Against the Gods - Chapter 370 - Overbearing

Chapter 370 - Overbearing

Chapter 370 - Overbearing

Feng Xichen clearly felt his Phoenix Domain being ripped into bits like a tattered rag in the blink of an eye. In less than ten breaths of time, he’d even lost contact with all the phoenix flames… The phoenix flames he viewed as pride, glory, and even life, which made him almost unparalleled amongst those of the same profound level, had actually been completely destroyed by a “b.a.s.t.a.r.d” at only the Earth Profound Realm just like that in the blink of an eye.

The eyes of the surrounding crowd all stared as wide as bells, each and every one of them were shocked to the point of almost losing consciousness. They had all only heard rumors of Yun Che’s mightiness before; single-handedly annihilated Burning Heaven Clan, heavily injuring Ling Tianni, these rumors were all describing Yun Che’s strength. Yet, even if there were tens of thousands more variations of such rumors, it would still be far inferior than the shock experienced from witnessing it personally. The strength erupted from Feng Xichen was the strength of a genuine Emperor Profound, and not only did he possess the Phoenix’s bloodline, it was also the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Imperial Family’s bloodline. The crowd present didn’t even have the courage to estimate the mightiness of his strength.

But his Phoenix flames, and even the Domain he had brought out, was so easily smashed into pieces by Yun Che just like that.

Even the phoenix flames coming the Phoenix royalty was already like this in front of Yun Che, so it could be imagined just how Burning Heaven Clan’s profound fire had ended up!

Xiao Juetian’s forehead was already covered in hot sweat, his spine chilled, and cold gasps even threaded through the gaps between his teeth. When personally witnessing Yun Che’s terrifying strength, he was half frightened, and half rejoiced… He rejoiced that he didn’t choose to unyieldingly confront it head on, and instead had lowered his face to compromise. Annihilating Burning Heaven Clan, at most proved that Yun Che’s way of doing things were vicious and extreme, but daring to pick a quarrel with Divine Phoenix Empire’s prince… proved that he was unquestionably a madman who didn’t take consequences into account!

A madman with such terrifying strength, who didn’t even fear the Divine Phoenix Empire in the slightest. Whoever provokes him would definitely be inviting their own destruction!

Xiao Juetian completely firmed his decision at this moment. Even if Yun Che were to stomp the entire Xiao Sect’s dignity beneath his feet, he would greet him with a smile, and would never offend him even a tiny bit.

Star Scorching fire continuously expanded, and quickly spread over to Feng Xichen after engulfing Feng Xichen’s Phoenix Domain.

These flames that came from Yun Che were all flames of the Phoenix, Feng Xichen was able to recognize this point in an instant. However, while both were similarly phoenix flames, the scorching heat and that wave of extremely overbearing pressure of the phoenix flames coming from Yun Che, actually made Feng Xichen’s body and bloodline start to simultaneously tremble. His body was extremely attuned to phoenix flames, but before Yun Che’s phoenix flames even touched his body and had only neared, his protective profound energy was already warped to a large extent, while the surface of his body more so felt the painful feeling of being scorched as if his flesh was being torn apart.

At this moment, Feng Xichen’s spirit had almost collapsed.

“Impossible… Impossible! You are only a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, an insignificant b.a.s.t.a.r.d at merely the Earth Profound Realm, how could you win against this prince’s Phoenix Bloodline! Die!!”

The clothing on Feng Xichen’s entire body puffed up as a cl.u.s.ter of scarlet flames ferociously burned up from his body. But before this cl.u.s.ter of flames had the chance to erupt, Yun Che’s Star Scorching flames were already flooding over like raging waves of the sea, engulfing Feng Xichen within.

In just a mere five breaths of time, the phoenix flame that Feng Xichen had desperately reignited was already suppressed to the point of completely extinguis.h.i.+ng, and even his protective profound energy was also quickly melting away. Feng Xichen was instantly panic-stricken, and felt the crisis of death for the first time in his life. With a loud cry, his entire body’s energy surged, and he retreated backwards with the fastest speed possible, escaping from Star Scorching flames with all his might. But before he even had the time to regain his breath, Yun Che’s figure had already appeared in front of him as if a ghost. With Dragon Fault having already appeared inside his hands, he directly smashed toward Feng Xichen’s chest.

The two Divine Phoenix Sect black and red bodyguards were already shocked out of their wits a few times after Feng Xichen’s phoenix flames had collapsed. Seeing Feng Xichen’s situation at this time, they simultaneously turned pale from fright, and violently roared: “Stop!!”

