Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1001 – The Advancement to the Fifth Grade

Chapter 1001 – The Advancement to the Fifth Grade

The Advancement to the Fifth Grade

The 13th!

Inside the Great Illusion Realm, Sang Ba had gone completely crazy. He was entirely trapped in his own illusion, and instead of escaping he was getting deeper and deeper into it. There was a new enemy ahead of him, but it was just a virtual existence. His real enemy was just watching him leisurely from a close distance, as if watching the show of a monkey.

“It’s time to end this.”

In a flash, he appeared before Sang Ba. The scary long sword rippled and slashed at Sang Ba’s direction. It was an absolute kill. Given Sang Ba’s current state, there was no way that he could avoid it.


At this moment, there was a burst of shout coming from the Devil World. Then, a black column rushed toward the void and turned into a dark clad man who looked like 40 years old. The infinite devil flames portrayed his profound cultivation level and unshakable status in the Devil Race.

He was a mighty Ninth Grade Devil Saint, which was also called a ‘Super’ Devil Saint of the Devil Race. Due to Sang Ba being a rare genius that hardly appeared every 1,000 years and the inheritor of the Great Devil Curse, he couldn’t allow anything bad to happen on him. In other words, Sang Ba was important to the Devil Race just as Jiang Chen to Gu Palace. They were both the future of their races.

However, Gu Firmament appeared right after the appearance of the Ninth Grade Devil Saint, blocking the devil. He had been watching the movements of the devil experts. He could never give them a single chance to stop the killing.

“Is the expert of the Devil Race trying to interfere in the duel of the young generation?”

A sneer was plastered on Gu Firmament’s face. If Jiang Chen killed Sang Ba, it would help him restore his face and the reputation of the Gu Palace.


Underneath, a shrill wail sounded. Sang Ba’s head was severed by Jiang Chen’s slash. The desperate Ninth Grade Devil Saint was restrained by Gu Firmament. There was nothing that he could do to prevent this, Sang Ba’s death was destined and an inevitable outcome.


The Ninth Grade Devil Saint was infuriated upon seeing the situation. Immediately, he launched a horrifying attack to Jiang Chen. Gu Firmament similarly struck out an attack to meet the devil’s strike, thus starting a new intense battle.

Jiang Chen who was underneath them ignored their battle. He was very interested in Sang Ba’s corpse. Since Sang Ba had devoured Narang Yu and Gu Shuangtan earlier, he would return the favour by using the same method. The shapeless Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da opened and swallowed Sang Ba in an instant.

The essence and energy inside Sang Ba’s body was comparable to a powerful peak Seventh Grade Great Saint expert. Plus, Sang Ba’s physique consisted of overwhelming talent and potential. After Sang Ba’s corpse was completely refined, the 4th level was fully condensed and 30 percent of the 5th level was formed.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had 99 levels, and the condensation of the next level was always harder than the previous. Jiang Chen could clearly feel that the current level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was a lot stronger than before, whether it was in the aspect of firmness or the other.

Refining Sang Ba not only helped Jiang Chen condense a portion of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, but also brought a great deal of benefits to him. One hundred more dragon marks had been condensed, enhancing his combat strength further. With his present cultivation, he could easily kill any Seventh Grade Great Saint and it wouldn’t be impossible for him to kill an Eighth Grade Great Saint in his half-dragon form.

After that, he joined the people of Gu Palace instead of finding Tyrant and Han Yan. At this time, he must set aside the relations.h.i.+p between him and them. He couldn’t leave even a slightest bit of clue to the six major palaces.

In a distance, away from the battlefield, the devil expert had been in a fierce battle with Gu Firmament. He got angrier when he saw that Jiang Chen had already completely absorbed Sang Ba’s corpse, however, he understood that it was virtually impossible to take revenge on Jiang Chen today.

“Brat. I have already locked on your Qi. I will kill you sooner or later!” said the devil expert ruthlessly.

Instead of getting entangled in the battle with Gu Firmament, he turned into a gust of devil wind and vanished.

Facing such threat, Jiang Chen laughed casually, as if it didn’t concern him at all. His current appet.i.te had surely grown bigger this time. Not just Sang Ba, but also the entire Devil Race had become his target, to nourish his cultivation and to condense the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. He already knew that the world would soon be in chaos the moment Desolate Palace initiated their secret plan. The rebellion of the Devil Race provided him the best and only opportunity to raise his cultivation to a higher level.

Gu Firmament came before Jiang Chen and praised him, saying, “Gu Chen, you did a good job today. Not only did you restore the dignity of our race, but also greatly enhanced our morale and thwarted the Devil Race’s arrogance. As such, take these two Immortal Pills as your reward.”

