Super Gene - Chapter 965: Injured White Bear

Chapter 965: Injured White Bear

Chapter 965: Injured White Bear

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Back in the underground shelter, Han Sen called for Moment Queen to retrieve the Dragon-Blood Snake and go out hunting on his behalf.

Although she did not want to do this, she acknowledged it was about time she did something for him. It had been a while, after all.

As Moment Queen left, Han Sen entered the spirit base so he could start gathering more geno points.

But he was rank number one in the second spirit base, and as a result, he was unable to challenge anyone.

All he could do was wait for other spirits to offer up their genes. King spirits still harbored a grudge against him, though; as a result, they were the only genes he could not collect.

"The King, my eyes can greet your splendor once again!" Han Sen suddenly saw a huge spirit bowing before him.

"It is you, Flaming Giant." Flaming Giant was the first spirit Han Sen ever encountered, back in the first spirit base.

"My King, on the floating islands, s.p.a.ce-Splitter King has proclaimed you are nothing but a wimp. He said he can instant-kill you, and he wants you to go and fight him." Flaming Giant was a hulking beast of a spirit, but he was as nosy and gossipy as an old woman.

"If he's that confident, then why doesn't he come to me while I'm here in the spirit base?" Han Sen said.

Flaming Giant said, "Didn't you know he's currently in the third spirit base?"

"I don't really pay heed to those who are unworthy," Han Sen said.

Flaming Giant was exuberant with joy, and his adoration of Han Sen had not lessened a single bit. But he warned, "You are very powerful, but s.p.a.ce-Splitter King has always been a bit of a boaster. With his constant trash-talking of you, it may lead other spirits to believe you are merely afraid of him, if you do not challenge him soon."

Han Sen asked, "What element does he align with?"

"I have heard he possesses the powers of s.p.a.ce, and with it, he can tear through the fabric of our dimension. He has beaten everyone that is around the same level as himself," Flaming Giant explained.

"Well, when I reach the third spirit base, I'll be sure to deal with him," Han Sen said.

Han Sen really wanted to kill s.p.a.ce-Splitter King for the geno points he could provide, but outside of the spirit base, he had no idea where that spirit might be found.

He wished to extract more information from Flaming Giant, but he was startled by Zero. She was knocking on his statue, so he exited the spirit base to see what was up.

When he emerged, she was pointing to the other end of the hall. She said, "Someone is here."

When Han Sen departed the hall, he saw Old Huang. He was yelling.

"Old Huang, what's going on?" Han Sen asked, as he stepped outside the hall.

"Chenzhang and a few others left to slay iron bugs. But they have become trapped!" Old Huang said.

"Didn't I tell you guys not to wander off too far?" Han Sen frowned.

"They made a mistake. Can you please go and save them?" Old Huang pleaded desperately.

Han Sen went to visit the survivor of the ordeal, who had returned to inform them of what had happened. The man said, "Six of us departed in a bid to hunt and replenish our pantries. On our expedition, we encountered an injured creature unlike what we usually choose to be our prey. We decided to engage it. Unfortunately, its injuries had not slowed it down as much as we'd hoped, and it ran off really fast. We chased it for a while, and before long, we were far deeper inside the forest than we ever thought of actually going."

The surpa.s.ser looked terrified, and after a pause to gather his composure, said, "The forest came alive. The vines and their thorns worked to capture my friends. I was at the back of the group, and after witnessing what was happening to my compatriots ahead, I turned to flee and successfully escaped. As I ran, I was able to observe the manner of vines that had captured my friends. They were different and strange. And shortly after being captured, my friends pa.s.sed out."

After Han Sen heard the tale, he told him, "Take me out there, so I can get a good look."

"I'm coming with you," Old Huang said.

"No. The greater the number, the greater the possibility of accidents. Let me head out there first and scope out this incident." After Han Sen finished, he mounted Little Wind and immediately took off with the survivor.

At about the halfway point of their supposed journey, the man called out, "Ah, look! That is the creature we sought to hunt."

Han Sen looked to where he gestured, and he saw a creature lying in the bushes.

It was a bear, covered in white fur. It was small, and its underside had been badly injured.

Shortly after Han Sen looked its way, the beast became aware of Han Sen's presence. It took off at great speed, but it left a trail of blood.

"Is it going off in the direction Chenzhang and the others became trapped?" Han Sen asked.

"Yes, actually," Li Yutian confirmed.

"Let's go." Han Sen hurried Little Wind to chase after the injured bear.

Others might have believed the white bear was an injured creature, fleeing those it feared might take advantage of its condition. But this wasn't the truth, and Han Sen was able to discern this through an observation of its lifeforce. It was incredibly lively.

The bear was only luring them in that direction, in a cunning method of obtaining food, most likely.

Han Sen kept chasing the cub, and as he went, he said, "Tell me when we near that portion of the forest."

But as they ran, vines emerged from the earth like snakes. They attempted to tie them up.

Han Sen's right hand unsheathed his Taia sword immediately, and with a black flame wreathing it, he hewed the vines that were closest to him.


They heard a scream from someplace, and as it sounded, the ground began to tremble. More and more vines broke through the earth, las.h.i.+ng wildly to trash the forest around them.