Against the Gods - Chapter 371 - Oppression

Chapter 371 - Oppression

Chapter 371 - Oppression

Yun Che’s words made the three people of Divine Phoenix Sect… and even everyone present, all think that their ears had gone bad. The awe-inspiring Divine Phoenix Sect, a supreme existence like an overlord at the Profound Sky Continent, was actually threatened by a young man from the little nation like the Blue Wind to leave behind a hand and a foot; let alone seeing or hearing this before, no one had even dared to ever imagine it. As the Emperor of Blue Wind, Cang Wanhe had experienced countless up and downs in his entire life, and had even gone through calamities of life and death, but upon hearing these words, his heart was shocked to the point of spasming then and there.

The hairs on the three from Divine Phoenix Sect were even more erect, firelight surged everywhere as their entire heads nearly bursted from anger. The red clothed elderly man pointed at Yun Che, and said with a voice furious to the utmost limit: “Insolent Junior! You… You actually dare threaten my Divine Phoenix Empire’s prince! His Highness is our Divine Phoenix Sect’s, as well as the Divine Phoenix Empire’s thirteenth prince!! I dare you to harm one hair on His Highness’ head!!”

Cang Wanhe’s head was already full of steaming sweat. Just as he moved forward a few steps and was about to speak, he heard Yun Che’s cold laugh: “You think I don’t dare? Heh… Then I’ll personally do the harm for you to see!”

Before his voice fell, Yun Che had already dashed out. Sweeping up an enormous profound energy storm, Dragon Fault smashed toward the three along with a soul shaking dragon cry.

Xia Qingyue’s fine brows slightly moved, as her figure floated up… There were three opponents, one at the second level of the Emperor Profound Realm, and two at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm who all possessed the bloodline of Phoenix, she was afraid that it migh be somewhat strained for Yun Che to face against alone. But before she could even speak, Yun Che’s explosive roar had already resounded throughout the entire audience: “No one’s allowed to interfere!”

Xia Qingyue’s figure stalled, and after slightly pondering for a bit, the movements of her hand instantly change. Following the the fluttering of her arm and the ice spirits, two huge transparent ice walls were conjured from the under the ground and spread outwards with an extremely quick speed, sealing off the left and right side of Yun Che and the three people of Divine Phoenix Sect, preventing their battle’s residual energy from harming the surrounding people.

Even though it had only been a little more than two months, Xia Qingyue’s Frozen End Divine Arts had clearly gone through another breakthrough.

The two black and red elders were now absolutely sure that this Yun Che before their eyes, was simply a madman!!

The immensely vast threat of their Divine Phoenix Empire, actually didn’t have the slightest effect in front of him! In this Profound Sky Continent, only a madman would treat their Divine Phoenix Empire like nothing! And only a madman would so unhesitatingly attack a real prince from the Divine Phoenix Sect without holding back!

“Junior… You court death!!”

The two were both burning with extreme anger. The black clothed elderly man took a step forward as a pitch-black longspear instantly solidified within his hand. Flames on the spear’s body surged up, as though it was a twisting snake of flames.

The black clothed elderly man’s figure frenziedly rushed out as fast as lightning, the spear tip directly piercing toward the vitals of Yun Che’s chest as his body carried blurry afterimages and a scarlet flame trail. The sharp sound of air exploding mixed with ear piercing phoenix cries, almost piercing through the crowd’s eardrums.

Yun Che’s expression remained unchanged. His momentum unabated, his gaze as cold as ice, the heavy sword storm that was already extremely ferocious suddenly surged up with scarlet colored phoenix flames. Though this wave of energy storm wasn’t sharp, it was oppressive and soul shaking like rolling thunder cras.h.i.+ng onto the ground.

When they were less than five feet away away from each other, the black clothed elderly man clearly felt the terror of that energy storm coming from Yun Che. He also instantly understood why Feng Xichen, who had the Phoenix Treasure Tunic on his body still received heavy injuries from a single sword strike. After the shock beneath his heart ended, he no longer had time to s.h.i.+ft positions, and could only brace himself to meet it head on.


The phoenix flames on the spear’s body was directly suppressed to the point of completely extinguis.h.i.+ng by the heavy sword’s power, the thick and long spear body also arched to a great degree by the impact, nearly snapping apart. The red clothed elder behind him was greatly dismayed; he knew the might behind this spear strike by the black clothed elderly man. He had also seen Yun Che’s shocking strength, but he never had expected that Yun Che could so easily break the black clothed elderly man’s killing move.

Dragon Fault’s power slightly stalled for a bit under the collision, while the phoenix flames erupted at this time, flooding toward the black clothed elderly man.

