Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 99 – This is My Fiancée

Chapter 99 – This is My Fiancée

Chapter 99 – This is My Fiancée

“Where is that big yellow dog?”

The disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect asked fiercely, making people wonder just what it was that that dog did, for the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples have such a surprisingly large reaction. It was as if he had murdered all their fathers.

“Right here! He just cheated lots of Mortal Restoration Pills from us! Don’t let him go!”

Someone who was grinding his teeth said. He felt uneasy in his mind when thinking about how he was cheated by a dog. Many people pointed at the big yellow dog’s whereabouts, only to realize that the big yellow dog had disappeared. Only a slim girl in purple stood there now.

“d.a.m.n! That dog was still here just now! When did he escape?”

“That big yellow dog has run away! Hurry and search, he definitely hasn’t run far!”

Someone cried out in alarm. Many people looked towards the Whirling Sun Square exit, but couldn’t find any trace of the big yellow dog. They didn’t know when this dog had disappeared, it was as if it was never there to begin with.

“d.a.m.n! How dare you fool us?!”

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciple became angry and grabbed that man’s neck.

The man was immediately scared to the point where his face was full of sweat, “No, no! There really was a dog here just now, a very big and muscular dog, covered in yellow fur! All these people can be witnesses, I’m not the only one who was cheated!”

“That’s right! That dog was still here just now, so how come he disappeared in the blink of an eye?”

“You are all disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect, even if you gave us 100 more guts, we wouldn’t dare to fool you! It’s just that we don’t know how that dog ran away from here! There are so many people here, but no one ever noticed it! It’s really strange!”

Everyone there hurriedly helped testify to Big Yellow’s existence. They were all feeling somewhat depressed as well, they wished they could just chop Big Yellow into pieces.

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciple let the man go upon hearing this. The disciple sent out his Divine Sense and scanned most of the square, but he was unable to discover any trace of Big Yellow. He couldn’t hold himself any longer and cursed, “d.a.m.n, that dog is really cunning, we let him escape again!”

“Oh right, this girl came in with that big yellow dog, and they both came here together with Jiang Chen!”

Someone pointed at Yan Chen Yu.

All the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples looked at Yan Chen Yu, and many of their eyes instantly lit up. Although this girl in front of them was wearing a veil on her face, it still couldn’t cover all of her out of this world beauty. It made people wonder how her face underneath the veil really looked like.

“Speak! Where did that big yellow dog go?”

A rude disciple asked.

“How would I know? The legs are on his body, if he wants to go somewhere, I can’t stop him.”

Yan Chen Yu coldly said. All the men in front of her were Jiang Chen’s enemies, so it’s no wonder that she would not have a good expression on her face.

“d.a.m.n, a little girl like you acting so arrogantly! Let I, your father see what your face looks like! Acting like a poser and wearing a veil!”

The disciple extended his big hand and started grabbing towards the veil on Yan Chen Yu’s face.

Jiang Chen, who stood far away saw all this. He couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh and shake his head. There were always some people who loved to seek death, and the present Yan Chen Yu was not the same as the Yan Chen Yu in Red City. Even if all of those Heavenly Sword Sect disciples attacked together, there wouldn’t be enough for Yan Chen Yu to torture.

Looking at that disciple’s movement, Yan Chen Yu’s vision turned cold. She extended her hand, casually waving towards that disciple.


A layer of icy frost was unleashed by Yan Chen Yu, and it instantly covered the disciple. The Mid Mortal Core disciple was immediately turned into an ice statue, and he was still in an attacking position. His life soon ended because of this intense coldness.

This scene had completely baffled everyone on the spot, the crowd turned completely silent. Everyone were frightened as they stared at this purple clothed girl whose face was covered by a veil, as well as the Heavenly Sword Sect disciple who was killed by the ice.


After a few seconds of complete silence, the crowd was once again in turmoil. Many people couldn’t help but take a few steps back, trying to move further away from Yan Chen Yu. Who would have ever thought that a young girl like this could have such a strong hand? Killing a Mid Mortal Core Heavenly Sword Sect disciple just like that.

After all, a Mid Mortal Core Heavenly Sword Sect disciple was not someone an ordinary Mid Mortal Core warrior could compare with. And even with this, he was killed on the spot by this young girl. This didn’t mean that the Heavenly Sword Sect disciple was weak, it only meant that this purple clothed girl was strong.

“d.a.m.n! How can this woman be so strong? She hid it so deeply!”

“She has a cold body characteristic! This is rare, she killed a Mid Mortal Core warrior so easily! Looks like if she had partic.i.p.ated in the Qi Province compet.i.tion, she would be another dark horse!”

“She followed Jiang Chen here, these two cultivators are just too abnormal!”

Many people were conferring that they had misjudged, and the amount of shock in their minds had reached a very high level. Jiang Chen himself was already abnormal enough, no had expected that the girl following him would be so terrifying as well.

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciples had become dumbfounded as well. Witnessing their own man getting killed by someone so easily, the feeling of superiority that laid deep in their bones had suffered a deadly blow. All of them stared at the girl dressed in purple clothes in front of them with anger, but no one dared to attack.

“Courting death!”

On the other side, Liang Xiao saw what happened. His immediately face turn cold. He extended his hand and started grabbing towards Yan Chen Yu.

Looking at what was happening, Jiang Chen’s expression changed. The blood wings on his back flapped, and he pierced towards Yan Chen Yu. At the same time he told Guan Yi Yun, “Senior disciple Guan, help me stop him!”

Guan Yi Yun did not dare not to neglect the request. He knew that this girl belonged to Jiang Chen, so he immediately moved to stop Liang Xiao. Besides, he had witnessed with his own eyes just how strong Yan Chen Yu was, she was in no way weaker than Jiang Chen. Such a genius, if she joined the Black Sect, that would be good news for the them.


