Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 489 Chu Kuangren Joins In, Ashura Tribe Fights Till Their Last Breath

Chapter 489 Chu Kuangren Joins In, Ashura Tribe Fights Till Their Last Breath

Chapter 489: Chu Kuangren Joins In, Ashura Tribe Fights Till Their Last Breath

Tremendous demonic qi swept across the land like a torrent, landing on the Astonis.h.i.+ng Sea of Clouds Formation.

The operation of the whole mega formation was affected by the demonic qi. Quite a few parts of the formation had stopped functioning.

As the whole Black Heaven Sect trembled, a ray of golden light suddenly beamed up into the sky.

Following that, a boundless Buddhist Light illuminated the entire sky and manifested into a figure of a tall, golden ancient Buddha.

Buddhist Light shot across the horizon, spreading in all directions like an ocean tide. Wherever the light hit, demonic qi would be dispelled, and the sky that was initially shrouded by demonic qi returned to its normal state.

With the Black Heaven Sect as the center, demonic qi within several thousand kilometers radius was purged. Those cultivators and common folk who were infected by demonic qi slowly regained their sanity too. All of them looked toward the direction of the Black Heaven Sect. Those who wors.h.i.+pped the Buddha even knelt immediately, chanting and thanking the Buddha’s divine intervention.

The cultivators, on the other hand, breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“He has finally intervened.”

“With his intervention, the few prefectures around here should be guaranteed safety now.”

Back inside the Black Heaven Sect, Chu Kuangren slowly walked out of the Towering Heavenly Palace.

He glanced at the sky on the far side, where it was enshrouded in demonic qi. His spiritual thought swiftly scanned through the entire Firmament Star and successfully pinpointed the source of this whole catastrophe.

“Hmm, the Demonic Realm is descending?”

“Over my dead body!”

With a sharp cry, the giant ancient Buddha’s Buddhist Light expanded. Echoes of Brahmic Chimes began to reverberate on the horizon.

A huge golden palm lashed out abruptly, aiming directly at the giant demonic ape outside the Astonis.h.i.+ng Sea of Clouds Formation. Terrifying domineering aura locked down onto him almost instantaneously.


The giant demonic ape was stunned. Terror was now written all over his face. He mustered every single ounce of demonic qi in his body and attempted to block the light off. However, his strength was just too frail as compared to the strength from the palm. In a split second, he was reduced to pieces.

Not far away, that aggressive billow of black smoke got so frightened that it began to retreat back towards the far side.

“D*mn it. I can’t believe such a terrifying existence resides inside this orthodoxy!”

This Demon Sage had already scanned through this orthodoxy earlier and found that most of them were only ordinary Sages. To him, the Black Heaven Sect may be a top-notch orthodoxy, but he was confident of getting a clean sweep through them with his strength.

Yet, he did not expect there would be someone like Chu Kuangren in the orthodoxy.

That guy’s strength was superior to his by countless folds.

“Oh, trying to flee? Where else can you go?”

Chu Kuangren let out a chuckle.

With a lift of his arm, the golden ancient Buddha once again stretched out a hand. As the gigantic palm covered the whole land, an incredibly majestic domineering aura locked down onto that Demon Sage.

All the Demon Sage within that black smoke could sense was the s.p.a.ce around him suddenly freezing, rendering him no means of escape.

“What the h.e.l.l! I’ve only just regained my freedom. I can’t die here so soon!”

That Demon Sage yelled furiously and summoned all demonic qi inside him, forming an enormous lava giant. He was trying to take on this incoming palm attack head-on.

His strength was indeed more powerful than that demonic ape earlier, but in face of this huge palm, there was no difference at all.

As soon as the palm landed, demonic qi disintegrated and dissipated. The lava giant, along with that Demon Sage, was reduced to charred debris as well.

“To the disciples inside Black Heaven Sect, obey Elder Ruyan’s further instructions.”

Chu Kuangren said indifferently, his voice resonating throughout the whole sect.

After that, he leaped forward and vanished into thin air.

Back in Purgatory Forest. This place was the location of the Demonic Realm Portal, hence the demonic qi here was the densest. The area within several dozen kilometers’ radius from here had almost transformed into a Demonic Realm beings’ playground.

Meanwhile, inside the Ashura Tribe’s territory, surges of demonic qi rose into the sky, where a colossal demonic qi whirlpool appeared. That whirlpool not only had demonic qi but there was also an incredibly scary spatial fluctuation energy emanating within it. This was what the Ashura Tribe had been keeping sealed for so many years, the Demonic Realm Portal!

