Against the Gods - Chapter 372 - Miserable Is Just a Single Word

Chapter 372 - Miserable Is Just a Single Word

Chapter 372 - Miserable Is Just a Single Word

As the Thirteenth Prince of the Divine Phoenix Empire, Feng Xichen had spent his entire life within glory, as well as other’s dread and flattery. Forget about such an unprecedented humiliation of his head being stomped beneath the ground by someone, since when had he experienced any humiliation at all? His brain buzzed, then desperately tried to struggle, but what had pressed onto his head and body was like an immensely heavy mountain. Not mentioning that he was currently injured, even if he was in a pristine condition, it would still be impossible for him to break away.

Even when using all his strength, his body still could only twitch to a small extent, and simply couldn’t break away even a little. His head that was stomped beneath the ground’s surface continuously leaked out unpleasant and hoa.r.s.e sounds of sobbing whimpers.

After being smashed by Yun Che’s Sky Wolf Slash, the blood and profound energy of the two black and red elderly men’s entire bodies immensely tumbled and boiled, and when they saw Feng Xichen’s miserable state, their eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly bursted from staring too hard. The two no longer cared about calming their blood and energy, and rushed toward Yun Che, staggering and tumbling, as they hoa.r.s.ely roared: “Let go of His Highness!! Or else… or else my Divine Phoenix Empire will definitely slaughter all nine of your generations! And make you live a life worse than death!”

If Yun Che hadn’t heard these kinds of threats ten thousand times in these two lives, he had at least heard them eight thousand times. Stepping onto Feng Xichen’s head, he pressed down the entire weight of Dragon Fault, and wildly laughed out loud: “Sure thing! Then I’ll wait for your Divine Phoenix Sect to come and annihilate my nine generations! However, I don’t know whether or not your Divine Phoenix Sect can successfully do so. But since you’ve already spoken out these words, then the poor b.u.g.g.e.r under my feet can only die now! Tsk tsk, I had merely wanted a hand and a foot of his before, yet you guys are forcing me to take his life. So it appears that at your Divine Phoenix Empire, the use of a prince’s life is actually just for giving away for heck of it!”

Once his voice fell, Yun Che’s expression suddenly turned cold. As he lifted Dragon Fault, a frightening aura field suddenly condensed onto the sword’s body, and he was about to smash down.

“Stop… Stop it!!”

When using the incomparably powerful Divine Phoenix Sect as a threat, not only had it failed to help them in the slightest, it was instead directly used by Yun Che as the reason why Feng Xichen must be killed. Yun Che’s actions, which contained not the slightest of hesitation caused the two black and red elders to nearly kneel down on the spot from fright. Only now did they finally come to realize that against Yun Che, a “madman” who took no account of consequences at all when doing things, threat, coercion, and intimidation simply wouldn’t have the slightest bit of effect. Even if Feng Xichen’s ident.i.ty as a prince was put there on the table, Yun Che would still unhesitatingly take his life!!

The two of them were entirely not Yun Che’s match, while Feng Xichen’s life was also in his hands. The two black and red elderly men no longer dared to be impudent; even if they earnestly wished they could rip Yun Che into pieces, they had no choice but to suppress the anger on their expressions. The black clothed elderly man forcefully breathed in, restraining his expression, and said with his teeth clenched: “Yun Che! Today… Today we admit defeat! Let go of His Highness right now… As long as you let His Highness go, we’ll definitely no longer strike out against you today, and leave right away!”

“HAHAHAHA!” As if he had heard a joke as great as the heavens, Yun Che heartily laughed with his head raised upwards, and said mockingly: “The words you are saying, simply aren’t any different from dog farts! You’re saying it like I’m actually afraid of you two striking out against me or something!” He extended his finger, and tauntingly crooked it at the two: “I just won’t let him go, why don’t you strike out at me, come… Come on!”

