Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 32

Chapter 32

“Never would I have expected that the rumored Entwined Sage's Fate, one of Honorable Yuan Ling's treasures is the Primordial Purple Haze! Then again, judging by how incredibly powerful Honorable Yuan Ling is, I guess that there's no need for him to use an item like the Primordial Purple Haze.”

“It's just a shame he ended up failing the ascension. Otherwise, based on how strong his battle strength can be after ascending to a Sage, there's a chance he could have possibly been able to suppress a whole generation.”

The Seventh Forefather lamented.

Chu Kuangren heard this and said, “Senior elder, is this item of any benefit to you?”

“Oh, it's alright. You keep it. Having you using this item will be good for you, and giving the other Honorables within our sect would be fine as well. Regardless, it's much better than wasting on an old fart like me.”

The Seventh Forefather chuckled.

However, Chu Kuangren could not help but notice a hint of sorrow in those words.

What he did not know was that the Seventh Forefather had already reached the fifth stage of Heavenly Deterioration, his days were already well numbered. Even if the Primordial Purple Haze were to be given to him, he probably would not have the time to ascend properly, and would only have wasted it instead

Without prodding any further, Chu Kuangren kept the Primordial Purple Haze.

He decided to not use the purple colored gas.

The fact that ascendancy using the Primordial Purple Haze would produce weak results was due to the amount of foreign Dao acc.u.mulated within the user. Chu Kuangren wanted to ascend to become a Sage with his own power!

He had the Supreme Daoist Physique and the Supreme Foundation Level. It would not be a problem for him.

Since he had decided not to use it, it could be given to the other Honorables of the Black Heaven Sect, like Elder Ruyan and Honorable Xuan Qi.

After scouring through the palace hall, Chu Kuangren left no spiritual stone unturned and happily left the area.


A terrifying beam of sword light burst forward, splitting a ferocious monster in half. Its blood rained down, staining the surrounding forest red.

In mid-air, a middle-aged white-robed man was holding a supreme sword that gleamed in overflowing light. He had a stone-cold expression on his face.

If there had been anyone from White Cloud city around they would certainly recognize him.

The eldest son of White Cloud City's Lord, Ye Baifeng.

“My lord, I've received the report from our scouts, there seems to be a palace located three hundred meters ahead!” Said a swordsman who came suddenly.

Ye Baifeng's eyes sparkled. “Let's go!”

Soon after, he could make out the palace hidden within the depths of a mountain range. His face radiated with ecstasy.

“That must be the location of Honorable Yuan Ling's hidden treasure!

“The Entwined Sage's Fate must definitely be inside!”

Just when Ye Baifeng and his men approached the place.

Suddenly, a horrifying roar was heard from a distance.

Numerous apes appeared out from the forests of the mountain. Their bodies were covered in black fur, and each of them displayed ferocious intent.

One of the apes, which seemed to be the leader of the pack, had its cultivation level at Battle Monarch Level!

“D*mn it, all of these demon apes had been completely turned into puppets by the Honorable Yuan Ling. They have no will of their own and they don't fear death at all. They're very troublesome to deal with.”

“Hmph, it's just a pack of beasts, nothing to be afraid about!”

“The treasury is just in front of us, we can't withdraw anymore!”

“Well said, that is the chance I was waiting for! Attack!”

“Definitely won't return empty-handed!”

The group of Daoist Cultivators clashed with the apes in an instant.

Terrifying surges of energy were released, which swept through the forest and mountains.

Ye Baifeng confronted the pack leader. That ape's battle strength was indeed terrifying, with bloodshot eyes and a fierce fighting spirit, it conjured up a violent stream of spiritual Qi by moving both of its arms.

Its battle strength had reached the peak of the Battle Monarch Realm!

Although Ye Baifeng was skilled, he could not fight with the ape in a battle of attrition.

As time went by, his movements and skill started to slip and decline.

The Honorable Yuan Ling's treasury was just ahead, but the path was blocked by a pack of apes. If they took too long to deal with the beasts, and let other parties sneak ahead of them to the treasure, then it would all be meaningless.

