Super Gene - Chapter 958: Perfect Robbery

Chapter 958: Perfect Robbery

Chapter 958: Perfect Robbery

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Thorn Baron suddenly saw a handsome spirit appear, shrouded in a white light. As her pupils shrank, her mouth widened in joy.

Thunder-Devil King saw the expression on her face, but he believed she was trying to trick him into dropping his guard. He didn't feel the presence of anything behind him.

But as he peered into her eyes, their surfaces showed flickering reflections of something behind him. He was shocked. The white light and the handsome face looked familiar.

He had repeatedly dreamed of the day when he could crush and forever mar that pretty face, but now that he was encountering the spirit again, he could only feel fear.

Thunder-Devil King wished to turn around and hammer the bright shadow that had appeared behind him, but it was too late.


The scary white lightfist flew towards the back of his head. In a split second, the head was nothing but a crushed melon. His face had been completely disfigured, and he hadn't even gotten the chance to fight back.

Before he could swing the hammer in retaliation, he had been killed.

The creatures that had a.s.saulted the shelter and were laying waste to its inhabitants suddenly started to flee in fear.

"The King!" Thorn Baron happily exclaimed. In her eyes, Han Sen was the greatest, most powerful king spirit ever known, at his tier. She had no idea that it was a human behind the mask.

Grabbing the thunder hammer, Han Sen leapt over Thorn Baron's head and took off running through her Spirit Hall.

Han Sen hadn't grabbed the bottle yet. Instead, he focused on obtaining her spirit stone from the statue inside the hall.

"I, Thorn, am willing to submit and offer absolute loyalty to a new master. I can become the most faithful of servants."

Thorn knelt in front of Han Sen without reluctance, but as she combined with the spirit stone, she realized something. She wasn't kneeling before her most-admired idol, the most powerful spirit of his cla.s.s, The King. This was a human. And it wasn't just any human; it was the human she hated the most.

"What? The King is a human?" Thorn thought in utter disbelief, but the process of becoming his subordinate had already started. She transformed into a rose and disappeared into Han Sen's Sea of Soul.

Han Sen picked up the holy bottle and thought to himself, "Perfect!"

Han Sen raced back out of the shelter and down to where he had left Tie Yi.

Although Thunder-Devil King had been killed and the creatures had fallen back, it would only be a matter of time before he returned. And when he did return, he'd most likely come back with a greater host of creatures. For now, Han Sen had to use the time he had to run.

Tie Yi looked overjoyed, likely because his contract with Thorn Baron had been revoked.

"What did you do?" Tie Yi asked with much surprise.

"Flee first, talk later." Han Sen, leading the injured Tie Yi, brought him to the human shelter.

Han Sen told Old Huang what had occurred, and everyone's worries over the shelter's safety returned.

The shelter was again unsafe. It'd only be a matter of time before Thunder-Devil King found it. He was a brutal spirit, and his power far exceeded Thorn Baron's. If they were to remain in that shelter, only death would await them.

"We have to leave, and depart through Thorn Forest," Old Huang said.

They had to go, but Thorn Forest was a treacherous place. There was no telling how many could survive in the deeper recesses of that nefarious woodland. They'd be venturing into a great unknown, and the thought of what might await them there brought them much fear, and rightfully so.

"I have a shelter where everyone can stay," Han Sen said.

"You have a shelter?" Everyone looked at Han Sen in disbelief; a common sight when something concerned Han Sen. Even high-level spirits would not wander through Thorn Forest, yet Han Sen suggested that he owned a shelter of his own someplace there.

"I can take you all there, but it is my shelter. That also means I call the shots. If you guys can accept that, you're welcome to stay there," Han Sen said.

"Little Han, you really have a shelter where we'd be safe?" Old Huang asked once again.

They did not care who would end up being their boss. What concerned them the most at that moment was survival.

"If you believe me, and would like to come to such a place, then start packing your bags. You can let your eyes decipher the truth, once you've seen the place I will take you to." Han Sen did not explain more than that, as the Thunder Army would be upon them any second.

They were actually reluctant to believe what Han Sen had said, but they knew they really had no other choice than to hope he was telling the truth. So, they all decided to accompany him.

Before long, they departed their home. When they arrived at the underground shelter, everyone was shocked.

Thunder-Devil King resp.a.w.ned with an explosion of thunder and lightning. The discharge brought ruin to everything around him.

"The King! I'm going to kill you! You hear that!? I'll kill you!" Thunder-Devil King had been snubbed in many different ways. He had not taken the holy bottle, and even his thunder hammer had been stolen.

He immediately rallied his troops and prepared for another a.s.sault. When they arrived back at Thorn Shelter, the place was empty. And what's more, Thorn Baron's spirit statue was missing its spirit stone.

"The King! I'm going to kill you!" Thunder-Devil King wrecked the spirit hall and commanded his creatures to scour the encompa.s.sing lands for any trace of the two spirits.

The creatures found the abandoned human shelter, as Han Sen suspected they might.

Inside the underground shelter's palace, Han Sen sat upon a stone chair. Thorn Baron sat opposite him. She stared at him with a complicated expression, but her gaze was unblinking.