The black clothed elder’s pupils constricted, and his body pulled back with an extremely fast speed. Clenching his teeth, he let out a loud roar, directly throwing away the spear in his hands as his entire body instantly burned up with extremely thick and dense flames. The surrounding air warped to an great extent, even the ground beneath was completely burned into a red color, as if the black clothed elderly man’s entire being was bathing within fresh blood.


Firelight as thick as blood instantly exploded, scattering into flame shaped snakes as vicious as lightning, and rushed ahead.

Rip! Rip! Ssss...

The blood colored firelight obstructed Yun Che’s phoenix flames, scattering it piece by piece. If this was merely and purely Yun Che’s phoenix flames, there was indeed the possibility of it to be completely canceled out. But what accompanied the phoenix flames, was still the overbearing heavy sword storm. The heavy sword storm behind it instantly flooded over at the next instant, bringing along the phoenix flames. In the blink of an eye, it engulfed and broke through the extremely high density blood colored flames like an unconquerable colossal serpent… Then, in the reflections of the black clothed elderly man’s pupils, it violently crashed onto his chest, easily ripping apart his protective profound energy, broke into his body, and rushed into his meridians.

The black clothed elderly man’s complexion instantly turned pale, his body consecutively fell back over a dozen steps, his limbs trembled as all the orifices on his face bled. His entire s.h.i.+rt was also completely burnt into ashes, and the exposed skin had been mostly scorched black as well; it was simply too miserable to speak of.

The entire audience was in complete dead silence. Not only Feng Xichen, even the two elders of the bodyguard level in the Divine Phoenix Sect had been smashed injured by Yun Che in less than three exchanges. Moreover, the injuries were considerably heavy.

Yun Che’s strength, was evidently much more terrifying than the rumors! The crowd was already incapable of imagining where the exact limit of his strength was.

Back then, at the Bluefire Region, Yun Che’s profound strength broke through to the seventh level of the Earth Profound Realm, but he had only broken through that time, and had not stabilized yet. After two months had pa.s.sed, Yun Che’s basic profound strength at the seventh level of the Earth Profound Realm was already extraordinarily stable, and had also started to step into the later stages. In addition to the fact that he still consumed dragon flesh as food every day in this period of time, his const.i.tution also grew immensely. His current overall power had surpa.s.sed the power he had when battling Ling Tianni to a large degree.

If Ling Tianni was to fight with him again right now, he would definitely be shocked about the speed of his growth. And such a growth, was even under the condition that his profound strength rank hadn’t increased.

The black clothed elderly man’s old face had already turned into the color of pig liver. Being injured was secondary, but he, who was a dignified Divine Phoenix Sect bodyguard, was actually wounded by a junior of a little Blue Wind Nation in three moves. This was even under the gazes of everyone present. As a lofty and superior Divine Phoenix Sect bodyguard, face was unquestionably more important than life. As of today, that old face of his could be considered as having been stepped on beneath someone’s feet. As he covered his chest, the black clothed elderly man’s entire body s.h.i.+vered, while the red clothed elderly man beside him also had an extremely darkened expression. However, Yun Che didn’t have the slightest hint of stopping, and directly rushed up dragging his heavy sword once again.

“Phoenix Flames Searing Heaven!”

Against such a frightening heavy pressure, the black clothed elderly man and the red clothed elderly man could not bother with something like face anymore as the two simultaneously struck out. Waves of fire instantaneously billowed to the skies, even the s.p.a.ce itself was nearly burnt open… Two great Emperor Profound bodyguards of the Divine Phoenix Empire attacking at full strength together, how mighty of a power that was. Even though they were separated by Xia Qingyue’s ice wall, the profound pract.i.tioners present still felt their entire body’s blood and breath boil. Their hearts almost jumping out of their bodies as their entire body felt unspeakably uncomfortable. They all had no choice but to construct protective profound energy on themselves with all their strength.

“So… So scary!”

“These two are clearly truly enraged… They are people of Divine Phoenix Sect, and even are people by the prince’s side! Just the imposing air was already so terrifying, if met head on, it’s simply unimaginable. Even if it’s Yun Che, he shouldn’t be able to resist against it at all, right?”

However, two great Divine Phoenix Sect bodyguards were actually jointly attacking a junior who wasn’t even one-fourth their age! Not to mention the surrounding people, even they themself felt their faces turn hot. But the mightiness of Yun Che’s strength had entirely surpa.s.sed their expectations, and only by completely killing him here, would they be able to take back some face.

Yet when facing against the full power attack by two great Emperor Profounds of the Divine Phoenix Empire, Yun Che’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. On Dragon Fault, the heavy sword’s power roared as it fused with phoenix flames, and a matchless enormous energy locked onto the black and red elders before crazily erupting.


The collision between phoenix flames and phoenix flames instantly caused s.p.a.ce to burst open; phoenix cries, rumbling sounds, air exploding and sound of s.p.a.ce tearing chaotically resounded in midair. That extremely blinding firelight and profound energy radiance almost blotted out the sun’s brilliance from above.