When he thought of this, Ye Baifend grit his teeth and took out a silver-white dagger. That was the dagger that his father, the White Cloud's Honorable Swordsman had developed. Once used, its power would be equivalent to the strike from the Honorable Swordsman himself.

What kind of person was the Honorable Swordsman?

An Honorable Supreme!

A simple slash from him could take down any Battle Monarch.

“I can't be bothered to care too much. Take this!”

Ye Baifeng used the silver-white dagger.

Within an instant, a gush of horrifying Daoist Rhymes flooded the area, and a thousand-meter-long ray of silver-white sword light came from the sky and locked on the ape king.


The ape king roared towards the sky and tried to block the attack.

However, the strike of an Honorable Supreme was enough to shatter mountains and possessed unparalleled amounts of power. The moment the ape king came in contact with the sword's light beam, it blew up instantly into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist. The light beam then went through the lands around the mountain.


A loud crackling explosion was heard, the whole artificial world trembled.

Large portions of the s.p.a.ce that made up the world start to crack and shatter!

Everyone who was inside that world was startled and frightened by the sudden occurrence, their face went pale and their pupils shrank.

“D*mn, which idiot is that, using an Honorable Supreme's power in this small artificial world. Is his life too long and comfortable or something?”

“The small artificial world is crumbling apart, there's not much time left for us here. No point going for the treasury now, our lives are at stake here, we need to leave immediately.”

“The terrifying force generated by the world falling apart is no small joke, it's hard to survive even for a Supreme one.”

Those that knew they had no chance of finding the buried treasure hurriedly left.

After all, no matter how attractive the treasures were, they were not as priceless as a person's life.

After Ye Baifeng slew the ape king, the residual Sword Qi that escaped ended up wiping out the rest of the apes as well.

“There's not much time left, we need to leave!”

Ye Baifeng took the opportunity and dashed into the palace with his men.

What welcomed them was an empty hall within the palace.

“How could this be?”

“The treasures, where are the treasures?”

Everyone's expression changed.

After working so hard to clear a path here thinking that piles of treasures awaited them, they did not expect a scene as desolate as this.

Ye Baifeng had not given up and sternly said to the others, “Don't give up, search the area!”

The men used their spiritual thoughts to scan through the area, never missing a single corner. Not long after, they finished searching the palace high and low.

Some even dug out the tiles from the ground, finding not even a single spiritual stone, or a single piece of treasure.

Soon after, a Daoist cultivator discovered footprints from the stairs of the palace, which meant that someone arrived there before them!

The treasure had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away!

Ye Baifeng was overcome with anger.

He worked so hard to reach this place. Wanting to obtain its treasure, he even used the dagger that was bestowed upon by his father, and now he had nothing left.

“Who the h.e.l.l was it!”

He almost yelled out.

Thinking of something, he brought out a white jewel from his Yin and Yang Ring. He had a ray of hope in his eyes. “This is the Reversal Jewel, it contains a sliver of Time Daoist Rhymes! Being able to backtrack through time, capture, and reveal past events that happened to a certain place.”

This was an item that he acquired in the early days of his training journey. It was in his inventory for a long time, and he had never used it until now.

At that point, he could only rely upon that item to help him out.

He tossed the Reversal Jewel into mid-air, a mysterious light began to appear and flicker, revealing the scenes that happened.

From the scenes, there was a man and a woman. The man was as handsome as an Immortal deity, while the woman who had silver-white hair was remarkably gorgeous.

The scene revealed that those two were the ones that looted the treasure here.

“Take a look, could that be … That's the Primordial Purple Haze!”

Suddenly, a Daoist cultivator exclaimed.

The scene showed Chu Kuangren opening the wooden box, which had a gust of purple gas inside. That was indeed the Entwined Sage's Fate, the Primordial Purple Haze.

“Who are these two?”

“Find out about them now!”

“Make sure to find their location, recover the stolen treasures, and get back that Primordial Purple Haze!”

Ye Baifeng's eyes were red with anger. That was the Primordial Purple Haze, how could he possibly let it slip through his fingertips. Who could accept that fact if it happened to them?