Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually-?! - Chapter Ch238.3 - Extra - Parallel World

Chapter Ch238.3 - Extra - Parallel World

Chapter Ch238.3 - Extra Parallel World

translator: xiin

editors: apricot & juurensha

So, that night, Student Wu and Student Wei studied together.

There were a hundred different ways to self-study, and they were all good, but different from one another.

For example, Wei Yans RNA approach meant that he had to first do a warm-up with biology, supplemented by physics and chemistry, and then he could solve thousands of questions without feeling fatigue. On the other hand, Wu Jin would exert himself evenly, alternating between the arts and the sciences. He often did dozens of questions, then switched to doing one or two eye exercises before continuing.

Therefore, if he wanted to see what a person was good at, he had to study with them first.

In the study room.

Wu Jin held his carrot pen and secretly observed Student Wei.

Wu Jin finished two eye exercises and continued observing Student Wei.

Wu Jin finished another half of his test paper, quietly stroked the little rabbit for a while, then observed Student Wei some more

The self-study session ended.

Wu Jin was going crazy? How come this person didnt do any test questions at all!

In those two hours, Wei s.h.i.+ took a nap, s.n.a.t.c.hed Wu Jins carrot pen and played with it, placed the rabbit on Wu Jins pencil case, and stared thoughtfully at Wu Jins small curls. He messed around overtly and covertly.

Now, Wei s.h.i.+ was in a good mood and expressed that they should study together again next time.

After school ended at 9PM, the entrance to Crosson Private was crowded with private cars that had been sent over to pick up students. One of them, a Maybach, was particularly conspicuous in the crowd.

The car door opened, and the bodyguards to the left and right bowed simultaneously, Young Master Wei!

Students ABCDE by the side of the road: Holy s.h.i.+t, this person was really flashy!

Wei s.h.i.+ found an angle with the best light and shadows beneath the streetlights and turned 90 degrees in the most domineering posture. He wanted Wu Jin to remember this unforgettable scene and fall in love with him at first sight

As soon as Wei s.h.i.+ turned back, he found that Wu Jin had already run off half a kilometer away and was happily buying cakes by the bus stop.

Wei s.h.i.+:

From then on, Student Wu and Student Wei began to study together.

Student Wei s.h.i.+ hid his skills deeply, basically only looking at the test papers and not moving his pen. Wu Jin had only ever seen him write oncehis problem solving method was brutal and domineering; it shook the sky, caused the earth to tremble, and made ghosts cry and G.o.ds s.h.i.+ver!

This kind of explosive answering style made Wu Jin vaguely remember something from R-Code back then. However on closer examination, he could find no traces of it.

However, the two of them finally got to know each other.

During the first English cla.s.s in the morning, Wei s.h.i.+ continued to sleep at the desk. Teacher Ying knocked on the table and asked, Student on the fifth row with the, please translate

Wei s.h.i.+ didnt even lift his head as he took off his and tossed them on the table.

Wu Jin had no choice but to wear the, stand up, and translate obediently.

At noon, the Crosson canteen was filled with people. Wei s.h.i.+ made two delivery orders and led Wu Jin to the small gate.

Crosson Privates gates didnt open at noon, but delivery could be pulled in via ropes from the outside.

There was a lot of shouting at the entrance to the small gate:

Senior Two, Cla.s.s Nine, King of Hearts, beef noodles with extra beef

Senior Two, Cla.s.s Seven, Phantom Caesar, a family-sized bucket of fried chicken

Wu Jin waited for a long time. When he smelled the scent of handheld wraps, Wu Jin ran towards the low wall. He heard the delivery man behind the wall shouting, Senior Two, Cla.s.s Seven, Little Rabbit Wu, two handheld wrap sets

Wu Jin: My name isnt Little Rabbit Wu!

The delivery person: Then, dont take Little Rabbit Wus delivery order.

Wu Jin was going to go crazy, This is my delivery.

