Super Gene - Chapter 957: Holy Bottle

Chapter 957: Holy Bottle

Chapter 957: Holy Bottle

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Dead bodies littered the ground as far as the eye could see. The mutant creatures Han Sen had encountered before were still alive, doing battle, but they looked to be in terrible condition.

"Oh, no. It looks like Thorn Shelter really will fall." Han Sen climbed up one of the shelter's towers and peered over towards the spirit hall.

All of Thorn Shelter's inhabitants had been wiped out, and Thunder-Devil King was now nearing the spirit hall with his creatures in tow.

Thorn Baron was in front of the entrance, and she looked panicky when she saw Thunder-Devil King strolling up towards her.

"Thorn, Flame-King has lost the war and Nine-Wish Mountain is mine. Give me your spirit stone and I will allow you to live under my command," Thunder-Devil King said.

"No thanks," Thorn Baron coldly responded.

Thunder-Devil King laughed and proclaimed, "He has many wives, and you are just one name on that list. I am the son of an emperor; become one of my wives."

"D*mn you." Thorn Baron immediately pulled out a crystal bottle. It contained a water-like substance, which she promptly threw on the floor. Immediately, purple vines sprouted and wreathed their way across the entire ground of the spirit hall.

The vines were like snakes, rising up to lash out and attack Thunder-Devil King and his followers. Han Sen was shocked to see the sacred-blood creatures that belonged to Thunder-Devil King being injured by the vines, whereas those below sacred-blood cla.s.s were instantly slain.

So many creatures had been beaten by the vines, no aggressor could do anything to free themselves.

"What is that bottle? It's so powerful." Han Sen had seen those vines before, but it was clear to him that the bottle he was seeing now had amplified the strength of them.

Thunder-Devil King annihilated one of the vines and said, "Flame-King loved you greatly, to provide you with that bottle."

"Die!" Thorn Baron held the bottle like an orchestration baton. She conducted her vines, raising them up to attack Thunder-Devil King with greater ferocity.

Thunder-Devil King summoned a thunder hammer in response. He shattered a large number of the vines, and said, "You are too weak. Even with the bottle, your efforts are futile and powerless. I am going to take this king spirit cla.s.s treasure and use it properly, with an effectiveness you cannot."

The thunder hammer was activated by Thunder-Devil King's thunder. Its power electrified and charred the vines with ease.

All the creatures that could then pounced into action, attacking the vines. And under the wrath of that sudden siege, the vines did not seem as if they would last very long.

A lot of vines were destroyed by Thunder-Devil King and the creatures. Thorn Baron poured out some more of that magical liquid in response, growing more of the vines.

After a few more pours, the bottle was at half capacity. And still, she was making no headway against those who had a.s.saulted her shelter. Vine after vine was cut down, with no great trouble for Thunder-Devil King.

Thorn Baron started to look hopeless. She really was too weak to use the holy bottle effectively, as it did nothing to halt the aggressive progress of the enemy.

The thunder hammer was not a normal weapon either, Han Sen believed. It must have possessed a wretched amount of power to so easily disintegrate Thorn Baron's vines.

Han Sen's heart was now pounding, though. Thorn Baron's holy bottle was undoubtedly a rare treasure of sorts, whereas Thunder-Devil King's hammer was a high-level geno weapon.

Even if it was a little weaker than the bottle, the spirit's weapon had to be at least sacred-blood level.

Han Sen wanted to fight them both, but he could think of no way he might do that without using super king spirit mode.

But super king spirit mode only lasted three seconds, and there was not much he could do with such a small window of opportunity.

Han Sen, watching the fight, slowly approached Thunder-Devil King.

Even if Han Sen managed to get the holy bottle, he wouldn't be able to escape the swift wrath of Thunder-Devil King and his creatures.

So, he watched them intently. He was going to wait for the perfect moment in which he could use super king spirit mode to kill Thunder-Devil King.

If he did that, it'd send the spirit back to his spirit stone. The spirit's troops would flee in fright.

If he was lucky, Thunder-Devil King might even leave the hammer behind.

Geno weapons were different than beast souls, as they were proper physical items at all times. If you dropped a geno weapon, anybody else could pick it up and use it.

He didn't want to forget the threat Thorn Baron herself posed, either. He wanted to wait until she had used up all the water in the holy bottle. That would also be the time he'd expect Thunder-Devil King to drop his guard, leading to the right moment for Han Sen to strike.

"This is it." That moment arrived, and so Han Sen camouflaged himself and approached Thunder-Devil King from behind.

Han Sen had fought him once before, so he was familiar with the spirit's moveset. But still, the spirit had not used that hammer the last time they fought, and Han Sen knew he'd have to be wary when confronting it.

To kill him quickly and avoid as much trouble as he could, Han Sen knew he'd have to Thunder-Devil King. If he couldn't end him fast, he'd have to face off against many sacred-blood creatures, and that was something he wasn't quite confident in doing yet.

Thorn Baron, in the meantime, was doing poorly. The legion of vines were almost all gone, and the bottle didn't have a single drop left.

The vines were no longer s.h.i.+elding the spirit hall, either.

Hiss! A colorful snake destroyed the wall of vines and grabbed Thorn Baron. She was too weak to dodge.

"The bottle is mine!" Thunder-Devil King looked as sinister as he did happy, as he pried the bottle from her hands.

Thorn Baron was hopeless, and she wanted nothing more than to self-destruct now.

The moment she was about to do just that, a white light appeared behind Thunder-Devil King like the sudden eruption of a volcano.