The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron - Chapter 3168 - 3168 Chapter 3,056, Starlight Formation

Chapter 3168 - 3168 Chapter 3,056, Starlight Formation

Chapter 3168 - 3168 Chapter 3,056, Starlight Formation

3168 Chapter 3,056, Starlight Formation

However, when the terrifying sword Qi attacked, the fire lion hurriedly dodged, not daring to meet it head-on.

That thing was too terrifying.

At the critical moment, the fire lion relied on his ten thousand saints level movement technique to narrowly dodge it.

The terrifying sword Qi slashed into the starlight, and wherever it pa.s.sed, it triggered a series of starfalls.


Every Starfall was earth-shattering, and the Sword Qi was scattered into nothingness.

Seeing this scene, Su Yus expression was extremely grave.

The dangers within the starlight far exceeded his expectations.

Anything, including pure energy, would be destroyed if it entered, let alone living beings?

But if he didnt go deep, how could he use the teleportation formation?

Su Yus mind spun, countless possibilities flashed in his mind, and various strategies changed in his heart.

After a while, he waved his hand and put the fire lion away.

With the cover of the Emperors new clothes, the non-ten thousand saints would not be able to detect their presence.

Zhan wushuang immediately lost his target. He squinted his eyes and looked around. After randomly slas.h.i.+ng for a while, he gave up unwillingly.

Su Yu! I know its You!Zhan wushuang said to the air, That fire lion is yours, isnt it?

Ive already found the secret of the emperors four-piece set. You are dead meat!Zhan wushuang gave a cold smile.

Su Yu did not say a word. Lan Xintie held the trembling ice crystal crown tightly in his hand.

He was waiting for an opportunity!



The violent fluctuations of the battle swept across the surroundings.

Zhan wushuang looked over coldly. It was two peerless experts fighting continuously. The emperors killing sword in his hand began to tremble violently, revealing a deep desire.

You should die too!Zhan wushuang had no choice but to kill Su Yu, and his killing intent was difficult to disperse. In addition, after the drastic change, the emperors killing swords control over people was far better than before, affecting Zhan Wushuangs state of mind.

A series of tentacles stretched out from the emperors killing sword and pierced into Zhan Wushuangs arm, causing the sword and Zhan Wushuang to merge into one.

Kill!Zhan wushuang held the sword and swept across.

A magnificent sword Qi that seemed to split heaven and earth arrived with a loud bang.

The Sword Qi shook the heaven and earth, stirring up time, s.p.a.ce, and everything else!

This sword was able to destroy even the black light pillar spat out by the Ten Thousand Saint Beast in an instant. Its power was unimaginable.

The overwhelming patriarch and the reincarnation king were indeed powerful, but under this sword qi, they could not resist at all.

The two of them, who were in the middle of the battle, sensed the sudden danger and their expressions changed.

They stopped the battle and quickly dodged.

One went up to the sky and the other went down to the ground.

However, they werent fire lions and didnt have any movement techniques of the Ten Thousand Saints realm. It was impossible for them to dodge easily.

Therefore, the sword Qi still swept over the two of them and threw them to the ground.

Looking over, the black robe that covered the sky patriarchs body was completely shattered. The countless curses that surrounded his body were all destroyed by the Sword Qi.

My Curse!The sky patriarch cried out in pain.

The terrifying aftershock of the sword Qi should have destroyed him instantly. The reason why he was able to survive with his weak body was because he had used all the curses in his body to resist the aftershock of the sword Qi at the critical moment.

And these curses were mostly formed after he had gone through many eras of gathering or brewing them himself.

With these curses, he was able to fight head-to-head with a top-notch quasi-ten thousand sage level powerhouse like the reincarnation king.

But now, they were completely destroyed.

These curses that were gathered and brewed were different from the curses of the ancestral technique. They could not be used repeatedly.

Once they were gone, they were gone.

Looking at the reincarnation king again, his fate was shocking!

In the vast void, blood spilled everywhere, causing the area within ten thousand miles to turn red.

Two huge creatures fell into the void and floated with the waves.

They were the reincarnation Kings corpse!

His body was forcefully split into two, and everything above his waist was cut in half.

Reincarnation!The Reincarnation Kings expression was filled with pain, and he growled unwillingly.

The bright vortex in front of his chest shattered, and he fell into darkness.

He had used an ancestral technique, sacrificing a piece of condensed remains in exchange for the circulation of some mysterious ancestral technique.

With the reincarnation king as the center, time in all directions began to twist!

The blood that had flown thousands of miles and the corpses that had been split into two returned to their original form.

In an instant, the reincarnator king, who was on the verge of death, returned to his original form.

The only thing that could not be restored was that one of the five vortexes on his chest had been extinguished.

The reincarnator Kings eyes were filled with fear and hatred. Who are you?


The formation of a whirlpool required an entire era of time. Just as there was only one whirlpool left, it was about to form the ten thousand saints body.

But in the end?

It was destroyed by Zhan Wushuangs sword!

Zhan wushuang held the emperors killing sword and his eyes were filled with a cold light, I am the Heavenly Emperor!

After saying that, he raised the emperors killing sword and was about to slash again.

Overwhelming patriarch was so scared that his face turned pale, and reincarnation kings eyelids were twitching wildly.

How could they bear to do it again?

The former might die directly, and the latter would be shattered into pieces again.

Stop!Reincarnation king said, We have no enmity between us. Is it worth killing each other?

Zhan Wushuang was cold and emotionless, and his heart was filled with countless cathartic ma.s.sacres. Killing each other? You are wrong. I am the one who single-handedly ma.s.sacred you!

Overwhelming patriarch said hurriedly, Human expert, wait!! The Ten Thousand Saint Beast behind us is our greatest threat. Instead of killing us, why dont you join us and break through the Starlight Array in the sixth levels treasure area and head to the core of the sinkhole tomb?


As far as I know, theres a teleportation array there that can teleport us all away.

As if it was responding to the forefather, the ten thousand Saint Beast let out a roar that shook the sky and earth. A faintly visible giant figure appeared at the end of the void.

Zhan Wushuang had been attacked by the Ten Thousand Saint Beast before, so he knew how terrifying it was.

If the divine seat of Heaven and earth was here, Zhan Wushuang would not be afraid at all. However, the divine seat of Heaven and earth had been destroyed by the Starlight. Could He, a body of flesh and blood, withstand the attack of the Ten Thousand Saint Beast?

The sudden sense of danger made Zhan Wushuang regain his senses. He stared coldly at the two of them, What, do you have a way to break through the Starlight?

Dont blame me for not reminding you. The starlight here can easily destroy the ten thousand saint body.

What kind of terrifying existence was the ten thousand Saint Body in the outside world?

The heavens could not be destroyed, and the Earth could not be buried!

Even a corpse could intimidate countless experts, and a wisp of ten thousand yearswill after death could destroy the nine heavens!

However, under the Starlight, a wisp of starlight could turn the living ten thousand saints into dust.

Zhan wushuang found it hard to believe that two defeated opponents were qualified to break the Starlight Formation.