Son of the Hero King

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Tags: #adult #mature #smut #harem #ecchi #action #comedy #fantasy #supernatural


My¬†aunt, the acting regean told me: ¬ęWork hard my¬†nephew. You have a¬†royal family to¬†build.¬Ľ-----A¬†story of¬†reincarnation. A¬†story of¬†growth. A¬†story of¬†love. A¬†story of¬†lust.After dying a¬†simple death, a¬†boy reincarnated in¬†a¬†new world. A¬†world where magic is¬†common and dragons are real. A¬†world where goddess exists and monsters abound.This story follows Sol, the son of¬†the hero king. A¬†man who literally saved the world, at¬†the cost of¬†his life.Watch as¬†he¬†grows and evolves to¬†become his own person, moving from the shadow of¬†his parents and set his own record in¬†history. All the beautiful women he¬†gets along the way is¬†just a¬†bonus.****Notice:*¬†‚ÄĒ mean that it¬†will be¬†a¬†kinky chapter with some preliminary.**¬†‚ÄĒ mean that‚Äôs it¬†will be¬†a¬†kinky chapter with actual¬†sex. Show More

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