In the presence of all the higher ups of Saint Origin Palace, Gu Firmament handed two Immortal Pills to Jiang Chen. Currently, Gu Firmament was really overjoyed, Jiang Chen had earned Gu Palace a high prestige and status in Saint Origin Palace. Besides, the fact that Jiang Chen got the two Immortal Pills instead of the other geniuses also delighted him.

Furthermore, he knew how powerful these two Immoral Pills were. Given Jiang Chen’s present cultivation base, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to advance to the Fifth Grade Great Saint after refining the two Immortal Pills.

“Thank you, Palace Master.”

Naturally, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be overly polite. He immediately accepted the two Immortal Pills. To him, this was truly an unexpected reward as he had no idea that there was such a reward before he fought Sang Ba, which was undoubtedly good now that he desperately needed to advance. A few days ago, he advanced to the Fourth Grade Great Saint after consuming the Immortal Yang Pill of Desolate Changfeng. Although the Immortal Pill might not be as effective compared to the first time he consumed it, there were still two Immortal Pills this time. Therefore, he had absolute certainty that he could break through into the fifth grade.

“Don’t thank me. This is what you deserve. As I’ve said before, whoever can kill Sang Be will be rewarded with two Immortal Pills,” said Gu Firmament.

Everyone’s eyes fell upon the scene with envy and hate. All of them knew how precious an Immortal Pill was. So, they figured that Gu Firmament, who seemed very delighted in giving the two Immortal Pills, didn’t consider other people’s feelings at all.

Of course, those who had the pang of envy right now was the group of peak Sixth Grade Great Saint geniuses. Seeing the two Immortal Pills in Jiang Chen’s hands, their eyes blazed with a feeling that was greater than envy.

“Motherf*cker! Those are two Immortal Pills. This guy is really lucky. If those pills were given to me, my cultivation base will improve dramatically, breaking through into the seventh grade. It’s such a pity…”

“It’s such a pity? Could you kill that Sang Ba? Gu Chen got what he deserved since he killed him. I have to say that Gu Chen is truly abnormal. He has such a powerful combat strength despite being only a Fourth Grade Great Saint. Even Desolate Changfeng was killed by him, meaning that none of us is a match for him. Besides, he is going to advance to the fifth grade after absorbing those two Immortal Pills. By then, he will no doubt become number one genius amongst the young generation of Saint Origin Palace, outs.h.i.+ning every one of us.”

“I will never reconcile myself to that. I will try my hardest this time in the war against the Devil Race to improve myself.”

“Agreed. However, Gu Chen killing Sang Ba has aroused the notice of the devil experts. The battlefield is going to be extremely dangerous and it’s not favourable to us.”


All these geniuses were incomparably arrogant people. None of them would admit defeat. The fact that a newcomer was stronger than them had naturally made them envy.

The geniuses of Gu Palace, however, reacted differently. Ever since the incident that Gu Chen created in Gu Palace, all of them had become harmoniously united. There was no distinction between the outer and inner palace anymore. Gu Chen’s status in Gu Palace had risen to the first cla.s.s position, almost surpa.s.sing the position of the virtuous elders. Today, by killing Sang Ba, Gu Chen had earned Gu Palace the highest glory. So, they, as members of Gu Palace, would naturally become proud of themselves.

The gloomiest group was the people from Desolate Palace, especially Desolate Wuleng. He felt the Qi and blood in his body weren’t circulating properly and had the feeling to cough up blood, he really felt extremely frustrated. He had never thought that given his status and ident.i.ty, and by putting so much effort in eliminating a mere junior, he would still fail in the process. This time, it was he who took the initiative to suggest Gu Chen in fighting Sang Ba. Now that Gu Chen had killed Sang Ba, he had nothing else to say.

“d.a.m.n this b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He has gotten two Immortal Pills. He’ll definitely advance again and will become harder to deal. I’m afraid that by then I will no longer be his opponent. We have to think of ways to prevent him from growing rapidly.” Desolate Wuleng gritted his teeth and said.

“Don’t worry. Our palace has been nurturing great killing weapons in secret. I think it’s time for them to reveal themselves. You know, it’s not easy to hold the t.i.tle of the first genius of the young generation. We will show him what a true genius is.”

Desolate Emperor had a cold smirk all over his face. The peerless geniuses who were secretly developed by Desolate Palace had never shown themselves. No one knew how powerful and terrifying they were. These geniuses had been receiving the nourishment of the Immortal Qi for years and were raised by Immortals. It was conceivable that they would certainly be some kind of terrifying weapon.


In a few minutes’ time, a strong wave of Qi surged out of Jiang Chen’s body. The effect of the two Immortal Pills were too strong. It helped Jiang Chen condensed 900 dragon marks in this short period of time, hitting the total of 88,000 dragon marks and thus, breaking into the Fifth Grade Great Saint.

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