Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 488 Exchange Between Emperors, Demonic Beings Breaking Seals In Succession, Chaos On Firmament Star

Chapter 488 Exchange Between Emperors, Demonic Beings Breaking Seals In Succession, Chaos On Firmament Star

Chapter 488: Exchange Between Emperors, Demonic Beings Breaking Seals In Succession, Chaos On Firmament Star

While a great catastrophe was brewing on Firmament Star.

Far away in the Nine Heavens.

At a certain corner in s.p.a.ce, a middle-aged man abruptly opened his eyes and glanced in Firmament Star’s direction. “This is the energy from the Demonic Realm! Has the Demonic Realm broken their seal?!”

At this moment, at the highest part of the Nine Heavens, streams of Empyrean Thoughts appeared.

“The Demonic Realm has broken the seal. Someone has to go down there to stop them. ”

“No, we can’t. Firmament Star has not produced a new Emperor yet, and the Heavenly Dao hasn’t fully recovered. It won’t be able to bear the energy of an Emperor. If we force it and descend into the realm now, The Great Era that everyone has so painstakingly waited for will be ended prematurely. We won’t know how long we’ll need to wait for the next one to emerge again.”

“But we can’t just watch the Demonic Realm take over Firmament Star and do nothing, can we? If so, then what’s the point of everything we’ve done so far?”

“The Heavenly Dao will not allow Emperors from the Demonic Realm to step onto Firmament Star so easily. Hence, those Demon Emperors will send one or two of their clones at most. No one on Firmament Star has yet become an Emperor over the years, but there are still quite a number of Boundary Emperors. I believe they will figure out a way to deal with it. Just trust in them.”

“Even if the Heavenly Dao is stopping the Demon Emperors, how long can they be held off? Also, what about that Demonic Realm Portal? How can they close it up again?”

Streams of Empyrean Thoughts exchanged opinions high up in the s.p.a.ce above.

Occasionally, when the topic concerned caused a great stir, a strong Emperor Aura would erupt in the void, and an incessant buzzing would echo throughout the whole atmosphere.

Several asteroids glided across the ice-cold s.p.a.ce in the silent, dark universe. At the effect of this Emperor Aura, those asteroids all disintegrated into tiny pieces.

The Empyrean Thoughts were debating intensely.

“Contact the Divine Predictor. Check with him and see what he thinks.”

Just then, an ancient Empyrean Thought emerged in the void.

Far away at Firmament Star, on top of a mountain.

Divine Predictor was watching one of the forts engulfed by demonic qi, and inside that fort was a state of chaos. Cultivators were getting devoured by demonic qi, which conflicted with the spiritual power inside them and made their bodies implode. Some luckier ones were not infected by too much demonic qi, but it still did affect their minds and disrupted their normal flow of thoughts.

The common folks had it worse. After being infiltrated by demonic qi, many of them descended into madness. Some even transformed into weird menacing demonic beasts.

Flashes of bright light rays glided across the sky, darting towards the source of that demonic qi, which was in the direction of Purgatory Forest.

Those were all Boundary Emperors of various great Forbidden Areas.

“It’s been a long time since I last witnessed such a phenomenon. It seems that this demonic onslaught has forced all these old freaks out of their hiding. Still, what’s the use? This catastrophe is not an easy one to solve even for an Emperor. The Firmament Star… is doomed.” Divine Predictor stared at the gliding light rays across the sky and sighed.

At this moment, a bronze mirror in his embrace started to glow faintly.

He fetched the bronze mirror out, not at all surprised. “I knew it. These old chaps have contacted me.”

“My fellow friends, do you have any idea how long it has been since you last contacted me?” Divine Predictor took out the bronze mirror and said nonchalantly.

An image of the pitch-black universe appeared in the bronze mirror.

“Cut the cr*p, Divine Predictor. Have you calculated the occurrence of this catastrophe?”

An ancient voice came from within the bronze mirror.

“Yes, I guess you can say so.”

“Then why didn’t you stop it?!” That ancient voice sounded rather enraged.

“Due to the imperfection of Heavenly Dao, my deduction technique has been greatly restricted. I may have seen this catastrophe coming, but I do not know the exact details of how it’s going to be. Besides, even if I stretch my own abilities to the limit, I’m still just a Sage. How am I supposed to stop such a catastrophe by myself?”

Divine Predictor lamented helplessly.

“Fine, let’s not dwell on that. Is there any way of overcoming this catastrophe?”