The delivery person: Then, if you arent Little Rabbit Wu, who is?

Wu Jin picked up the two handheld wrap sets and stormed off to find Wei s.h.i.+ to discuss this method of ordering delivery.

Wei s.h.i.+ expressed calmly that not revealing ones real name was the first step in protecting ones privacy.

So, at noon the next day, Wu Jin ordered a meal with the name Little Rabbit Wei.

The same delivery person.

The delivery person laughed loudly, Arent you yesterdays Little Rabbit Wu? Little Rabbit Wu, Little Rabbit Wei, are you two dating behind the schools back?

Wu Jin: !!!

One week later, Wu Jin finally figured out Wei s.h.i.+s weakness.

The old and new kings of a.n.a.lytical geometry both leaned towards science and general knowledge, but struggled with language comprehension.

Two weeks later, Wu Jin tossed Student Weis weakness to the back of his head, and the two of them even played basketball together after school.

Three weeks later, Crosson Privates mock exam scores came out.

Two examination papers were placed upside down on the desk. The cla.s.sroom was filled with noise.

Some people were forced to take off the mathematical light of mock exams from their nameplate, and some ecstatically added comprehensive formula user. Some bet the t.i.tles on their nameplate on the scores in the mock exam, and others were scrambling to pa.s.s around Wei Yans full score sample biology exam.

In the fifth row of the cla.s.sroom, Wu Jin and Wei s.h.i.+ sat on the left and right sides of the desk, their math papers flipped over.

Both of them were equally confident about their scores.

Wu Jin put forward the condition, If my score is higher than yours, you cant write Little Rabbit Wu when you order meals in the future.

Wei s.h.i.+ nodded. If your score isnt as high as mine

Wu Jins eyes grew wide.

Wei s.h.i.+: Let me play with your nameplate for a day.

Wu Jin: ???

It had been less than a month since Wei s.h.i.+ transferred to their school. So far, his nameplate had remained empty, and even the free gift t.i.tle from the educational administration hadnt been used.

Some people said that Wei s.h.i.+ wanted to remain removed from such things until the college entrance examination, while others said that Wei s.h.i.+ was aiming at Wu Jins nameplate. He intended to take Complex reasoning puzzle breaker, legal successor to the throne of a.n.a.lytic geometry in Azure City, guardian of the Crosson Show national examination high score for his own use.

However, even Wu Jin, whod spent nearly a month with him, couldnt guess what his intentions were.

An agreement was reached.

The two exam papers were flipped over.

A full score was 150. Wu Jin 149, Wei s.h.i.+ 150.

Wu Jin banged his head against the desk, . Ahhhhhwahhhhh!

Wei s.h.i.+ raised his eyebrows. Wu Jin tentatively picked up his deskmates exam paper. The writing was vigorous, powerful, and willful. The neat and uniform solution, known, and inferable columns were all meticulous, and the format of the test paper was almost the same as cla.s.s monitor Wei Yans

To be precise, it was almost identical to Wei Yan and Mao Dongqing.

R-Code Cram School style.

Wu Jin was stunned.

His guess had finally been verified.

Wei s.h.i.+ had also come from the R-Code Cram School. So, he

Around the aisle, there were still a group of students competing for Wei Yans biology test paper. Ming Yao was having the most fun; Little Ming who didnt like to learn, he just liked to join in on the bustle. At this time, Wei Yan happened to be absent, and some people began to talk about their cla.s.s monitors experience in R-Code Cram School. Ming Yao immediately picked up the thread of the gossip.

R-Code Cram School? I know about it! Its that revolutionary cram school!

Half a year ago, the students dopamine secretion was blocked due to drug interference! It caused a storm across the whole city! Treatment? Hey, its not that it cant be treated.

At the time, the city government invested a lot of resources to save the R-Code reformed students, and really managed to come up with an idea. Dont say it in front of the cla.s.s monitor, or hell beat me. But this is the truth!