“You!!” The black clothed elderly man’s face became extremely unsightly, he nearly sprayed out a mouthful of old blood on the spot. The red clothed elderly man bit his teeth, and said as he took a step forward: “Yun Che, don’t you dare go too far when doing things…” Just as he spoke half the sentence, he saw Yun Che’s expression instantly darken, and the inside of his heart abruptly thumped; he instantly did not dare to say even half a word with any threatening kind of nature, as his expression and tone also softened with an extremely quick speed: “We are indeed the ones have offended you first today. As long as… as long as you let our prince go and let us leave, we’ll let bygones be bygones… Oh no, we can pretend that it didn’t happen at all! We won’t tell anyone about it either…” His gaze swept the surroundings, and continued on: “Everyone present, I trust that no one would spread what happened today either…Or else, my Divine Phoenix Sect will definitely annihilate whoever’s clan that does.”

Even though the three words Divine Phoenix Sect seemingly didn’t have any threatening effect against Yun Che, to the others, they were a threatening power no less than that of G.o.ds! The moment red clothed elder’s words were spoken, everyone’s complexions sharply changed as they all became as silent as cicadas in winter, wis.h.i.+ng that they could nod and speak out their agreement on the spot to demonstrate their determination of not spreading the news out to anyone.

These words coming from the mouths of Divine Phoenix Sect’s people already be considered as humble and lowly to the utmost limit. Within history, there actually hadn’t been anyone of the Blue Wind Empire who could make someone of Divine Phoenix Sect reveal such a nearly begging gesture.

“Is that so?” Yun Che’s eyes turned to the side, yet his gaze was extremely disdainful. He said leisurely: “These words of yours, are simply insulting my intelligence. You two followed this dogs.h.i.+t prince here to Blue Wind in order to ride the high horse, yet were beaten into dogs by me, a junior in Blue Wind Empire. If news of this were to spread… Tsk tsk, you guys would implicate the entire Divine Phoenix Empire and cause its face to sweep the floor. The once high and mighty Divine Phoenix Empire, would be reduced to a laughing stock of the various nations. This dogs.h.i.+t prince naturally would not die as a result of this, but for you two old things, even being lynched would be considered light. You two can be said as the ones who want this matter to not be propagated in this entire world the most, and probably wished that you could kill everyone present here to seal their mouths. Yet now, you are actually using this as a bargaining chip? Are you treating me like a r.e.t.a.r.d?”

Yun Che’s words directly struck the two black and red elders’ vitals, making their entire bodies greatly tremble. At the same time, it also caused everyone present to realize something. They suddenly came to realize why Yun Che actually dared to be so overbearing before these three people of Divine Phoenix Empire. As the strongest nation of the Profound Sky Seven Nations, Divine Phoenix Empire had always been an overlord like existence in which none of the other six nations dared to steal its brilliance. Even if the other six nations joined forces, they still would never be a match for Divine Phoenix Empire. While Divine Phoenix Sect, was also Divine Phoenix Empire’s overlord.

No one could ever transgress Divine Phoenix Sect’s might, and no one was ever able to tread on Divine Phoenix Sect’s dignity.

But today, Divine Phoenix Sect’s three great Emperor Profounds, including a genuine prince, were defeated by only a young man of only nineteen in the weakest Blue Wind Empire, and even the prince’s head had been stomped under his feet. If this was to be propagated, it could be considered the greatest humiliation in the history of the Divine Phoenix Empire! Even the coercive power of Divine Phoenix Empire at Profound Sky Continent would be greatly affected. And the culprit who was the cause of this humiliation —— Feng Xichen, as a prince, would at most receive some punishment, while the two black and red elderly men would extremely likely receive capital punishment. Thus, in accordance to what Yun Che had said, they wouldn’t be willing to let this matter be known by their sect, nor the people of the world, even if it resulted in them not being able to take revenge against Yun Che using Divine Phoenix Sect’s power.

It seemed as if Yun Che had been certain of this from the very start.

The two black and red elderly men’s faces thoroughly flushed red. The red clothed elderly man’s entire body s.h.i.+vered, he pointed at Yun Che and said: “Yun Che, don’t push it too far!!”

