Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually-?! - Chapter Ch238.4 - Extra - Parallel World

Chapter Ch238.4 - Extra - Parallel World

Chapter Ch238.4 - Extra Parallel World

After school, Wu Jin brought draft paper, his carrot pen, his wrong answer book, and a rechargeable lamp and waited for Student Wei in the woods.

Student Wei hadnt yet appeared. A faint fragrance of roses floated through the air.

Wu Jin smacked at the mosquitos for a while, all the way until Student Wei appeared.

As expected, Wei s.h.i.+ really brought a refined simulation question bank.

Wu Jin was extremely overjoyed. He turned on his small lamp and happily started working on questions on the tree stump.

However, he soon realized that hed done these questions before.

And it had been in the R-Code Cram School base

At the time, it had been a cold winter, and the R-Code Cram School was still in the internal testing stage. It enrolled excellent students at high prices, inviting them to experience this revolutionary cramming education method.

The hard working Wu Jin had finished his test questions in the R-Code Base, but he felt slightly nauseous due to the electromagnetic interference in his brain and the dopamine secretion. Wu Jin sat at the entrance to the cram school, letting the cold wind blow at him for a while as he waited for the test results to come out. When his body had mostly recovered, Wu Jin stood up happily and made a small snowman beside the steps.

When he finished the snowman, he heard a rustle from the shed nearby. However, Wu Jin hadnt gotten close yet when a R-Code teacher immediately came to pull him away, Do you know who is closed up in there? Youre not allowed to go over! Then, even the snowman that had been built facing the shed was kicked over by the teacher

Wu Jin suddenly realized.

R-Code Cram School, the sound in the shed, Young Master Weis disappearance

Wei s.h.i.+ slowly crouched down on one knee.

He looked up at Wu Jin, who was doing questions on the tree stump.

Hey, Wei s.h.i.+ grabbed the carrot pen and stuffed a champagne rose into Wu Jins hand, Thank you for your snowman. I quite like you, even though youre a little short.

How about I become your boyfriend?

Crosson Private High School.

Sunset. Wu Jin emerged from the woods and ran for his life!

At the school gate, the idle Red and Caesar greeted Wu Jin.

Wu Jin turned back in a daze, unresponsive.

Caesar was shocked, Holy s.h.i.+t, Little Witchs turned silly!

Wu Jin was in a daze as he got onto the bus. Wu Jin was in a daze as he went home with his schoolbag. Wu Jin was in a daze as he went back to his small desk

The king of Crosson gossip, Ming Yao, sent over a short message, Little Witch!!! Whats wrong!! Why did you turn silly!

The poor Wu Jin opened up his color screen flip phone, his brain filled with thunder and lightning. Finally, he managed to choke out a sentence, Am I short.

Ming Yao couldnt pet his head and could only comfort him, No, youre not. Although you were quite short last semester, didnt you reach 176cm this semester?! Ooh! A really big Little Witch is shooting up towards the sky!

The really big Little Witch splayed out on the desk.

His mind was a mess.

Student Wei wasnt learning fun? Why did he want to fall in love love was so precious, why couldnt it be given to mathematics instead? Why give it to a boyfriend Gorky once said, books are the best boyfriends of mankind. Thats not right, what had Gorky actually said

Wu Jin could only try and immerse himself in the sea of homework, using his studies to forget his sorrows. Then, he found that his carrot pen had been left with Wei s.h.i.+.

Wu Jin had no choice but to change pens and try his best not to think about Young Master Wei.

His flip phone vibrated slightly.

The sender: Wei s.h.i.+.

!! Wu Jin was startled, but the cell phone continued to ring ceaselessly. Wu Jin had to open up the 256 bit color screen.

Wei s.h.i.+: I left three things with you.

Wu Jin: ?? He hadnt even gotten his carrot pen back yet!

Wei s.h.i.+: The first thing is in the part.i.tion beside the rabbit cage.

The rabbit cage had been given to him by Wei s.h.i.+. Wu Jin obediently took out the rabbit and looked at the part.i.tion with a flashlight. There was a crack! And there was a note stuffed in the crack

If you dont fall in love with me, how will you know what exam questions Im good at.

Wu Jin:

There was nothing else from Wei s.h.i.+ after he sent over that message.