Now that the Demonic Realm Portal’s seal had been broken, the whole Ashura Tribe was plunged into a perilous danger that they had never experienced before.


A bolt of black lightning beamed out from the demonic qi whirlpool, smas.h.i.+ng hard onto the ground.

A figure was seen emerging from the black lightning.

It was a demon in black armor and a lighting pike in hand. Demonic qi coursed around his body, and he looked extremely intimidating.

“This energy… It’s a Boundary Emperor!”

The Ashura Tribe Leader’s expression changed abruptly.

A Boundary Emperor. The Ashura Tribe had their own Boundary Emperor too, but because the Great Acheron Formation was destroyed, their Boundary Emperors had suffered the repercussions. As such, they could only muster very little combat strength, and this Demon Boundary Emperor before him could very well be just the first of many.

Indeed, just when this thought crossed Ashura Tribe Leader’s mind, more figures came out from the Demonic Realm Portal.

The range of their cultivation levels spanned the entire spectrum, from weak to strong. There were a good hundred thousand of them. All kinds of demonic beings began to crowd the Purgatory Forest. Each one of the Ashura Tribe looked extremely solemn right now.

“Haha, human world, we’ve returned!!” That Demon Boundary Emperor who stepped out first let out an evil peel of laughter. His electrifying gaze scanned through everyone at the scene. When he saw the Ashura Tribe members, a look of hatred appeared in his eyes.

“As I conquer the human world, I shall start off with demolis.h.i.+ng you Ashura Tribe people,” he said coldly.

“We Ashura Tribe will fight till our last breath!”

The Ashura Tribe Leader replied to him with a resolute tone and determination in his eyes. For several hundred thousand years, they had garrisoned the Demonic Realm Portal, which was a mission that had been pa.s.sed down from generation to generation. Even in face of such a perilous situation, they would never give in.

There could only be Ashuras who would fight till their deaths, not Ashurans who flee.

Each Ashura Tribe member had an appalling battle intent in their eyes, showing that they were not fearful of death.

“Haha, very good. You Ashura Tribe people are still your same old selves. Several hundred thousand years of guarding here did not wear down your spirit at all.” That Demon Boundary Emperor may despise the Ashura Tribe, but after witnessing their perseverance, he could not help but feel a sense of respect for them.

“We Ashura Tribe live in battles and die in battles! We’ll fight till our last breath!” The Ashura Tribe Leader let out a fierce battle cry, his battle intent towering into the sky.

“Fight till our deaths! Fight till our deaths! Fight till our deaths!”

The Ashura Tribe people roared out loud. Their overwhelming battle intent struck the hearts of every demon on the scene.

“Then, bring it on!”

The Demon Boundary Emperor took the first strike and thrust out his pike. Immense Lightning-based Daoist Rhymes erupted like a violent torrent.

A few of Ashura Tribe’s Boundary Emperors struck out simultaneously too, deflecting his energy.

As such, the rest of the Ashura Tribe began to engage in a fierce battle with this great demonic army.

At this moment, demonic qi pierced through the clouds, and battle intent reigned order. The whole area within a hundred kilometers radius was sent into a shockwave.

The Ashura Tribe was valiant and masterful in battle. In the same realm, none could match their combat prowess. However, the Demonic Realm Portal had opened this time, so they were battling within demonic qi. On top of that, the Demonic Realm beings kept entering the Firmament Star, making their numbers so great that it was impossible to wipe them all out. The Ashurans were unimaginably outnumbered.

As time went by, the Ashura Tribe slowly descended into the lower hand.


Touba lashed out a fist, which collided with Zhan Hongying’s fist. Her astounding punch strength threatened to tear apart Touba’s arm, forcing him back by several hundred meters.

Despite that, Touba did not appear nervous at all. “No wonder you’re ranked second on the Soaring Dragon Leaderboard. Your strength is truly one to be reckoned with. But what a shame, the Demonic Realm’s invasion is unstoppable. It’s only a matter of time before you Ashura Tribe people get wiped into extinction.”

“Even if we die, I’ll drag your sorry *ss up with us,” Zhan Hongying said coldly.

“I’m afraid that you won’t get to.”

Touba stared at the Demonic Realm Portal that was looming in the sky above them, only to see another few figures come out.

Those were four demons — an underworld three-headed hound, a st.u.r.dy brawny brute holding a long saber, an alluring female demon with a human head and a serpent body, and lastly a skeleton whose body was full of black h.e.l.lish flames.

These four demons each had a Boundary Emperor level cultivation, and they all looked extremely petrifying.