The immensely blinding light of flames and the huge rumbling noise caused the surrounding crowd to instantly lose their sight and hearing. The power of the flames ruthlessly swept through, the ground was flipped up over ten meters high; the walls of Frozen End Xia Qingyue had constructed with full power swayed. Then, cracks quickly crawled all over the place as slivers of the profound energy storm seeped through these tiny cracks… But just these tiny portions of leaked energy had already blasted away the nearby profound pract.i.tioners in an instant, while some people whose profound strength was relatively weaker vomited blood on the spot. The spectating crowd instantly went into chaos.

The sky reaching light of the phoenix flames lasted for a dozen breaths of time, and finally began to dissipate. Everyone’s eyesights had also cleared at this moment, and through the transparent wall of ice that had almost fully bursted apart, they saw that the black and red elders were completely scorched black. From clothing to hair, they had all been burnt to charcoal, and the place they stood was over a hundred meters away from their original position… However, when looking back at Yun Che, there wasn’t a single hint of injury on his body; even his clothing and hair wasn’t messy in the slightest.

This scene, made everyone gasp deeply. Over half of them were directly struck dumb, still unable to believe their own eyes for quite a while.

Yun Che alone, with one sword strike… had smashed back two great Emperor Profounds from the Divine Phoenix Empire without being harmed at all!!

Yun Che’s Dragon Fault dragged onto the ground, and a faint smile hung on the corner of his mouth. His gaze was profound yet calm, the tips of his hair wantonly fluttered amidst the gust of profound energy that hadn’t fully dissipated… At this moment, Yun Che was like an emperor that looked down upon the world in everyone’s eyes! This kind of aura and imposing force had even surpa.s.sed the Blue Wind Emperor, Cang Wanhe, who had been on the throne for several tens of years!

The lips of the black and red elderly men trembled, and fear had even emerged in the expression of their eyes. When jointly attacking earlier, they had not held back in the slightest and attacked with complete, full power! Yet the two were still beaten back after joining hands, they were already so frightened that their hearts were about to burst open… In this small Blue Wind Nation, how could there exist such a being!

“Hah…” The corner of Yun Che’s lips slightly slanted as a faint laugh seeped out from his lips. Suddenly, his figure blurred, and an after image took off as his entire person directly rushed toward Feng Xichen… Within that exchange earlier, Feng Xichen was undoubtedly affected. The state of his injuries that wasn’t light from the start became even heavier, and now he was heavily breathing while half kneeling onto the floor.

“Don’t!” The two black and red elders turned pale with fright. Now, not only had they already affirmed that Yun Che was simply a madman who took no heed of consequences when doing things, they’ve also affirmed that he was a terrifying madman! Such a madman, would do anything that was possible! Perhaps he would really strike to kill Feng Xichen. If the Thirteenth Prince were to really die here, then they wouldn’t be able to atone for their crime even if they were to die ten thousand times. Their families would even be implicated… Yun Che’s sudden actions, made the two feel that their hearts were about to burst. They uttered a loud roar as strength from their entire body crazily flooded out...

“Dragon Rupturing Flame!!”

The two’s power fused together, and compressed down to the utmost limit, blasting out a stroke of extremely dense phoenix flames that flew toward Yun Che amidst the howling sound that shook the heavens.

Yun Che’s eyelids lifted as the heavy sword swung out, a wolf image rushed out within the howling of the wind.

“Sky Wolf Slas.h.!.+”


The noise of air exploding disorderly sounded, the Phoenix’s flame and the Sky Wolf’s power fiercely clashed, engulfing and tearing each other apart. But this kind of stalemate did not last very long; with the sounding of a ferocious wolf’s roar, the phoenix flames were pierced through by the Sky Wolf’s image, and torn up into two. The Sky Wolf’s image continued howling forward, cras.h.i.+ng onto the bodies of two black and red elders.

Though nearly seventy percent of the Sky Wolf’s power had been shaved off by the phoenix flames, the remaining energy was still incomparably terrifying. The two’s protective profound energy were instantly shattered from impact, and the skin and flesh of their chests turned over. Blood splattered everywhere and their bodies were also blasted over thirty meters away, unable to stand up for a long time.

Yun Che had already rushed to the front of Feng Xichen, and knocked him over with a kick. His body made a rotation in midair, then heavily plummeted down. And the spot his right foot was landing for, just happened to be Feng Xichen’s head.


This time, Yun Che didn’t control Dragon Fault’s weight, and freely fell down from above. Dragon Fault’s heavy weight of over twenty thousand kilograms, instantly bursted the ground apart. Feng Xichen’s entire head, had also been completely stomped into the ground by Yun Che, and not even a strand of hair was revealed to the outside.