Wu Jin tossed and turned all night, his primary school students work and rest schedule completely disrupted. The next day, he went to cla.s.s with dark circles beneath his eyes.

The carrot pen was on his desk, but Student Wei hadnt come to cla.s.s. That night, Wei s.h.i.+ sent him another short message, The second thing is on the paper packaging for the rabbit feed.

Wu Jin:

The rabbit feed had also been a gift from Student Wei. The packaging was plastic, and the inside had a coating of aluminium. Plastic was dry garbage, the aluminium paper was recyclable garbage, and the rabbit feed was wet garbage. Student Wei was familiar with the recycling data table for waste cla.s.sification in Azure City, and could calculate that he hadnt thrown out the packaging bag yet.

Wu Jin pulled out the packaging bag from the paper trash bin at his desk.

There was indeed a line of small words written under the four big words, For Brother Rabbit Only

I can write with my left hand. So, we can work through teaching materials while holding hands.

Wu Jin: !!!

On the third day, Student Wei still hadnt come to cla.s.s. Wu Jin thought about it. Yesterday, hed gone through the cabinet, and except for the rabbit, hed gone through everything else. How come he hadnt been able to find the third thing that Wei s.h.i.+ had left with him

The text message arrived as usual.

The third thingmy heart.

In the Wei Family mansion, the Wei s.h.i.+ whod skipped school for three days was dealing with Wei Family affairs.

On the other side, Wu Jin finally couldnt help going to find Red and ask him where his Brother Wei had gone. Red expressed that Brother Weis confession had been a failure, so his dopamine levels had dropped rapidly. The emotional lock imposed by the R-Code Cram School had broken, and sadness was overflowing like a riverin short, Brother Wei had gone into seclusion.

A few minutes later, Wei s.h.i.+ received a call from Red, You said that?

No emotions could be heard from Wei s.h.i.+s tone of voice.

Red patted himself on the chest with pride and expressed, Beauties suffering tragedies are popular right now. Big boss, I gave you a firm character setting, itll make catching your target that much easier.

Wei s.h.i.+: Ill go to school next week.

Red: Ah? Why not take a few more days off school? Hey, big boss, if youre coming to school, can I borrow your sick leave slip and use it

Wu Jin dreamed of a soft little snowman for four consecutive nights.

In addition to the snowman, sometimes there was a Student Wei who was doing questions, or a Student Wei who was playing the rabbit game. Before this, Wu Jin would only ever dream of Ampre, Newton, Coulomb, Watt, and Joule

On Thursday, Red called Wei s.h.i.+ and howled, Big brother, you probably should show up. Student Little Witch called me again asking me how your treatment is going

On Friday morning, Wu Jin woke up abruptly.

In his dream, there was a loaded sniper rifle, a moth with silver mirrored wings, and a Student Wei doing math problems with him on the back of a Pterosaur.

What was all this messy stuff in his dream!

However, from that day on, Wu Jin began to dream that he and Student Wei were doing math problems in the Palace of Versailles, doing math problems on a Ferris Wheel, and then he and Student Wei had gone back to the R-Code Base to do math problems together

Wu Jins heart made a cracking noise.

He was done for.

He seemed towant to see Student Wei a little. Ahhhhhhh no way, he didnt want to fall in love this early

By Monday morning, Wu Jin was in a trance as he recalled what day it was.

Today was the agreed upon time for him and Student Wei to have their peak level fight!

Wu Jin was stunned, then hurriedly ran to school.

He originally hadnt wanted to lose this battle at all, but Student Wei was still ill, so it would be better to lose to him without making it obvious, so that he would release dopamine from the happiness of winning. But if he lost too obviously, it would be easily discovered

Wu Jin finally saw Wei s.h.i.+ sitting in the seat beside his.

The 17 year old Wei s.h.i.+s back was straight. He was wearing the white school uniform s.h.i.+rt, and was a little good looking.

Wu Jin s.h.i.+fted his eyes away with a swish, but he still ended up glancing at Student Wei from the corner of his eyes.

Student Wei was writing with his left hand today.

Wei s.h.i.+ curved his lips, Morning.

The air smelled like clean soap.

Wu Jin breathed a sigh of relief. Hed just act as though nothing had happened. Great!

The second cla.s.s ended.

