Super Gene - Chapter 966: Ability to Control Bugs

Chapter 966: Ability to Control Bugs

Chapter 966: Ability to Control Bugs

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"Oh my G.o.d! What is this monster?" Li Yutian was shocked.

A giant bug, as big as a bus, shout out from beneath the earth. Its tentacles looked like discolored versions of the vines of the forest, laden with lethal thorns. After Han Sen sliced one of its lecherous appendages, the foe was enraged. It charged at Han Sen in a frenzy.

The white bear stood atop the bug's head. It no longer feigned being injured, and it now revealed its true state. It was excited over the distress it had caused the two that had followed it.

Han Sen looked at the bug and the bear and was surprised. He never expected to see two wholly different species hunt together in this fas.h.i.+on.

"You go first!" Han Sen commanded. With Taia clenched firmly in his hand, he moved to attack the bear first.

The cub ordered the bug to use its tentacles to ensnare Han Sen.

But nothing could stop Han Sen's a.s.sault, as he sliced and diced his way through the tentacles that sought to capture or slow him. When nothing stood between him and the cub, Han Sen swung Taia with great ferocity. The speed and power was unleashed in the form of visible wind, shaped to the blade that cast it.

The bear was taken aback by the human's formidability. Not hanging around, he leapt off of the thorn bug.

The bug was indeed the unluckiest of the two, thus far. After what it had already incurred, the windblade sliced through its body and cut the creature in two. Shortly after, black fire blazed across its dying, twitching pieces.

"Mutant Creature Thorn Bug killed. No beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly."

Han Sen was surprised at the power he had managed to unleash with Taia and Phoenix.

But that surprise quickly turned to moderate frustration. The flames that enveloped the bug were so strong, they charred the corpse until it was inedible.

The cub was frightened by what he saw, and quickly fled the scene into the tangled depths of Thorn Forest.

"I think Chenzhang is most likely dead. Go back and report what happened; I'll give chase to that bear." Without waiting around, Han Sen took off after his target.

The cub did not stop running for one second. As it went, a light appeared from somewhere in its body. After a short while, a buzz was heard, and then a number of bugs swarmed to attack Han Sen.

"This guy can control bugs?" Han Sen was pretty surprised by this revelation. Still, the horde of pests that flew towards him did not delay his pursuit. With Taia in hand, he effortlessly carved his way through the lot, until only a smoldering mound of fly-corpses remained on the forest floor. He swiftly left it behind.

The bugs he had killed were primitive cla.s.s. As soon as they came into contact with Han Sen's Phoenix flame, they were instantly incinerated.

Han Sen, at top speed, was a little faster than the cub.

This fact and the powers he had wielded undoubtedly scared the bear, as it kept looking back as it ran. It had certainly gotten more than it had bargained for when it tried to trick Han Sen.

But the bear surprised Han Sen, too. The creature wasn't as weak or as simple as he had initially a.s.sumed it to be. If it was a mutant creature, it must have many of its gene locks open, at the very least.

Strangely, though, all it did was run. It did not seem as if it wished to fight.

"Is this guy actually weak, and using others is all it can do to survive?" Han Sen guessed.

Still, Han Sen wanted it dead, no matter the cost. And vengeance aside, there was always the chance he could net himself a new and rare beast soul.

Before long, he caught up with the cub and was directly behind the fleeing beast. As Han Sen lifted his sword and brought it down low, the bear did not react. All it did was continue to run as fast as it could. And when the sword made contact with the bear, it carved a cleft into its furry backside. In a flash, its b.u.t.tocks burst into flames.

The bear squealed and came to a cras.h.i.+ng halt on the ground. Upon the spoiled, upturned soil of the forest floor, the bear rolled and writhed around in agony, attempting to suppress the flames that gnawed and obliterated his b.u.m.

Han Sen prepared to slash it one final time and bring an end to the beast, but all of a sudden, it jumped up and started kowtowing to Han Sen in a plea for mercy.

"D*mn, this bear really is a wimp." Han Sen looked at it, as it continued kowtowing.

It was easy to pity the thing, and all of a sudden, it did not look like a murderous, fleeing beast. It actually looked harmless.

Suddenly, however, the bushes nearby quivered and shook. A pitch-black, two-tailed scorpion came rampaging through.

The scorpion was as big and intimidating as a tank. The tails were ten-meters long each, and their ends were incredibly sharp.

After a brief moment, the color of black faded to a blue, almost aquatic glow. If you were to suffer a sting from one of its wretched tails, you would a.s.suredly not survive.

At this moment, the bear Han Sen was taking pity on stopped kowtowing. It leapt atop the scorpion's head, as a boastful grin returned to dress its face.

"D*mn, son. This creature is a coward of legendary proportions." As he thought this, the scorpion's stingers swiftly raised up, then flew towards Han Sen's chest.

Han Sen whipped up a quick storm of black fire and blew it towards the scorpion's stingers. Much to his surprise, it dealt no damage.

With haste, Han Sen activated his dongxuan aura and used it to dodge the stinger he hadn't been able to stop.

The scorpion struck with two tails, and their rapid jabs came thick and fast. Although he was able to dodge each attack, he was unable to get a hit of his own in.

The cub was jumping in glee atop the scorpion. It was unbelievably, and it most certainly wanted to see Han Sen dead.

"This thing is weird. The scorpion should be sacred-blood level, as my fire was unable to deal it damage. But the cub, it must be a mutant cla.s.s. And yet, if that is so, how is it able to control the mind of a sacred-blood creature?" Han Sen wondered.