Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard

State: Ongoing

Author: LazySageDao

Tags: #action #adventure #fantasy #harem


Edward was reincarnated into the world of¬†Harry Potter, an¬†act which excites him giving the fact that this was one of¬†his favorite books. So, he¬†embarks on¬†the path of¬†wizardry in¬†the hope of¬†discovering the way it¬†works, the laws or¬†theories that govern it; he¬†wanted to¬†find its essence.When Edward finally uncovers the answers to¬†the question he¬†pondered on, he¬†suddenly thought to¬†himself: ¬ęSince the world of¬†Harry Potter is¬†real, what about all the other anime, movies, games, and books that I¬†read from my¬†past life? And if¬†they are indeed real, how I¬†can I¬†get there?¬Ľ***This story is¬†an¬†Infinite Stream novel where the mc¬†travels through different anime and movie worlds acquiring various magical abilities and knowledge in¬†order to¬†become a¬†supreme wizard that stands on¬†the top of¬†countless dimensions and universes.Warnings: The MC¬†will spend a¬†great deal of¬†time in¬†the Harry Potter World before going to¬†other worlds.I¬†have not decided whether the [Curse Child] is¬†canon or¬†not. I¬†do¬†not care what JK¬†Rowling said.Although this fanfic will be¬†a¬†Harem, the mc¬†will not have a¬†thousand women. Most likely, I¬†will write so¬†that he¬†has a¬†certain relationship with some female characters, then he¬†will leave her in¬†her own universe. Only a¬†few will follow him in¬†his journey. Also, a¬†few men will also be¬†in¬†his group. THIS IS¬†NOT A¬†YAOI. Show More

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