Guan Yi Yun struck and blocked Liang Xiao’s attack. The clash of energies produced an ear splitting noise. At the same time, Jiang Chen landed beside Yan Chen Yu. He put his arm around Yan Chen Yu’s shoulder and shouted in a cold manner towards those Heavenly Sword Sect disciples, “Get lost!”


All the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples were so scared that their faces had turned pale, they all started moving backwards. Although they wished that they could eat Jiang Chen’s flesh, they knew how frightening Jiang Chen was, he was not someone they could deal with. If they provoked Jiang Chen and were killed by a single slap, then they would die for nothing, there wouldn’t even be a place for them to complain.

Jiang Chen held Yan Chen Yu with his arm as he swaggered back to the Black Sect group. He was portraying an imposing manner with each step he took.

“Guan Yi Yun, get out of my way! Disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect are not someone who can simply be killed by outsiders!”

Liang Xiao was so angry that he felt like his lungs were going to explode. The Heavenly Sword Sect had been totally disparaged today.

“Liang Xiao, from now on, that girl is a disciple of the Black Sect! She killed your Heavenly Sword Sect disciple because your man didn’t show any respect to her! Many people here witnessed that! If you want to disobey the rules of the compet.i.tion and start a fight now in the Whirling Sun Square, we, the Black Sect, will definitely get on with it! I’m just wondering, if we really fight here, who would be the last ones standing?”

Guan Yi Yun said in an incomparably mighty manner. Earlier, he was a loser in front of Nan Bei Chao, and that made him really unhappy. But now, since Liang Xiao wants to find trouble, he would never back down.

“Fine, Guan Yi Yun, you have guts! Next time I see you, I will definitely kill you!”

Liang Xiao was so angry that his face turned green, but there was nothing he could do now. With the current situation, if both parties really engaged in a fight, the Heavenly Sword Sect wouldn’t have any advantages. If he were to fight with Guan Yi Yun, it would at most likely end in a draw, but for the outer circle disciples, it would be completely different. Li Wu Shuang was now dead, and there wasn't really too many powerful disciples amongst the outer circle. On the other side, the Black Sect had Jiang Chen and that terrifying purple clothed girl. Even just the Little Devil King alone was enough to cause them a deadly blow.

“It’s too early to tell who will kill who.”

Guan Yi Yun let out a cold snort. He couldn’t defeat Nan Bei Chao, but he wasn’t afraid of Liang Xiao at all.

“All Heavenly Sword Sect disciples, listen up! Return to the Heavenly Sword Mountain immediately! From now on, Jiang Chen is on our Heavenly Sword Sect’s kill on sight list!”

Liang Xiao said this with a cold tone, then he brought all Heavenly Sword Sect disciples and left the Whirling Sun Square. After today’s battle, the Heavenly Sword Sect had suffered huge losses, and all of this was because of Jiang Chen. With Liang Xiao’s words, Jiang Chen had been placed on the Heavenly Sword Sect’s kill list. The four big sects rarely put a name on their kill lists, because once they announce it, that person would be the enemy of the whole sect, and every single disciple of that sect would try to kill that man.

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciples left through the same pa.s.sage as the one they used to come in. With regards to the kill list, Jiang Chen wasn’t bothered by it. The stronger his enemy is, the more excited he became. It didn’t matter if it was Nan Bei Chao, or the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Bai Hua Die led Yi Qing Zi and the Valley of Happiness disciples over to Jiang Chen.

“Congratulations to little brother Jiang Chen for taking the first place of the Qi Province compet.i.tion! We’ll be leaving first. When young master Jiang Chen has time in the future, you’re always welcome to visit the Valley of Happiness!”

Bai Hua Die showed a seductive manner and started flirting with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen almost fell down onto the ground when he heard her call him little brother.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen will never visit you!”

Yan Chen Yu said angrily. The way she looked at Bai Hua Die and Yi Qing Zi was also very unfriendly.

“Teehee! Little sister is jealous!”

Bai Hua Die giggled, portraying a lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze, then she left together with all the Valley of Happiness disciples. (1)

The Qi Province compet.i.tion had been concluded, and the crowds within the square started leaving. At the end of it all, only the men from the Black Sect were still staying.

“Brother Jiang, shouldn’t you introduce this person to us all? We are all fellow disciples now!”

The Little Devil King put his arm around Jiang Chen’s shoulder and looked at Yan Chen Yu. He was one of the few people who had witnessed Yan Chen Yu’s face. This kind of girl couldn’t be found even if one looked through the entire Qi Province. Of course, only this kind of girl could be a match for Jiang Chen.

“Let me introduce her, this is Yan Chen Yu, my fiancée.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, you…”

Yan Chen Yu blushed. Jiang Chen actually announced that she was his fiancée in front of so many people. This was so embarra.s.sing, why had he never discussed this with her before? However, from the happy look in Yan Chen Yu’s eyes, one could easily tell that she was willing to be his fiancée.


All the disciples from the Black Sect were laughing out loud. The atmosphere was very lively.

“Junior disciple Yan, you are one of us now! There’s no need to keep wearing that veil! When we’re at the Black Sect, it would be inconvenient to wear that veil all day, wouldn’t it?”

Guan Yi Yun was also teasing her. As the top disciple amongst the inner circle disciples in the Black Sect, he rarely appeared in front of the outer circle disciples. For everyone on the spot, Guan Yi Yun was someone way above them, but today, he was here making jokes with them. This was all because of Jiang Chen.


1 - Idiom; well dressed woman / pretty woman.