Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 31

Chapter 31

The whereabouts of Honorable Yuan Ling's buried treasure were exposed.

Vast amounts of Daoist Rhymes gushed forth from within, beaming as a golden light that shone up into the sky. It attracted the attention of countless experienced Daoists, especially the ones in White Cloud City nearby.

Numerous streams of light reflected on their swords which flickered as they approached.

Among them, the one which shone the fastest was a white-colored sword light. Everyone was mesmerized at the sight of it, and could not help but feel amazed.

“It's the eldest son of the White Cloud's Honorable Swordsman! Even he has set out as well.”

“It appears that the contents of Honorable Yuan Ling's treasury are very attractive indeed.”

In front of Honorable Yuan Ling's treasury.

Staring at the pair of great golden gates before him that stood out in the open conspicuously, Chu Kuangren shook his head in frustration.

“G*d d*mn it.

“Let's go!”

Chu Kuangren dragged Lan Yu and dashed through the pair of great golden gates without hesitation.

Upon entering the great gates, Chu Kuangren and Lan Yu's were met instantly by a bright light, and after that, they found themselves suddenly in a dense forest.

“This is a small artificial world.”

Chu Kuangren said in surprise. According to legend, there existed great cultivators that were so skilled in spatial energy, that they were able to create mini artificial worlds like this. A magnificent feat indeed.

Obviously, Honorable Yuan Ling was one of those great ones.

Madman Chu leaped and rose through the air. Standing at the height of a hundred meters, he surveyed the surrounding area and noticed it was all covered with vast forests and towering mountains.

Not only that, but he also realized that a few restrictions were in place in the air, as he could only fly up to at most a hundred meters. Any higher than that, he'd be blocked by a barrier.

Landing back on the ground, Chu Kuangren took out the treasure map and found out that the marked routes on it had changed.

“I see, so it has become a completely new map now, how thoughtful.” Uttered Chu Kuangren as he and Lan Yu both headed towards the direction marked on the map.

Soon after they left, a small group of people had also entered this small artificial world. Within an instant, countless Daoist Spiritual Thoughts flowed in all directions simultaneously.

“Where's the treasure?”

“Not good, there's a restriction set up within this s.p.a.ce. My Spiritual Thoughts are limited to only three feet, it's useless beyond that.”

“Use your eyes then, we must find the treasure irregardless.”

The small crowd each split as they headed in different directions.

However, not long after, they started to encounter various challenges in their path.

Some encountered terrifyingly monstrous beasts, some triggered a mechanism which released countless waves of Sword Qi that slashed them to death, some ended up entangled in an unknown location…

Despite this, at that time Chu Kuangren and Lan Yu were walking peacefully along a small path, enjoying the scent of flowers and chirping birds as they continued with leisure.

Chu Kuangren held the treasure map and said, “Tsk tsk, within this mini artificial world there's a lot of horrifying monsters, hidden mechanisms, and restrictions that are set up. If we didn't have a guide to finding the correct path, finding the treasure is going to be as difficult as flying into the gates of heaven!”

He could almost imagine what the other Daoists that entered the artificial world were facing, how devastated, bruised, and battered they would be from all the difficulties they were in now.

Approximately half an hour later, Chu Kuangren arrived at a palace.

Hidden within the mountain depths, this magnificent palace overflowed with Daoist Rhymes. There were also runes engraved on the surrounding pillars in the palace.

“There it is.”

Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up.

The two of them entered the palace, and before their eyes laid a large number of treasures everywhere, glittering and s.h.i.+mmering with light. Among the treasures were soul stones, spiritual marrows, medicinal pills, weapons …

There were even a few supreme weapons and saint weapons within the hordes of treasure.

Piles and piles of treasure existed within the palace, and in a corner, there was a pool filled with a golden liquid. It was Earth Spiritual Marrow!

Although it was less powerful than the Heaven Spiritual Marrow, a whole pool of Earth Spiritual Marrow was also highly valuable. Any of the Supremes that knew about this would definitely be very envious.

A wooden box could be seen at the center of the palace hall, with intricate carvings of dragons and phoenixes on its side. There seemed to be a wisp of Daoist Rhymes flowing from the box.

“So many treasures…” Said Lan Yu, who could not help but be amazed by it.

The Seventh Forefather, who was hiding in the shadows, also could not help but felt a wave of feelings overcoming his Daoist heart. “No doubt that these treasures are worthy of the Honorable Yuan Ling, the one who's known as the undefeated Sage twenty thousand years ago. Such a collection is indeed amazing.”

“Could it be that getting the treasure is this easy?

