Super Gene - Chapter 941: Disloyal Knight Beast Soul

Chapter 941: Disloyal Knight Beast Soul

Chapter 941: Disloyal Knight Beast Soul

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The fist carried a destructive light. The power was so great that it shone straight through Han Sen's hand like an x-ray, revealing the skeleton beneath his flesh.

Han Sen's Water-Thunder skill smashed against the Disloyal Knight's back.


When the Water-Thunder came into contact with the knight's blood, it electrified the being. The crackle, sizzle, and pop of the lightning strike grew louder and fiercer until it crescendoed in a dizzying firework of electricity.

Without super king spirit mode, the body of the Disloyal Knight was not blown to smithereens. Still, it froze and paralyzed the knight, inhibiting any further movement from it. This was exactly as planned.

The Dragon-Blood Snake and Moment Queen both re-collected themselves and did not spare a single moment in taking the opening Han Sen had created. They raced towards the disabled knight that could not currently move.

All the knight could do was try to block. With each hit that landed on his defenses, the force pushed him back.

The attacks mounted, and the rate of fire against him steadily increased. When the knight looked ready to lose all control, Han Sen fired coins onto his body. The pressure of several mountains weighed upon him, slowing him down considerably.

When the Disloyal Knight finally buckled under the pressure of the relentless attacks, Han Sen had fired a dozen coins upon it.

Since Han Sen had opened his second gene lock by now, they were far more effective, too.

Dragon-Blood Snake and Moment Queen did not cease in their merciless a.s.sault, particularly now that the coin-laden knight was unable to fight back.

The knight was maddened by what was happening, and its mind could not fathom losing to them. As much as it wanted to lash out and do something, its health was being slowly whittled away, and the coins prevented it from doing anything. The weight that disabled it only got increasingly heavy over time, as well.

Han Sen himself took advantage of the situation he had stuck the knight in. He noticed their fruity foe was still trying its hardest to resist its predicament, and he also noticed the negative effects the halo upon its head continued to exude.

But still, he knew that he had all but triumphed over the frighteningly powerful tree-born nemesis. It had been crippled by the weight and repeated attacks; it was no longer a threat to him.

The Disloyal Knight had countless coins stacked on it.


The Disloyal Knight could no longer withstand the pressure. It submitted to the weight and collapsed to the ground, entirely immobile.

Han Sen, the Dragon-Blood Snake, and Moment Queen did not lax. They all continued to batter the monster, and after a few more minutes of such a treatment, it died.

"Super Creature Disloyal Knight killed. Beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

Han Sen was exuberantly happy. Not only had he just slain a super creature, but he had also received its beast soul. He was a lucky man.

Han Sen's joy was given a momentary lapse, however, as he contemplated the string of events that led to his ability to kill the creature. He was incredibly fortunate to have dislodged the super creature, despite the fact that it wasn't fully matured.

The Disloyal Knight's body vanished, but in its place rested a copper Life Geno Essence.

Han Sen gladly accepted it, for it was the first Life Geno Essence he had received in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. Even he was surprised he was able to acquire one so soon.

After the knight died, the tree died along with it. Bringing it into the shelter now would be pointless.

Still, this did not disappoint him too much. For now, he was simply pleased that he had gotten the beast soul and the Life Geno Essence.

Quickly returning to the underground shelter, he spared no time in summoning the beast soul he had just received.

A copper-plated knight appeared in front of Han Sen. There was no halo above its head, but the armor was complete.

"Disloyal Knight: Super Pet Beast Soul."

As glad as Han Sen was, he was a little upset to learn it was a pet. That meant it would take a long time for it to be raised, and he couldn't use it for a while.

If others learned he had a super pet, the attention he would receive would be insufferable. It'd undoubtedly create another big fuss.

After the ordeal, Moment Queen returned to the spirit base. In her absence, Han Sen decided to refine the Life Geno Essence.

He simulated the energy flow of the knight and consumed the orb. He received five super geno points.

Perhaps it was because it hadn't fully grown, or that it was a first generation super creature, but receiving only five points was a little disheartening for Han Sen.

The shelter, after another couple of jumps, reached the outskirts of Thorn Forest. Creatures were finally appearing now, and it looked as if Han Sen could start hunting again.

With Little Wind and the Dragon-Blood Snake, Han Sen wasted no further time and left the shelter to kill as many creatures as he could. It wasn't long before Han Sen was able to max out his ordinary and primitive geno point tallies.

Han Sen did not know which area he was in, and he wondered whether or not there might have been a shelter nearby. If there was, he didn't want anyone to discover the location of his shelter, so he didn't allow his shelter to advance any further. He preferred walking a greater distance, if it meant less exposure.

Wherever he was, though, it was far away from the human shelter he had previously discovered. It was even further away from Qing Ming Shelter. Regardless, it wasn't a coa.r.s.e area of woodland. Low-level creatures populated the region, which made for more relaxing hunts.

After walking fifty miles, however, Han Sen stumbled across another shelter. It appeared to be a knight cla.s.s shelter. From what he could see from the outside, the interior seemed to resemble some sort of ancient city.

Han Sen saw many humans there, and that excited Han Sen a great deal. If it was a spirit shelter, there'd be many creatures in and about the shelter as well. Fortunately, they were absent, so he thought he was in luck.

"Hmm, but why do they only stand there on the inside? Doesn't anyone want to come outside?" Han Sen pondered the curious sight.

Normally, he'd have met and greeted the humans already. The fact that there was not a single human outside of the shelter struck Han Sen as strange.

After contemplating it some more, Han Sen decided to approach the shelter with equal amounts of confusion and concern.