“I’m pus.h.i.+ng it too far!?” Yun Che smiled coldly in a frightening fas.h.i.+on: “You and I are complete strangers to one another. With no grudges and enmity, you guys came uninvited on my big wedding day. Not only did you sneer and humiliate me, disrupting my wedding ceremony, you’ve even attempted to strike at me with the intent to kill! Yet now you conversely say that I am the one pus.h.i.+ng it too far? Ha, not only are these four words of yours extremely laughable, they also make me feel unhappy… As for people that make me unhappy, I would always make them… even more unhappy!!”

Amidst a harsh shout, the Dragon Fault in Yun Che’s hand suddenly smashed down, and violently crashed onto Feng Xichen’s body.


The ferocious power of the heavy sword exploded on Feng Xichen’s body, and the incredibly vivid sound of bones breaking, as well as a scream of agony coming from the ground beneath instantly traveled very far out. Under this sword strike, the bones of over a dozen places on Feng Xichen’s body snapped, and a dozen of his meridians had also shattered. The blood vessels in his body more so bursted in groups; blood flowed all over his body, as though his entire body had turned into a leaking blood bag,

“Your Highness!! Yun Che!! You…”

“I what?” Yun Che’s eyes narrowed, and once again raised the heavy sword: “Did you want to continue saying that I am pus.h.i.+ng it too far? No problem, say as much as you want, I just wonder whether or not this poor b.u.g.g.e.r underneath my feet can survive my next sword strike.”

“You… you… you…” The black and red elderly men’s bodies went cold, their complexions were ghastly pale, without any color of blood. Looking at the half-dead Feng Xichen, they were unable to even utter a complete sentence for a long while.

Cang Wanhe quickly stepped out at this moment, and said: “Yun Che, Divine Phoenix’s prince is still young, so he does things rashly, but he still didn't cause any severe consequences. No matter what he had done wrong, he is in the end, a guest; now that he has also been taught a lesson, and they had already promised to forget what happened today as well… If you really killed Divine Phoenix’s prince, it will do no good to either side. How about letting him go now?”

Yun Che naturally did not truly want to kill Feng Xichen, or else he would’ve done it long ago. By severely injuring Feng Xichen, they would’ve perhaps even concealed this matter in order to save face and avoid heavy punishment while swallowing all the humiliation and injuries into their stomach. But if he really killed Feng Xichen, that would be another entirely different notion. Yun Che knew very well that the current him fundamentally was no match for the Divine Phoenix Empire at all.

Anger ought to be vented, but the person himself could not be killed. And the best stairway down from the stage, would naturally be Cang Wanhe. He knew that Cang Wanhe would definitely come forward at the appropriate time.

When Cang Wanhe spoke, Yun Che, who had on a face full of wild arrogance, instantly put on an appearance of respect. After he earnestly finished listening to his words, he only thought for a few seconds before he answering very respectfully: “Even though I am currently furious, since it is the command of Your Majesty, Yun Che will naturally obey.”

As he finished speaking, Yun Che moved his foot away from Feng Xichen’s head. Then, his leg flew up, and kicked the Feng Xichen whose head was stuck beneath the ground toward the two black and red elderly men. The two hastily went forward and caught Feng Xichen, whose body was covered with blood.

“Hmph! You disrupted my wedding, and even wanted to kill me. I had originally wanted to end you all here, but since it was His Majesty who pled mercy for you, then I’ll let you go this time! Why haven’t you paid your grat.i.tude toward my Blue Wind Emperor yet!”

Even though Cang Wanhe was the Emperor, those great sect’s key figures had always only treated him with respect on surface and condescending gazes beneath, some didn’t even bother to appear respectful on the surface. But today, the Yun Che who decisively oppressed Divine Phoenix Sect and shocked the powerful beings of Blue Wind, was actually extremely reverent toward him, and “readily listened to his words”. For the first time, Cang Wanhe, who had been on the throne for so many years, tasted the feeling of his prestige surging off the charts, and even his back unconsciously straightened up a great deal. Toward Yun Che, his heart instantly birthed endless gratefulness. He understood very well that such a simple att.i.tude toward him from Yun Che would truly make him, Cang Wanhe, who had ascended to the throne for over twenty years, into the Emperor who commands the Blue Wind!