Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 1555 The Eleventh Prince Of The Holy Topaz Dynasty

Chapter 1555 The Eleventh Prince Of The Holy Topaz Dynasty

Chapter 1555 The Eleventh Prince Of The Holy Topaz Dynasty

For a while, the intense unknown desire within Lin Mu's heart had become silent.

He didn't know if it was a temporary thing or if it was prelude to something else. Regardless of it, Lin Mu was pleased since he didn't need to be bothered by it while he was training his skills and searching for the Immortal Stone mine.

He never thought that his goal of coming to the Desolate Blood battlefield was coinciding with the intense desire.

It wasn't until Lin Mu had directly seen the n.o.ble man with his own two eyes did he feel the desire return. And this time around, it was several times more powerful. Lin Mu felt his blood pumping like no tomorrow and his heart throbbed like thunder.

Every being of his being was screaming out to him. Telling him to rip the person apart and take what had been taken from him.

The strange thing was, Lin Mu still didn't know what was actually taken from him. He couldn't tell from the n.o.ble man either. The only thing he knew was that he needed to kill the man.

A deep feeling within him told that, if he didn't do this today, he would never be able to have a moment of peace after this.

The cautiousness that he had before had disappeared as if it never expected.

Now Lin Mu didn't care if the person in front of him was stronger than him or not. All he cared for was that he would meet his end today.

And with that, Lin Mu rushed into battle.

~s.h.i.+NG~ s.h.i.+NG~

Afternoon Pine and Ocean Raker appeared in Lin Mu's hands while immortal Qi flowed into them, directly amplifying their powers before Sword Intent overflowed from the sword.

"WHO!?" The n.o.ble man obviously sensed the appearance of strong Sword Intent, alerting him.

He turned to face the direction where it was coming from, and only saw a golden glow.

"WHAT?" In front of the man, several pine trees were rising from the ground!


The Ground Split apart as seven Pine Trees rose from it. They were made out of immortal Qi and were infused with Sword intent, giving one a feeling of oppression.

"Who dares sneak attack me!?" The n.o.ble man shouted before flicking his palm.


His palm glowed in a brown light and shot toward the Pine trees.


The brown light directly clashed with the Pine trees, having transformed into an earthen plate that was ten meters wide. It delayed the approach of the Pine trees, and gave the n.o.ble man more time to react.

Next he stomped with his feet as an azure light wrapped around them. In the next second, the azure light transfered into two pairs of wings that were now attached to the n.o.ble man's feet.


It propelled him at a great speed and he avoided all the Pine Trees that were rus.h.i.+ng towards him while ripping the ground. The wings on his ankles flapped at a high frequency, creating a buzzing sound.


The man zipped across the air and made several turns before checking who exactly it was that attacking him.

His immortal Sense spread across the area, covering about a kilometer of area.

"Pathetic..." A voice was heard by the n.o.ble man.

"WHO!?" he turned to look, but was only met with three arrows that were coming towards him.

Each of the arrow was burning and seemed to contain Fire elemental immortal Qi.

"You think you can use the elements against me!" The n.o.ble man was infuriated.


He thrust out with his palm that was covered in a blue light. The light expanded and turned into a large palm imprint that was filled with water.


The fire arrows met the water palm and instantly heated it up. Steam rose from the palm, as it bubbled over.


The palm couldn't contain its shape for long and burst apart. But it also dissipated the fire arrows, effective blocking the attack.

This was merely the start of the attacks though as ten sword lights slashed at the n.o.ble man. They came from all around him, preventing him from flying away like before.

"WHO ARE YOU? SHOW YOURSELF COWARD!" The n.o.ble man yelled, feeling furious at it all.

His immortal sense was spread in a kilometer area, but he was still unable to sense the person.

"What pathetic range you have..." A voice spoke within his ears again.

But this time the voice seemed to have come from right next to him.

'How did--' The n.o.ble man actually sensed a presence behind him.

It had appeared out of thin air and was certainly not there before.

This time the n.o.ble man actually managed to grasp the appearance of his new foe. He only saw a young man, who had a furious face behind him. He was in the middle of an attack and a golden fist was coming towards him.


The fist made contact with the n.o.ble man who raised his arm to block it.


As if a s.h.i.+eld had been struck by a war hammer, a sickening clang was heard.

Lin Mu looked at the n.o.ble man directly for the first time, seeing that he had actually created a metal s.h.i.+eld around his arm.


After watching for a moment though, Lin Mu disappeared.

The n.o.ble man was a bit stunned from all this though. He had never expected him to be ambushed like this and be on the disadvantaged.

"You dare attack the Eleventh Prince of the Holy Topaz Dynasty! Do you know the atrocity you're committing!" The n.o.ble man shouted, revealing his ident.i.ty.

"Doesn't matter if you're a prince. You'll die nevertheless." Lin Mu said, his voice laced with pure fury.


A moment later the ground under the prince parted, as a yellow opine tree condensed out of pure energy rose. Sword intent was gus.h.i.+ng out of it, and a few slivers managed to touch the prince.

"Agh!" his legs had only made contact for a mere moment, and it had still managed to cut it. "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" The prince roared.

The cut was just a few centimeters deep, but the pain from it was unlike anything the prince had felt. If it was just a normal cut from a weapon, he might not have felt like this, but this was a cut made by Sword Intent.

It was an energy that would not stay still and continue to damage the enemy until it dissipated.

Though the prince had his own skills too. As he let out a breath and blew on his legs. His breath was of a deep green color, and when it touched his legs, they quickly started to heal.

In just a few seconds, the cuts made by the Sword intent had already disappeared.

"Interesting..." The Prince heard Lin Mu's cold voice again. "Let's see how much more you can do,"


A mere moment after the prince had heard Lin Mu's voice, he sensed a projectile approaching him at a blinding speed. It was very small and if it weren't for the energy emanating from it, he might not have sensed it in time.

"HAAA!" Knowing that he wouldn't have enough time to dodge it, the Prince condensed fire within his hand, turning it into a marble and threw towards the incoming projectile.

The projectile seemed to be like a needle but the energy contained within it was ma.s.sive.


It pierced through the red fire marble, and exploded creating a blazing cloud that scorched an area of four hundred meters!


The prince was knocked back from the explosion but wasn't burned, his Immortal robes protecting him from the impact and heat. The wings on his ankles flapped, allowing him to slow down and control his trajectory.

But just as he was starting to gain control over it, he saw ten flaming arrows coming towards him.

"DAMMIT!" Cursing he thrust out his palm several times, creating multiple palm imprint.


The arrows were blocked by the water palms, and burst them apart but one arrow still managed to get through.


But just as it was about to strike his chest, a brown light appeared on it before turning into a rock plate. The plate blocked the fire arrow before breaking as well.

The prince coughed in pain, but kept his eyes open.

By now he had understood that his opponent wasn't someone normal.

'Who is he? And why's he attacking me?' The Prince wondered.

It wasn't the first time he had been attacked, thus he wasn't finding it unexpected. His opponents in the family had already sent several immortals to attack him. Unfortunately they had all met their demise at his hands.

Even if they were of a higher cultivation base than him, they could not survive his skills and power.

"Who sent you! The Fourth Prince? The Seventh Princess? Or even the Second Prince!?" The Eleventh Prince questioned.

But the only answer he received was a golden fist to his face.