Within the violent roar, the two simultaneously rushed out like lightning, but the moment they acted, their entire bodies suddenly felt a chill, and even their movements went stiff right after. A white silhouette blurred, and Xia Qingyue blocked in front of the two wearing an ice veil over her face as ice spirits fluttered around her entire body. She spoke in an indifferent and cold tone: “You are going to take the advantage of numbers, and bully the young as elders?”

Seeing a little girl of not even twenty years old actually blocking their front, the two elderly roared with contempt: “Just a little girl like you, dares to block us?! You court death!”

Before the voice fell, the red clothed elder blasted out a palm, and sprayed out a large stretch of phoenix flames toward Xia Qingyue, attempting to directly blow her away. However, before the phoenix flames had even neared Xia Qingyue’s body, they suddenly stalled, then quickly dissipated, and in the end had actually turned into an array of scattered ice that rained down.

The minds of the black and red elderly men were both intensely quaked, they simply were unable to dare believe their own eyes. At the same time, a wave of cold energy which seemed to come from h.e.l.l suddenly a.s.saulted over, making their body instantly stiffen. As the all the ice spirits danced around Xia Qingyue, the ground between the black and red elderly men suddenly bursted apart as a great tree of ice crystals bursted out from the ground and quickly grew. In the blink of an eye, countless leaves of snow and ice crystals scattered about, weaving into a dense and packed net of ice, sealing the two black and red elders within.

The heaviness of the cold energy enveloping their entire bodies far surpa.s.sed the two’s imaginations. They quickly ignited phoenix flames with the intention to resist, but within the branches of ice and leaves of snow, their flames quickly extinguished right after they started to burn. Some flames were even directly frozen into the most simple and purest ice crystals of energy.

When ice attribute strength was strong enough, it could indeed cancel out phoenix flames. Profound fire could also be frozen, however, they had never heard that even phoenix flames could be frozen! The two locked within the branches of ice and leaves of snow struggled with all their strength, but even when joining forces, they actually couldn’t escape in a short amount of time. Instead, their bodies were frozen stiffer and stiffer, and their blood almost solidified. Looking at the Xia Qingyue who was bathed within ice spirits like a descending G.o.ddess of ice and snow, the shock in their hearts couldn’t grow any further...

How was it possible for such a person to appear within the little Blue Wind Nation whose strength was the weakest within the Profound Sky Seven Nations! One Yun Che was already completely violating common sense, and this girl, whose age clearly wasn’t much different from Yun Che, was also frightening to such an extent!! Could it be that in all these years, Blue Wind had always been hiding their power?

The continuous shocks before their eyes caused them to uncontrollably give birth to such an absurd thought.

On the other side, Yun Che’s Dragon Fault was also already smas.h.i.+ng solidly onto Feng Xichen’s body.

Yun Che’s strongest strength was definitely not phoenix flames, but instead the heavy sword. However, Feng Xichen clearly wouldn’t know about this. If he dodged with all his power, he could completely avoid Yun Che’s attack. However, even though he was completely thwarted by Yun Che using phoenix flames, he also naively thought that Yun Che’s strongest part would be phoenix flames. After all, in terms of profound strength, he was only at the Earth Profound Realm. He definitely wouldn’t believe that Yun Che, who was only at the Earth Profound Realm could triumph over him in terms of strength. His expression darkened, the jade fan raised up horizontally, and smashed toward Yun Che’s heavy sword with crazily surging profound energy.

Even Ling Tianni who was at the sixth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, who had a hundred years of rich acc.u.mulation avoided frontal confrontation with Yun Che’s heavy sword at all cost, yet Feng Xichen, who was at the second level of the Emperor Profound Realm chose to confront toughness with toughness just like that! The moment Dragon Fault and the jade fan made contact, a cracking noise sounded, and the jade fan with thousands of precious fire crystals sealed within was directly smashed into pieces. Dragon Fault continued on, and smashed onto Feng Xichen’s chest.


Feng Xichen’s protective profound energy instantly shattered explosively; at the same time, a light suddenly flashed on his body, and a phoenix cry surged up to the skies along with the light of fire, then a detailed and complicated scarlet colored runic markings clearly emerged on Feng Xichen’s chest, then quickly vanished… Dragon Fault’s ferocious energy also sharply decreased by seventy percent at this instant, as a enormous opposing force shook back, blasting Yun Che far away.

