The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron - Chapter 3167 - 3167 Chapter 3,055, provoking you

Chapter 3167 - 3167 Chapter 3,055, provoking you

Chapter 3167 - 3167 Chapter 3,055, provoking you

3167 Chapter 3,055, provoking you

Its him!The Samsara Kings eyes were filled with killing intent.

How could he forget Su Yu?

If he didnt get rid of a member of his race who could threaten his future path of heaven, his path of Heaven would have an additional threat.

Thinking of this, the Samsara King pressed his palms together, his eyes filled with killing intent, Supreme Sun Divine Wings!


On both sides of his back, a ball of starlight suddenly appeared.

The starlight extended to the left and right sides for several miles, blotting out the sky and covering the sun. It was a spectacular sight.

Looking down from above, one would see that it was not just starlight, but a pair of wings condensed from new light.


With a flap, the reincarnation kings speed suddenly increased by several times, and he instantly left the sky-covering patriarch behind.

The latters old eyes narrowed slightly, You reincarnated human king, so you still have a hidden skill. Weve known each other for many years, and I didnt even know that you had learned the ancestral technique of the solar race back then?

After experiencing the dangerous pursuit of the ten thousand holy beasts, the reincarnated human king had kept his composure and always had a hidden skill.

His goal was most likely to guard against the overcast patriarch.

Now that Su Yu was in front, no, the beast eggs were in front, he no longer hid and revealed his secret techniques.???????n???. ?o?

What a coincidence, I also kept some tricks up my sleeve.The sky-covering patriarch curled his lips and slashed his finger across the sky.

A clear but dark scar flashed and disappeared!

Curse of time!The sky-covering patriarch swiped his finger. Ordinary people couldnt sense what this finger meant.

However, Su Yu could clearly sense that time had slowed down!

The overwhelming Patriarchs curse was so powerful that it could affect the flow of time in the world!


It was only effective on other peoples time. The overwhelming patriarch was not affected at all.

Therefore, even though the world had fallen into a slow vortex of time, the overwhelming Patriarchs movement technique was still the same as before. He quickly surpa.s.sed the reincarnation king.

When the latter saw this, his gaze was cold. Old Thing, you also have a trick up your sleeve.

He could not help but be secretly shocked. If he was unwittingly attacked by this old thing, the consequences would be a little scary.

The Gaia grandmaster laughed, but his gaze was fixed on the fire lion. Human child, I have already discovered you and your companions. Hand over the Beast Egg, and I will ensure your safety.

Of course, he wouldnt really protect Su Yu. He only wanted to protect the Beast Eggs safety.

As for how much the reincarnation king wanted to kill Su Yu, that was between them.

Okay!What the gus.h.i.+ng sky patriarch didnt expect was that Su Yu actually agreed without hesitation.

He grabbed with his hand, and a beast egg appeared in his palm.

Of course, this wasnt a real beast egg. Instead, it was the product of Su Yus soul attainment reaching the peak and turning it into reality.

It could only exist for two hours at most, but it was enough to make it look real.

Take it, dont bother me anymore.Su Yu threw the beast egg at the reincarnation king.

The sky-covering Patriarchs pupils contracted. He realized that the Beast Egg was indeed the one he had taken before. He immediately turned around and chased after the Beast Egg.

The Reincarnation Kings heart pounded. He flapped his wings and accelerated towards the Beast Egg.

Old Ghost, this is for me, get lost!The Reincarnation King roared.

The Great Grandmaster was not willing to be outdone, I won the fate compet.i.tion, this is mine!

In the end, the reincarnation king was the first to s.n.a.t.c.h the Beast Egg away.

The Great Grandmaster was furious, and he drew a scar on the spot, Time Curse!

The Reincarnation King took the Beast Egg and was full of confidence. He laughed, Reincarnation Heaven opening!

He drew out an ancestral spell, and the reincarnation kings body instantly enlarged by a hundred times. He turned into a golden primordial giant.

Swirls of vortexes revolved around his body. One of the vortexes was black, while the other five vortexes were purple.

The sky-covering Patriarchs face turned ashen. Reincarnation ancestral spell, you actually mastered five-sixth of the essence.

It was said that this was one of the strongest ancestral spells of the human race. The reincarnation ancestral spell was divided into six levels.

As long as he cultivated to the sixth level, he would be able to smoothly break through his shackles and become a myriad sage expert.

From the looks of it, the reincarnation king only had one remnant of the ancestral technique that he had yet to master. The remaining five were all within his grasp.

He was only a hairs breadth away from the myriad sage level!

Its good that you know. Why Dont You Scram?The reincarnation king had completely shed all pretense of cordiality and said coldly.

The sky-covering patriarch roared, Hand over the beast egg, or well burn the jade and stone together!

His entire body emitted a strong curse aura. Waves of flickering curses surrounded his body.

Samsara man king was very strong, but his sky-covering Patriarchs curse was not to be trifled with!

In the stalemate between the two sides, Su Yu had already taken the opportunity to escape.

On the back of the Fire Lion, Miss song tilted her neck and looked suspiciously at Su Yu, They said your name is Su Yu? Dont you have a name? Also, you dont look stupid at all.

She narrowed her eyes like the moon. I feel like Ive been deceived by you all this time.

No matter how stupid she was, she should understand that Su Yus previous silly appearance was all an act.

Su Yu patted her head. Is this the time to be concerned about this? Dont bother with the details. You should worry about how to keep your life!


His soul had already sensed Zhan wushuang in the distance.

Zhan wushuang had already charged into the crisscrossed galaxy. He did not know what was inside that could become the core level of the sinkhole Emperor Tomb.

Su Yu was looking forward to it.

He had never come here for any beast eggs. Instead, he had come here to investigate the sinkhole emperor tomb and see if he could find a way to bring the sinkhole people back.

However, as he probed with his soul, he suddenly discovered a scene that caused his expression to change drastically.

Just as Zhan Wushuangs divine throne of Heaven and earth was about to charge into the river of stars, a beam of starlight fell from the river of stars, leaving a long scar as it charged straight at the divine throne of Heaven and earth.

At this moment, Su Yu had already witnessed the power of the divine throne of Heaven and earth. Even if the Ten Thousand Saint Beast attacked with its full strength, it might not be able to break through its defense.

However, under the Falling Starlight, the divine seat of Heaven and earth was actually knocked over!

The many ancient figures surrounding it instantly vanished into thin air. The original body of the divine seat of Heaven and earth had suffered an indelible serious injury. The left armrest was directly damaged from the impact.

Su Yus eyelids twitched wildly. Wasnt the Starlight attack too terrifying?

Even if the ten thousand saints expert personally came, he would be instantly killed. There was no chance of survival.


While probing, the fire lion had already rushed to the front of the Starlight. He hurriedly stopped and said, No, I cant continue running.

The fire lion keenly sensed the danger of the starlight, and all the hair on his body stood on end.

His stop naturally attracted Zhan Wushuangs attention.

At this moment, Zhan Wushuangs hair was disheveled, and his eyes were red. He was like a devil.

He stared at the destroyed divine seat of Heaven and Earth in a daze, and his expression was filled with fear.

When he heard the commotion, he looked over, and his eyes were filled with killing intent that was hard to suppress!

Without any hesitation, he raised the emperors killing sword and slashed across the air.

The fire lion was so angry that he stomped his feet and cursed, F * ck! Did I provoke you?