Think about it, what do you have to do to promote quick dopamine secretion? Of course, its falling in love Ahhh, cla.s.s monitor, when did you come back?

In the fifth row of the cla.s.sroom, Wei s.h.i.+ looked at Wu Jin in satisfaction.

Wu Jin: ???

Beside their desks, Red had heard bits and pieces of the conversation and began to stir things up.

Red scratched his head and looked at Caesar, When it comes to love, I quite like that cla.s.s flower next door. Say, do you think I have a chance

Caesar was looking at his 30 point chemistry paper, What? Flower? Theres no flower, hey.

In the front row, S. Qu picked up a copy of

from beneath her test papers and began to read it. Zoe was very moved, talking emotionally about how R-Code Cram School students had the privilege of dating openly in school. The earlier Wei Yan lost his single dog status, the better.

In the front row, Thin Fire expressed that skin care was more important than love. And beside them, Red finally straightened out Caesars logic.

Caesar: If you want to date, you have to do it behind P.D. and the Disciplinary Committees backs. Who around us is dating out in the open

Red: Hey, the big boss is. He openly transferred schools and came to pursue people

Wu Jin had excellent hearing.

Reds big boss was Wei s.h.i.+.

Wei s.h.i.+ had come to openly chase someone?! Who was he pursuing? Other than sleeping in cla.s.s, this person didnt interact with anyone!

Wu Jin returned the test paper to Wei s.h.i.+.

Wei s.h.i.+ gave Wu Jin a deep look.

Wu Jin was confused.

Wu Jin was thoughtful.

Wu Jin suddenly came to a realization!

Wu Jin was stunned!

Wu Jins score was one point lower than Wei s.h.i.+ in the math exam. He was willing to bet and willing to lose, so he gave his nameplate to the other party.

Student Wei expressed that he would give it back in a week.

One week later that would be the day when the two of them had their peak level duelbut he couldnt think so far into the future right now.

That night, Wu Jin quivered and hugged his small schoolbag, gingerly swiped his card to take the bus, and trembled as he went home and sat at his desk.

Student Wei had entered school for less than a month and had only spoken two or three words to Ming Yao, Wei Yan, and Zoe. Hed been punished twice by Teacher Ying, and criticized once by Teacher Blood Pigeon.

Student Wei he hadnt come to chase a teacher, had he?!

Wu Jin was shocked. After all, Ying Xiangxiang had only spoken four sentences to Wei s.h.i.+ in total:

Student Wei, stand outside for punishment.

Times up, come back.

Student Wei, stand outside for punishment.

Come back.

Wu Jin opened up the rabbit cage and kneaded the little rabbit on the desk for a while.

Wei s.h.i.+ had talked with him a lot but he couldnt be chasing after him! It was absolutely impossible! He was just an ordinary Little Witch!

When he thought of this, Wu Jins heart finally settled back down.

After he went home, Wu Jin happily continued to roam around in the sea of test questions for a while, then slept according to a primary school students work and rest schedule.

The little white rabbit on the table held onto the little rabbit toy that Wei s.h.i.+ had given him, while Wu Jin hugged a pillow on the 1.2 meter single bed.

Wu Jin had a dream. The Little Witch in his dream came back late, the meat on his bones exhausted until almost nothing was left. On the way, he met Student Wei from afar. Little Witch was scared and even cast away his bones. Student Wei obtained the bones, his eyes curved like a childs, his mind satisfied

A few kilometers away, in the Wei Family courtyard, on a big luxurious bed that was dozens of meters wide, Student Wei also had a dream. In his dream, the ordinary Little Witchs feet fluttered, the clay figurine Little Witchs eyes were blurred, and two Little Witches walked past

The next morning, Wu Jin got up early and began to investigate Student Weis R-Code Cram School background.

Ming Yao, who was on duty, also arrived early.