“The effect that this catastrophe has brought is not something that the Firmament Star’s current capabilities can cope with. Unless an Emperor were to interfere…”

“If we could go down there now, why would we need to contact you? Right now, the Firmament Star cannot endure the energy of an Emperor. Besides, those guys outside the firmament have their eyes on us. Once we leave, they will surely not let this opportunity slide. I just wanted to ask if there’s any other way.”

“All we have to do is wait for one person.” Divine Predictor’s profound gaze pierced through the demonic qi, penetrated the layer of clouds and stared into the far side of the world.


“The best in Firmament Star.”

Demonic qi continued to spread.

Along with the invasion of demonic qi, some previously sealed Demonic Realm beings had also broken their seals one after another, wreaking havoc across Firmament Star.

These Demonic Realm beings were very powerful. Just the demonic qi that they emitted was enough to wring wanton destruction to a good whole half of a prefecture.


At Blackwind Prefecture, a furious growl reverberated throughout the entire land, and one of the mountain ranges erupted with an incredibly terrifying demonic qi.

Soon after that, a hundred-meter-tall demonic ape charged out of the mountains. Its roars were like thunder, shaking everything in a several kilometers radius.

“Demonic Realm… It’s the energy from the Demonic Realm. Haha, the Demonic Realm is finally here.”

“Haha, I’ve been sealed off for ages. It’s been a long time since I’ve tasted human flesh. I must have a good feast for myself this time around.”

The demonic ape looked toward a fort at the far said, where a crowd was gathering. It leaped several hundred meters into the air.

At another faraway corner, inside a volcano.

A humanoid being with billows of black smoke surrounding its body climbed out. Wherever that black smoke pa.s.sed by, everything would be reduced to charred debris.

“It’s been seventy thousand years!!”

“I’m finally seeing the light of day again after a whopping seventy thousand years. Haha, dear Firmament Star, I, the Black Flame Demon Sage, have returned!”

This humanoid being had two eyes that were scorching like fireb.a.l.l.s. He looked toward the far side. “There are quite a number of cultivators gathered in that direction. It should be an orthodoxy. Since the Demonic Realm has arrived in this world, I don’t need to hold myself back any longer. I shall begin my rampage with you guys.”

This humanoid being darted into the sky right away and turned into a cloud of black smoke that contained a majestic demonic qi, making his way towards the far side.

Inside the Black Heaven Sect, everybody was busy at this moment.

Many cultivators were traveling all over the world, providing aid and refuge to the common folk, fending off demonic beings that had broken their seals in many places.

Inside Longevity Hall, Elder Ruyan was communicating with all the disciples across the world, coordinating their forces.

“Let the people from Blackwind Prefecture settle down inside the Celestial chalcedony ore vein. That quarry has a mega formation that we have set up, so it can block off the invasion of demonic qi for the time being.

“People from Horizon Wing Sect are providing humanitarian aid everywhere as well. However, one of their teams has encountered a demonic beast while in Bramble City. Nangong Huang, your team is located closest to Bramble City right now. Bring your team there and help them fight off the demonic beast. Remember to stay in contact at all times.”

“D*mn it. An oceanic demonic beast has suddenly emerged in Snowstorm Sect’s coastal region. Murong Xuan, Qin Wushuang, both of you head there, fast.”

“Everyone, please make good use of the time we have. Demonic qi has already spread to the borders of Blackwind Prefecture. For those of you who can’t manage to get back here, please make the necessary preventive measures. Be careful. You must not let demonic qi get into your body. Disciples below the Paradise Realm, do not go near the areas that are surrounded with demonic qi.”

Elder Ruyan pa.s.sed on message after message to the disciples. Each Black Heaven Sect disciple was now making full use of every second and every minute, giving their all to help the common folk.

Just then, a powerful energy fluctuation came from a place less than ten kilometers southeast of the Black Heaven Sect.

An enormous demonic ape was heading towards the Black Heaven Sect. Everywhere it pa.s.sed, mountains would crumble and lands shatter.

“A demonic being is close by. Turn on the Astonis.h.i.+ng Sea of Clouds Formation!”

Elder Ruyan shouted.

As soon as the skyful of mist enveloped the Black Heaven Sect, that demonic ape stopped outside the formation, observing its targets rather intriguingly.

Meanwhile, in another direction, a similar billow of black smoke was also approaching the Black Heaven Sect.

There was also an enormous demonic qi, which covered several dozen kilometers, following behind that billow of black smoke. This demonic qi clashed violently onto the Astonis.h.i.+ng Cloud of Seas Formation, and to everyone’s shock, it interfered with the operation of the whole formation. As such, the entire Black Heaven Sect shook.