful enough to kill Seventh Grade Great Saints, and also an Eighth Grade Great Saint in his half-dragon form. After advancing to the Fifth Grade of the Great Saint realm, he need not the half-dragon form to kill an Eighth Grade Great Saint opponent. In other words, except those mighty Ninth Grade Great Saints, none of the higher ups of Saint Origin Palace could match him. If he transformed, he could even kill Eighth Grade Great Saints as easy as killing a dog.

Nevertheless, if he confronted a mighty Ninth Grade Great Saint, he would be no match for the opponent even if he transformed. Every level in the Great Saint realm had a huge gap, particularly the gap between the Eighth and the Ninth grade. The Ninth Grade of Great Saint realm had always been regarded the Super Great Saint because even a powerful Eighth Grade Great Saint was merely an ant in front of a Ninth Grade.

As such, Ninth Grade Great Saints were the true superior beings in the Saint Origin World and also the true Great Saints. Regardless of how monstrous Jiang Chen was, it wasn’t easy for him to kill a true Great Saint. Even if he transformed, his must need to be at least a Sixth Grade Great Saint to kill a Super Great Saint like Desolate Emperor.

If he wanted do it without the half-dragon form, he needed to at least advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint. At the moment, he was merely the strongest cultivator below Ninth Grade of Great Saint realm. So, it was imperative that he advance to the Sixth Grade. By then, his ident.i.ty no longer needed to be concealed as none of the palace masters would be a threat to him anymore. He would, however, have one enemy—Desolate Palace. Therefore, it was no longer an issue whether he was representing the ident.i.ty of Gu Chen or Jiang Chen.

“Great, this is great!”

Gu Zheng’s face was filled with smile like a blooming plant. Seeing Gu Chen getting stronger exhilarated him and every expert of Gu Palace. All of them felt greatly honoured to have such a rare being appear in Gu Palace, which helped them establish a strong position in Saint Origin Palace.

“People, now that Gu Chen has killed Sang Ba and helped boost the morale of our race, let’s talk about our next move in the war. What should we do next?”

Gu Firmament looked over at the crowd and started the discussion without wanting to return to the main hall of Great Lightning Tune Temple.

“Isn’t that obvious? In my opinion, we have to take advantage of this period of their weak morale by striking them. Though it is impossible to annihilate the entire Demon Race, at least we can force them back to the Devil World.”

“That’s right. Since all of people of Saint Origin Palace have come to fight the war, we have to show the imposing demeanour of Saint Origin Palace. Let’s make a concerted effort to eliminate the entire Devil Race. In this way, we will fortify the position of Saint Origin Palace in other people’s heart.”

“Agreed. We have to strike them when their morale is at its lowest. This is the right time of eliminating them.”


Discussions and comments were heard. The majority of them suggested launching an attack to the Devil Race immediately, just like hitting the iron while it was hot. There would be a b.l.o.o.d.y war between the two races anyway, and the war had been put on hold for several days. So, it was necessary attack the Devil Race now, to force them back into their lands. Otherwise, it would wane the morale of Human Race if the devil army continued occupying half of the land of Western Domain.

“Gu Chen, what do you think?”

Gu Firmament looked over at Gu Chen.

“From my point of view, I would say, we don’t have to rush the attack,” said Jiang Chen.

“Is this some kind of joke? We have already gained the upper hand. There’s no reason to be inactive.” Narang Yunhe said sneeringly.

“I said that we don’t have to rush the attack, instead of not attacking at all. In fact, we don’t have to attack at all. If my estimation is right, the devil army will launch an all-out attack in at most half an hour’s time,” said Jiang Chen.

“You are boasting without shame. How do you know the devil army is going to attack? With their current morale, they surely won’t attack.”

Desolate Wuleng let out a cold humph. By just seeing Jiang Chen made him feel incomparably uncomfortable, let alone hearing Jiang Chen’s voice.

“The Devil Race isn’t like the Human Race. They are a vicious race. The death of Sang Ba won’t reduce the morale of the devils in a short period of time. It will only drive them crazy because the death of the genius also meant the Great Devil Curse is gone. So, in this short period of time, instead of having low morale, their morale reached the peak. So, I am sure that in at most half an hour, the devil army will attack us. What we need now is to be prepared for it,” said Jiang Chen in a resolute and confident tone.

It was a mistake if these people were the ones antic.i.p.ating the Devil Race’s moves.

“How do you know that? I guess what you said are all just speculation.” Someone said.

*Hong Long…*

But as soon as this man’s voice drop, the void in the direction of the Devil World burst into a large opening. Powerful devil waves rushed out. It felt as if those were the Qi of several Super Devil Saint. The devil waves spread across, encompa.s.sing half of the Western Domain.