The two of them stood up at the same time and made their way to the special study room. The students in Senior Two, Cla.s.s Seven were stunned, then started boiling with excitement!

Wu Jin was going to duel? The complex reasoning puzzle breaker, legal successor to the throne of a.n.a.lytic geometry in Azure City, guardian of the Crosson Show national examination high score, Wu Jin of the White Moonlight Team was actually taking the initiative to fight?! Who was it, who could make Contestant Little Witch actually stand up and defend his throne!

Whatit was actually Wei s.h.i.+?! Wasnt Student Wei a learning sc.u.m who arrived late, left early, and slept through cla.s.s? Wait a minute, it seemed that Student Wei had gotten full marks in the math exam! Could it be, could it be that he was

Game watching commentator Lin Ke spoke in excitement, Could it be that hes the legendaryComplex reasoning puzzle breaker, the first king of a.n.a.lytic geometry in Azure City, the exile who lost his divinity, Azure Cosmoss Wei s.h.i.+!

The teaching building exploded with noise!

Senior One, Senior Two, countless students rushed towards the study room, setting off the first wave of onlookers for this epic decisive battle.

Lin Ke splayed out against the study room window, extremely nervous. After this battle, his position in the commentary world would be able to rise up in a straight line!

Lin Ke: Thats right, its them! The incognito old king Wei s.h.i.+, and the new successor to the throne of a.n.a.lytical geometry, Wu Jin. Theyre here! They are like tangent and cosine colliding, two legendary eras running in parallel and now finally coming together!

Yes, Wei s.h.i.+ is coming to take back his throne!

Little Witch! Defend your throne; either defend your crown here, or lose all glory!

Alright! Wu Jin is sitting in the blue seat and will start first. His ban choice is1st ban, ancient poetry writing?! Oh my G.o.d! Writing ancient poems from memory is one of the simplest a.s.sessment questions. Wu Jins ban is nothing but an empty ban. It seems that he wants to fight openly with Student Wei in the sea of questions!

So then, the red sides Wei s.h.i.+s ban choice isits basic English dictation!

There was a loud round of enthusiastic applause outside the study room.

Wu Jin didnt ban his own weakness, nor did he aim at Wei s.h.i.+s strong points. Wei s.h.i.+ had courteously done the same, giving his ban to Wu Jin for nothing.

The two of them seemed to be having a wonderful sword holding ceremony in the study room.

Immediately after that, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ban positions were all used on easy questions. A test paper with an S difficulty level was randomly selected and finally spread out in front of them.

Wu Jin swept his gaze over the test paper and finally felt relieved.

His strategy was simple.

Physics, politics, mathematics, history, English; he would spare no effort in order to show his opponent sufficient respect. But, he also had to include composition questions in the test paper.

Wu Jins composition skills had always been a mess. Other than cloudless skies, it would contain several fluffy white clouds floating in the sky. In the past, Wu Jin had always banned composition, but today, hed specifically released the composition questions in order to let Wei s.h.i.+ win.

The test papers total score was 100. Starting from math and physics, then finally ending with a 400 word short composition.

Invigilator Thin Water rang the bell, and the two of them began to answer questions at the fastest possible speed!

Lin Ke: Its starting, theyve started! It turned out that the first question is actually a.n.a.lytical geometry that both people are strong at! From an onlookers point of view, there are 14 triangles, 12 rectangles, 2 rounded rectangles, 6 cones, 18 circles

Wei s.h.i.+ has started writing!

Oh my G.o.d, hes drawn the first auxiliary line in just ten seconds! This auxiliary line is so subtle, its like people are destined to be connected by fate. Very good, Student Wei has already finished answering the first question! Taking a look at Wu Jin Ahhhhh! These two people are as alike as two peas in a pod, the two students have one heart and mind, and they made the! Same! Auxiliary! Line! In the 18 circles!

Chemical synthesis. Wu Jin takes the actuarial route and achieves results in two steps! Student Weis style is very clever. Yes, he gave up all the pota.s.sium permanganate and used the cheapest raw material to achieve the final dosage results! All roads lead to the same goal!



Time pa.s.sed by in a flash.

The last 10 minutes.

The so-called 400 short composition referred to a small composition that had to be no more than 400 words and completed within 10 minutes at the fastest possible speed. There was no limit in terms of style, and even poetry was allowed.

