Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 1554 A Man With Terrifying Skills

Chapter 1554 A Man With Terrifying Skills

Chapter 1554 A Man With Terrifying Skills




A mult.i.tude of explosions occurred across the b.l.o.o.d.y land.




And along with the explosions, the cries of its victims could also be heard.

Several cultivators were injured, with many of them missing one or more limbs. Their bodies were covered in various injuries as well, some were burned, some were cut, some had their skin ripped and more.

"Ahahaha! You all should have listened to me from the start." A man that looked to be in his late twenties spoke.

He wore clothes that seemed to belong to n.o.bility. His outer robes were white, while his inner robes were yellow, contrasting together. But that was not all, as he was wearing several silver and gold accessories too.

On his wrists, one could see two bracelets that had gems embedded in them while on his head one could see a circlet with white gems in them.

His face was young with strong arrogance between his brows. A short trimmed beard dressed his chin, while sharp eyebrows adorned his eyes. His hair was tied up in a bun and a yellow coronet was holding it in place.

Immortal Qi fluctuations could be felt coming from all of the ornaments that the man was wearing, showing that these were all Immortal tools!

Even the robes he was wearing were similar and seemed to be protective immortal robes.

No matter what angle one looked at this person from, they would know that he was of a high status. And while he was displaying wealth, he also had the strength to back it up.

"We brought you here! Why are you doing this to us!?"

"Yeah! We agreed to split the loot in the first place."

"Just let us go, we don't care for it. Take all you want!"

The cultivators that were under his attack, pleaded with the man.

"Hah! You think I don't know your thoughts?" The n.o.ble man scoffed. "You all thought you could band together and get rid of me, huh?"

"No! You don't need to do this. You can already take all the loot we got. We don't need any of it, just spare our lives." The cultivators continued to plead though fearing for their lives.

They had already seen the strength of the man, and how he had crippled a few of their companions.

There were around twenty people in their group originally, but with the n.o.ble mans attack, five of them had died instantly while half had been weakened greatly having lost tier limbs.

"That is not an option. You think I would let you all go and spread the news about the Immortal Stone Mine? You're joking!" The n.o.ble man laughed. "Don't worry though, I'll give you a glorious end." He said before a wave of energy spread from him.

He flipped his palms as seven colored lights could be seen condensing within them.


First sparks appeared, and arcs of electricity coiled around the purple light. They wrapped around each other before turning into a purple sphere. The sphere shrank in size until it was very dense and about the size of a small marble.


Next, winds spun and compressed around the azure colored light. A moment later, it had turned into an azure colored marble that was of a similar size as that of the purple marble.


The sound of leaves could be heard, as the illusory images of leaves appeared around the man's palm. The leaves came together and condensed around the green colored light, turning into a green marble.


Then the sound of metal being rung could be heard. What looked like gold dust spun around the yellow colored light and turned into a yellow marble.


Embers appeared from thin air, turning into flames that roiled. They spun around the red colored light, before being condensed into a red marble.


Water vapor appeared and quickly condensed around the blue light, taking the form of a clear blue marble.


And finally, fine stones wrapped around the brown colored light before become compressed and turning into the seventh and final marble.

The formation of each marble was complex and seemed to be filled with deep profundities, and yet their completion speed wasn't more than a few seconds. Those that had high cultivation base would be able to tell that each marble was condensed from a terrifying amount of elemental energies.

It wasn't even made of elemental Qi, but pure elemental energy!

Having control over just one element like this would be incredibly difficult, but seven was a number that was hard to believe. Perhaps if someone was a chosen son of heavens and had practiced for a million years, they might be able to reach this level, but considering the age and demeanor of the n.o.ble man, it seemed unlikely.

The man had control over the Five mortal and two Heavenly elements!

Even in the Immortal Court, such skills would be considered earth shaking.

But while the creation of the marbles seemed to be impressive, it was just terrorizing for the cultivators who were facing them.

"Now then... Peris.h.!.+" The n.o.ble man said before flicking his palm.


The seven marbles shot forth, spreading out in a wide area.


They exploded as soon as they made contact with their targets.

Each of their explosions was different too. The purple marble exploded into a cloud of lighting, the azure marble turned into a tearing cyclone, the red marble brought forth a great blaze, the green marble turned into vines and leaves, the brown marble turned into pelting stones, the blue marble turned into water that drowned while the yellow marble turned into a flurry of blades.

Even a single of these marbles could be considered a high level skill, and yet there were seven such skills being used at the same time with ease.

Lin Mu was watching all this with a still expression.

But while his face seemed to not express anything, his heart was aflame with rage.

'He.. He has it! HE HAS THE OBJECT OF MY DESIRE!' Lin Mu roared within his heart.