Ming Yao especially liked to be on duty because it meant he wouldnt have to go downstairs and do cla.s.s exercises. He could cheer for Zuo Botang enthusiastically from the balcony on the fourth floor.

Therefore, Zuo Botang was the only one in school who had background music during the cla.s.s exercise period.

But that was off-topicWu Jin had specifically picked a time when Ming Yao would be at school because Ming Yao was the king of gossip in Crosson Private High School.

Little Ming held the broom and said thoughtfully, Wei s.h.i.+? I remember his S650 limited edition Maybach. Thats the Wei Familys car. Last year, the head of the Wei Family pa.s.sed away, and subfamilies were all fighting amongst themselves until the eldest young master came out of nowhere and suppressed them all. Oh, thats not quite right, he suppressed the whole scene!

Speaking of which, that eldest young master had indeed disappeared for a while. It was said that hed been forced into a fully closed door cram school for a period of time

Wu Jin thought to himself, if their life story was a short sand sculpture story, then Ming Yao would definitely be the one taking on the role of providing all the background introductions and narration.

Ming Yao suddenly hesitated, then said, Your current gaze when you look at me makes me feel that I might be a toolman

! Wu Jin was startled. He appeased him, How could that be! How could Little Ming, the glorious on-duty student, be a toolman!

By the time the students all arrived in the cla.s.sroom one after another, Wu Jin had finally sorted through all the clues.

Wei s.h.i.+ was the Wei Familys eldest young master. Hed been sent to the R-Code Cram School to be abused when the Wei Family was undergoing an upheaval hed also dropped out of school for one year due to family affairs.

When he thought of this, Wu Jin felt quite emotional.

Student Wei had a past that really deserved sympathy, but there was a wall between Young Master Weis life and himself, and he wasnt very clear on the other partys thoughts and ideas.

After all, the rich Student Wei sat in a Maybach, and poor Little Witch couldnt even afford to eat meringue.

The cla.s.s bell rang, and Wei s.h.i.+ stepped in just in time.

As usual, Wei s.h.i.+ didnt pay attention to cla.s.s.

Wei s.h.i.+ took out a customized diamond inlaid game machine worth 200,000 yuan out of his schoolbag that was worth 400,000 yuan. He told Wu Jin that hed installed a rabbit game on the game machine.

Wu Jin: Youre the one who wants to play with rabbits!

In the first cla.s.s, Chinese, Wu Jin took notes carefully while Wei s.h.i.+ played the rabbit game.

In the second cla.s.s, mathematics, Wu Jin took notes carefully, and Wei s.h.i.+ said, Huh, this game is really fun.

In the third cla.s.s, English, Wu Jin took notes carefully, while Wei s.h.i.+ said, The little rabbit has evolved, its a super high level mechanical armored combat rabbit.

Wu Jins ears twitched, but he finally managed to suppress his curiosity.

The temptation of the rabbit game failed.

By noon, Wei s.h.i.+ had changed his strategy.

In the fifth cla.s.s, physics, Wu Jin took notes carefully, while Wei s.h.i.+ pulled out a refined simulation question bank.

In the sixth cla.s.s, chemistry, Wu Jin took notes carefully, while Wei s.h.i.+ said, Tsk, an immortal level topic.

In the seventh cla.s.s, biology, Wu Jin took notes carefully, and Wei s.h.i.+ clapped his hands and praised, Good question, good question!

Wu Jin finally couldnt help it, What questions are you doing?

Wei s.h.i.+ smiled wickedly, You want to know? Come find me at the grove after school.

Wu Jin refused instantly.

Wei s.h.i.+ didnt mind it. He did another question, clapped his hands, and sighed, This question can only be found in the sky, its rarely seen in this world

On the podium, Teacher Blood Pigeon finally couldnt help it, Student in the fifth row, what are you doing applauding in cla.s.s!

From beside Wei s.h.i.+, the Wu Jin who really wanted to see the questions also couldnt bear it anymore, Alright, at the grove then!