Wu Jin rotated his wrist slightly.

During their duel over the past 20 minutes, he had clearly felt that he and Wei s.h.i.+s levels were comparable, and the winner and loser was unclear. However, when it came to composition questions, as long as Student Wei didnt deviate from the topic, he would be able to score higher than him

The t.i.tle of this composition was, My dream.

Wu Jin wrote mechanically, Today, the weather is clear, the sky is clear, there are no clouds, and the sun is s.h.i.+ning down from above. I started to think of my dream again

Wei s.h.i.+ wrote out his composition very quickly and stopped writing 8 minutes before the timer ended.

Wu Jin grew nervous and sped up his writing, handing in his paper 2 minutes before the end.

Outside the study room, the students whod been waiting for a long time were very excited. They knocked against the window and waited for the results of the two kings to be announced

Thin Water, who was responsible for collecting the test papers, was stunned.

The results soon came out. Wu Jins composition won by a narrow margin.

Before the composition section, there were questions covering the nine major courses, Chinese, English, mathematics, politics, history, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, and neither of them had lost a single point in any of them.

However, Thin Water never made the test papers viewable to the public.

There was an instant uproar outside the study room. Not only did the students ask for the papers to be made public, but even Wu Jin himself was taken aback. How could anyones composition be worse than his

Under the ma.s.s protest, Thin Water was forced to show a small portion of the scores.

Wei s.h.i.+: Composition (0/20)

In this world, a zero composition score was always more exciting than a full score composition. Outside the study room window, Red burst out with a holy s.h.i.+t, Lin Ke, Qin Jinbao, and Ming Yao all expressed that they had to see Wei s.h.i.+s 0 point composition, and then Caesar took the lead and started howling and cajoling

Thin Water reluctantly asked the teaching director for instructions, then revealed the test paper. The surface of the test paper was pasted up on the wall with a small bit of glue, and the door to the study room opened.

The crowd surged in excitedly, rus.h.i.+ng straight towards Wei s.h.i.+s 0 point composition

t.i.tle: My Dream

Name: Wei s.h.i.+

The composition had 10 words: My dream is to fall in love with Wu Jin.

Wu Jin:

Wu Jin: !!!

Wu Jin: Ahhhhhhhh take advantage of the chaos and run

Caesar, who was at the entrance, grabbed Wu Jin and said, Little Witch, what are you running around towards the outside for. Run inside, its so busy inside. Did you see what Wei s.h.i.+ wrote yet

Wu Jins face was as pale as death.

Countless pairs of excited, surprised, and curious gazes swept towards Wu Jin from the crowd in the study room!

Lin Ke stepped up onto the table, What did I see! Wait a minute, what did I see! My dream is to fall in love with Wu Jin! As a commentator, I take back what I said earlier. Wei s.h.i.+ isnt here to retake his throne, hes here to share the throne with the new king! My G.o.d, oh my G.o.d!

In the crowd, the students were very excited and all started discussing amongst themselves.

Its an open confession!

Falling in love in broad daylight!

Ahhhhh, Student Wei is so handsome!

Wu Jin:

From outside the study room, the teaching director P.D. finally squeezed in through the crowd, lifting up a loudspeaker, Make way, make way. Student Wei, come out with me for a moment. Student Wu Jin as well.

The students around them panicked for a moment.

Will the two of them be punished with standing outside!

Yeah, isnt it said that n.o.bodys allowed to start dating early?

How pitiful, theyre going to be strung up and beaten by P.D.

Wuwuwu it was clearly so romantic

Wu Jin:

P.D. led the two of them to the office.

P.D. patted the table lightly, his expression tangled for a while, and then he finally let out a sigh, The City Education Bureau has communicated with me. Both of you are from the R-Code Cram School, right?

Wei s.h.i.+ nodded solemnly.

Wu Jin: Wait, wait a minute, I did go, but I dont have any aftereffects

P.D. was very compa.s.sionate, I understand.

Its been hard on both of you. The only way to solve the aftereffects is puppy love, and I wont stop you. Little Witchs recovery has been so good, and now that I think about it, it must be the result of Wei s.h.i.+s influence with love.

Wu Jin: No P.D.! Listen to me!