“It’s Divine Phoenix Sect’s Emperor Profound Protective Armament… the Phoenix Treasure Tunic!” Ling Yun muttered within the crowd: “For this kind of Phoenix Treasure Tunic, there are only a total of twelve in the Divine Phoenix Sect… Didn’t think that one of them would actually be on him!”

Even though the power was canceled by seventy percent, Feng Xichen still felt that his chest was struck by a huge hammer that weighed at least half a million kilograms. Violently spraying out an arrow of blood, he flew out backwards. Fresh blood rained down in midair, and his entire chest was also b.l.o.o.d.y mutilated.

The eyes of the black and red elderly men who were struggling within the Tree of Frozen End nearly bursted out of their sockets… They naturally knew that Feng Xichen had on the Phoenix Treasure Tunic. Protective profound strength of the Emperor Profound Realm added with the Phoenix Treasure Tunic whose name was famous throughout Profound Sky, yet he was still smashed flying horizontally while spewing blood… They couldn’t believe, just how terrifying of a power was hidden behind that sword strike of Yun Che’s.

This was that Yun Che they had never kept in their eyes at all, whom they thought had the bloodline of a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!?

How could he have such a shocking strength!! What kind of a freak is this!!

“Your Highness!!”


The two explosively roared at the same time. Flames surged up from their entire bodies, and finally melted away all of the Tree of Frozen End’s restraint. No longer bothering with anything else, they quickly rushed toward Feng Xichen and supported him up from the ground.

Feng Xichen’s gaze was already unfocused, his entire body limp. With the Phoenix Treasure Tunic as protection, his wounds weren’t serious, but the psychological damage he took was ten thousands times stronger than the wounds on his body. He was the dignified and awe-inspiring prince of the Divine Phoenix Empire, a being that could cover the sky with one hand in the entire Profound Sky Continent. At this little Blue Wind Nation, he could walk against the law, he could even look down upon the Blue Wind Emperor, he could oppress any enormous clan at will single-handedly; no matter who it was that met him, they wouldn’t dare to offend him in the slightest...

When arriving in Blue Wind Empire, he should have been riding the high horse; wherever he walked to, the only things he should see were ants...

Yet at this little Blue Wind Nation, he was helplessly beaten down black and blue by a person who was even younger than him, lower than him in levels of profound strength, and had even mocked and called a “b.a.s.t.a.r.d” by him. It made him, who was a Divine Phoenix Prince, and even the entire Divine Phoenix Empire’s face, hit rock bottom.

“Go… Let’s go!!” Feng Xichen roared with his teeth clenched, without even turning back. He, who had been humiliated and lost all dignity, simply didn’t have the face to stay any longer.

The black and red elderly men both didn’t say anything more. They simultaneously turned their heads back to take a glance at Yun Che and Xia Qingyue, and was about to leave taking Feng Xichen.

“Not so fast!”

The moment their feet had just lifted, Yun Che’s icy voice suddenly came from behind: “You want to leave? Ha! Have you gotten my permission?! Barging in unauthorized without invitation, not only did you destroy my great wedding hall, you’ve also insulted my bloodline, and even a.s.saulted me with the intent to kill. Yet now you want to leave just like this? Do you think that my place is a playground that you can come and leave whenever you wish?!”

The moment Yun Che’s words came out, Cang Wanhe and the others were all deeply shocked in their hearts. When Feng Xichen’s group of three were about to leave, they had originally let out a great breath of relief, earnestly wis.h.i.+ng that they would leave right this moment, which could be considered the best result that they didn’t even dare to think about before. But unexpectedly, when they wanted to leave, Yun Che had instead wished to stop them from leaving.

The black and red elderly men’s footsteps stalled, and the black colored elder turned around as he started sneering: “Yun Che! Did you really think that our Divine Phoenix Sect is something you can afford to provoke?”

“Divine Phoenix Sect?” Yun Che similarly started to sneer: “No matter what Divine Phoenix Sect or Pheasant Demon Sect you are, having provoked me, I’ll make you pay a price that you’ll never forget in your entire lifetime, without exception! Whether Divine Phoenix Empire is something I can afford to provoke, I do not know, and I do not need to know at the moment. Because right now, affording to provoke you three is already enough!!”

“You want to leave? Sure!” Yun Che extended his hand, and pointed at Feng Xichen: “Leave a right arm and a right leg of his behind, then, you can freely scram!”