“The treasury of the great Honorable Xuan Qi seems to not have any traps or restrictions, it's almost unbelievable that he made it in so easily?

“It must be that, or this guy's map really showed him the correct path. If that's the case, then he's a real fortunate son.”

To gain access to Honorable Yuan Ling's treasure trove a few days after departing from the sect, even the Seventh Forefather could not help but marvel at that level of luck this fellow had.

“This scepter, it is emitting such strong light Qi.” Lan Yu was suddenly attracted by that scepter and reached out wanting to touch it.

However, she was stopped by Chu Kuangren. “Wait.”

“Master?” Lan Yu was puzzled.

“Be careful of b.o.o.by traps.”

Chu Kuangren sternly advised. He had come upon many scenes like these in movies, where the adventurers reached out and touched a particular piece of treasure, triggering a trap in the process, which either led to his friends or all of them being killed instead.

“Looks like TV references don't exist…” Chu Kuangren realized he said something that Lan Yu could not understand and began investigating the area around them.

His Spiritual Thoughts spiraled and swept through the whole palace hall and he observed every single item in detail without ever laying a finger on them.

The Seventh Forefather could not help but grin in the shadows, this guy was actually quite cautious.

Just when he was thinking of that, he suddenly noticed something and his gaze s.h.i.+fted slightly.

“Sure enough, there's something strange here.”

Chu Kuangren had found out about something.

From his investigation, most of the treasures within the hall are covered with a thin layer of dust.

This layer of dust was so thin it was almost hard to make out by the untrained eye and was only discovered after Chu Kuangren swept through the area a few times with his Spiritual Thoughts.

“Then again, what is this actually?”

Chu Kuangren was contemplating whether he should take the risk since he had the Immortal Body.

“That's the Threefold Dark Ruler Obliterating Dust.”

Chu Kuangren was alerted to his presence. He knew that it was the bodyguard that the Black Heaven Sect had appointed to him, it was just that the bodyguard had not revealed himself before then.

“The Threefold Dark Ruler Obliterating Dust, I've only come upon this in the scriptures. Legend has it that this item is filled with great malice and darkness, although it might appear to be like dust, its power is not to be messed around with.

“Even if a Battle Monarch touched it, it would instantly corrode them into a b.l.o.o.d.y puddle! Even the Honorables will need to think twice before touching it.”

The Seventh Forefather explained.

After hearing that, Lan Yu's expression changed slightly and she decided to take a few steps back, glaring at the treasure as if it was a horrifying beast.

“This Honorable Yuan Ling is quite cunning indeed.” Chu Kuangren laughed.

After that, he asked the Seventh Forefather how to disable it.

“That's simple.”

A slight breeze appeared in the hall the instant he finished speaking. The breeze blew and gathered all the specks of dust into a clump the size of an egg.

“This is a very powerful item, if it's used properly, it can play a big role in helping you.” The Seventh Forefather uttered.

Chu Kuangren took out a flask and filled it with the Dust.

That item was only effective against living beings and would not be of any use when dealing with lifeless items. If it had been, the palace would have been corroded into nothingness long before.

“Your sense of cautiousness is not bad, kid, even I almost overlooked that Threefold Dark Ruler Obliterating Dust. Being able to notice that is impressive.”

The Seventh Forefather praised.

“When one's away from home, it's always safety first. ” Chu Kuangren grinned.

Following that, he started to gather every treasure in the palace hall and kept them in the Yin and Yang Ring. As for the wooden box, he then went and opened it to take a look.

Inside the box was a type of purple gas!

That purple gas was overflowing with a horrifying Daoist Rhyme. However, upon opening the wooden box, bursts upon bursts of mysterious Daoist Rhymes swirled up around in the void, seemingly like a Sage speaking. A strange fragrance permeated through the air.

“This … is the Entwined Sage's Fate, the Primordial Purple Haze!”

That time, the Seventh Forefather could not help but exclaim.

Chu Kuangren's eyes also lit up on the sight of it.

The Primordial Purple Haze, he had heard of this item before. Its renown was well known by everyone, a type of Entwined Sage's Fate, a priceless treasure!

Putting it simply, once an Honorable possessed the Primordial Purple Haze, he could possibly ascend to become a Sage within only a few hundred years!

However, there was a side effect to using the Primordial Purple Haze to ascend and be a Sage. The user would be the weakest among all the Sages, and it would be very hard to achieve any further progress.

Despite that, a sage was still a sage! It's a level of existence that towered over billions of living beings.

If the Primordial Purple Haze were to be taken out from here, it would drive countless Daoist Cultivators crazy for it!