P.D. waved his hand and interrupted him, Theres no need to say more. I understand. In this world, theres nothing, not examination scores, education, or the expectations of teachers and parents that is as important as being healthy and well. Because of your special circ.u.mstances, the school will give you a special privilege.

Two brand new nameplate chips were placed on the table.

In love, Wei s.h.i.+.

In love, Wu Jin.

Even before Wu Jin could open his mouth, Wei s.h.i.+ had already spoken ahead of him, Thank you, Teacher. However, Im still pursuing him.

Wu Jin froze.

The P.D. suddenly understood, Alright then, let me change it for you.

In love, Wei s.h.i.+.

The pursued, Wu Jin.

Wu Jin: Wait, wait a minute, wasnt it better not to change

The office door closed behind them with a swish.

Wei s.h.i.+ turned back. The clean and fresh youth looked straight at Wu Jin, Student Wu.

I want to chase you. Will you give me this chance?

Wu Jin stilled.

He didnt agree, but he didnt refuse.

Wei s.h.i.+ took it as default agreement and reached out a hand to Wu Jin, Thank you.

Wei s.h.i.+ gestured for Wu Jin to take out his nameplate. Only now did Wu Jin recall that hed lost to Wei s.h.i.+ by one point in math. Since hed been willing to bet, then he had to take the consequences and could only hand over the nameplate.

Wei s.h.i.+ touched their nameplates together.

Amidst a bunch of nameplate t.i.tles, the last column suddenly changed.

The pursued, Wu Jin -> The one Wei s.h.i.+ is pursuing, Wu Jin.

Wu Jin jumped up abruptly, No way, no way! This was even more shameful!

Wei s.h.i.+ coaxed him rationally, Hold my hand, then. Try it, and if you dont like it, Ill help you get it changed. The choice is yours

Wu Jin was half convinced and half suspicious. He stretched out his small paw and gently touched Wei s.h.i.+.

It was just for a second.

Wei s.h.i.+ abruptly held his hand.

Their two palms touched, and it suddenly felt like a tumultuous current was rus.h.i.+ng through. Fragmented memories from his dreams surged out, enveloping Wu Jin in an instant.

The Pterosaurs back, the Crosson Show, all the missing memories filled in.

Wu Jin blurted out, Wei s.h.i.+

Memory reconstruction.

A mechanical beep sounded out in his ear, followed by a voice, The brain wave fluctuations have reached the threshold. Patient Wei s.h.i.+s last emotional lock has been released successfully.

Patient Wei s.h.i.+ and therapy companion Wu Jin, will be released from the cabin in 24 hours.

Wu Jin suddenly came back to his senses.

The R-Code Base, the toppled snowman, Crosson Private High School

They werent at Crosson Private High School. They were at the Floating City laboratory, and inside each others consciousness.

The final stage of the emotional lock therapy involved the therapy companion accompanying the patient through their darkest memories.

He was deeply involved in the big bosss memories, and so hed affected the big bosss consciousness.

Wu Jin turned back.

The 17 year old Wei s.h.i.+ who was dressed in a high school uniform stood there in the hallway outside the Academic Affairs Office.

Wu Jin felt that this was very new and fresh. He shook Wei s.h.i.+s hand up and down, When did you recall it?

Wei s.h.i.+ held Wu Jin firmly, Earlier than you.

They still had 24 hours before they could step out of the cabin. at Crosson Private were just coming to an end, and countless students secretly went to visit the Academic Affairs Office.

Wei s.h.i.+ brazenly led Wu Jin away from the door to the office, their nameplates s.h.i.+ning in the sun. Little Ming, the student on duty with a broom, had the sharpest eyes. A snipers eyesight wasnt for nothing; they could hear Little Ming shouting loudly in the distance!

Cla.s.s monitor! Monitor Zuo, look at their nameplates! I want one too, how does one get this nameplate? Can you collect it just by going to the Academic Affairs Office

Zuo Botang narrowed his eyes and looked at the two nameplates.

Complex reasoning puzzle breaker, legal successor to the throne of a.n.a.lytic geometry in Azure City, guardian of the Crosson Show national examination high score, the one Wei s.h.i.+ is pursuing, Wu Jin of the White Moonlight Team.

and his boyfriend, who only had one t.i.tle.

In love, Wei s.h.i.+.

(Parallel world extra End)

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