“It seems Gu Chen was right. The morale of the devil army didn’t weaken, on the contrary, their fighting spirit are ignited. But ours aren’t weak either. We have to be prepared when they attack. This time, we can’t allow the war to spread across the Western Domain,” said Gu Firmament, praising Jiang Chen in his heart because not even them were able to a.n.a.lyse the combat nature of Devil Race.

This was enough to show that Jiang Chen was a man with audacity and shrewdness instead of being a combat freak.

Desolate Emperor and Desolate Wuleng changed their impression of Jiang Chen again. Their desire to kill Jiang Chen had raised to a new peak. They couldn’t deny that Jiang Chen was a rare genius that hardly appeared in 10, 000 years. He was a genius with not only heaven defying combat strength but also wisdom. A person like him was the scariest, and would become a great figure in the future, and a greater threat to them. Given the ambitious plan Desolate Palace had, if it wasn’t for the disruption of the Devil Race, they would’ve already executed their plan.

*Howl…* *Howl…* *Howl…*

Howls of devils reverberated as billowy devil Qi obscured the sky in an instant. Large number of devils—among them was roughly a dozen of Super Devil Saints—began to drift out.

“All fellow Ninth Grade Great Saints, we will fight these devils together. The rest of you, follow the commands of Gu Zheng as he is representing me now,” said Gu Firmament.

Then, he flew towards those Super Devil Saints. Simultaneously, the other Ninth Grade Great Saints followed. In a matter of blinks, all the Super Great Saint in Great Lightning Tune Temple had left, leaving only Eighth Grade Great Saint experts and below.

Both Gu Zheng and Desolate Wuleng were peak Eighth Grade Great Saints. But due to Gu Palace was taking charge in the Law Enforcement Palace, it was logical that Gu Zheng would take the place of Gu Firmament.

*Hong Long…*

An intense battle was immediately started between the Super Great Saints of Devil Race and Saint Origin Palace, creating a battlefield outside the domain and turning the sky dark. It seemed impossible to determine the result in such short time. Naturally, the Ninth Grade Great Saints of Saint Origin Palace weren’t as many, but if they did have the same number of Ninth Grade Great Saints as the Devil Race, the Super Devil Saints would lose. Anyhow, this war would be treated as a tough training for Saint Origin Palace after 100 years of enjoyment, particularly for the juniors.

“Gu Chen, what do you think we should do next?”

Gu Zheng looked at Jiang Chen. Gu Firmament had given the authority to him. Judging by his expression, it seemed as if he was going to pa.s.s the authority to Jiang Chen.

“No doubt we are going to fight them hard. The following war will be very intense. In my opinion, the cultivators of Western Domain have suffered plenty of injuries in the previous battles. They should rest now while the high-ranked monks of Great Lightning Tune Temple should join the front line.”

Jiang Chen turned to the abbot, whom he was not in favour of.

“Gu Chen, the Buddha Sect almost lost its defences against the ferocious and powerful devil army. We are going to suffer tremendous loss if we were placed at the front line,” said the abbot.

“Humph! Great Monk Fang Zhang, you Buddha Sect always emphasizes in saving all sentient beings, which makes you all the main force against the devil army. In the Western Domain, who doesn’t know the reputation of your Great Lightning Tune Temple? Putting aside whether you can suppress the devil army or not, you all have asked for the help of Saint Origin Palace but hidden yourself in the temple, refused to support the cultivators in the other regions of Western Domain and totally wasn’t concerned about their lives. Even now you are still receding when you are asked to fight in the front lines? This isn’t supposed to be the way the Buddha Sect handles such matters. Alright then, I don’t need you all to fight in the front lines. Instead, I want you all to suppress them.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. Due to the extreme hate he had for them, he naturally wouldn’t let go of the chance of returning the favour to Great Lightning Tune Temple.

“What are you talking about? Are you sending us all to death? We will never follow your commands as you don’t have the right to command us. In this war, everyone has to partic.i.p.ate instead of asking us to go there on our own.”

The abbot was extremely infuriated. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen making a great contribution of killing Sang Ba, he would’ve started a feud with him at once. What Jiang Chen suggested was not asking them to fight the war, but asking them to die in the war.

“Let me tell you this, old man. It’s not up to you to deny my orders. If you do not agree, I will immediately get a new abbot to replace you.”

A cold smile appeared on his face. He didn’t mind if he was getting strong opposition from the Great Lightning Tune Temple as Tyrant had become the strongest among the Buddha Sect of Western Domain, therefore, putting an end to the glorious Great Lightning Tune Temple.

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