Super Gene - Chapter 940: Frightening Glory

Chapter 940: Frightening Glory

Chapter 940: Frightening Glory

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The Disloyal Knight cried out. Its copper armor glistened in the midday sun, as it teleported in front of Han Sen and tried to strike his stomach.

The Disloyal Knight moved too quickly, and Han Sen took the punch. The force lifted Han Sen from his feet and sent him hurtling a couple dozen meters, toppling several trees as he went. When the arc of his launch led him to the ground, a deep crater was left in his shape.

His sacred-blood armor was dented, and its metal was cracked.

Blergh! Han Sen spat out blood.

"D*mn it! Why did I react so slowly to that strike? I should have been able to dodge that!" As Han Sen reflected over what had just happened, the Disloyal Knight did not relent in its pursuit of Han Sen. It came over to where he lay and tried to strike him again.

Han Sen commanded his four Dragon-Blood Snakes to writhe together and protect him like a s.h.i.+eld.


The Disloyal Knight struck the barricade, with the fist landing firmly on the head of one of the snakes. The snake was pulverized immediately, as a squelching noise greeted the knight's closed fist. The beast soul had been killed just like that.

The Dragon-Blood Snakes unfurled and leapt towards their aggressor in an attack, but the Disloyal Knight dodged.

One snake aimed for the knight's helmet, but just as it flew close, an open hand was raised. The gauntlet captured the airborne snake and then closed hard, turning the wriggling creature into jelly. Another snake was killed.

In a short amount of time, the Disloyal Knight had managed to damage Han Sen and kill two of Han Sen's mutant cla.s.s pet beast souls.

"Moment, what are you waiting for? If I die, you die with me!" Han Sen called for Moment Queen to act.

If this had happened any earlier, she would not have cared for his plight, and instead would have opted to die alongside him.

But she had recently been given hope, and the promise of a brighter future not locked inside the Sea of Soul. She had to do something; she was not willing to watch Han Sen die.

Moment Queen gritted her teeth and raced towards the Disloyal Knight. She would do what she could, but she had only recently started to gain strength through the collection of geno points in the spirit base. She wasn't in her prime, despite her willingness to aid Han Sen the best she could. Her body was little greater than a young king spirit's.

Her speed was exceptional, but overall, her fitness level was lower than the snake that had its sixth gene lock opened.

This speed of hers was no trivial factor, however. Her genes allowed for the control of time, and she could slow down the Disloyal Knight with it.

Han Sen commanded the other two snakes to strike, while Little Wind cast Windblade and Aircannon.

But this didn't yet suppress or put the Disloyal Knight at a disadvantage. It managed to kill another snake, effortlessly. The only one left alive now was the one with its sixth gene lock open.

"D*mn it! Its halo weakens others," Moment Queen called out, as she evaded an attack that came for her.

Her long hair was given a trim by the Disloyal Knight. Had she moved any slower, it would have been her head that was cut off.

"I see that! So, what can we do?" Han Sen briskly asked, as he observed the two copper halos above the Disloyal Knight's head.

The reason Han Sen had been unable to dodge the initial attack was clear now. It was all because of those halos.

The Disloyal Knight's halo did not just slow people down, it also weakened their very bodies.


The Disloyal Knight punched the last remaining snake. It was not killed, but the attack was so strong that it sent the snake reeling backwards, squealing as it spat out blood.

The Disloyal Knight was not powerful enough to one-hit-kill a sixth gene lock snake.

This knowledge comforted Han Sen to a certain degree, and it made it look increasingly likely that the Disloyal Knight had dislodged from the tree too early. It wasn't ready for primetime, and it wasn't a berserk sacred-blood cla.s.s creature yet.

Han Sen clutched his red dagger and cast his dongxuan aura.

Now Han Sen was able to observe just how the halo worked, and he was able to calculate how much it weakened others. With the snake and Moment Queen's kiting, Han Sen would be able to get behind the fruity fiend. Unfortunately, though, they'd still be at a disadvantage.

Little Wind fired its blades of wind and finished casting its Aircannon. Unfortunately, they did not help all that much. The attacks were little more than a stiff breeze to the Disloyal Knight.

The knight had a great level of fitness, and its halo was strong. Its punches were mighty and destructive. When the red dagger cut the copper light of its fist, no damage was done.

So, Han Sen resolved to watch its movements more and get a firmer grasp on how the opponent acted.

Previously, in grievous times such as this, he'd activate his super king spirit body mode. Using it in such a dire situation would usually ensure a victory, but alas, he couldn't.


Moment Queen teleported directly behind the Disloyal Knight and tried to punch the b.l.o.o.d.y, torn place in its armor where it had prematurely ripped itself loose from the tree.

But all of a sudden, the Disloyal Knight's body shone brightly and blocked her attack. It was close, but no cigar.

Moment Queen's fist bled after punching the light-imbued protection that now coated the foe's armor.

The Dragon-Blood Snake roared and attempted to sever the knight's head from its body.

But the knight was able to move away, turn, and wallop the snake's head. The snake fell to the ground.

"Now!" Han Sen appeared behind the Disloyal Knight and threw a punch.

He had used a stealth skill; one that didn't allow the Disloyal Knight enough time to notice and deflect the punch. Still, its body glowed in order to better absorb the damage that would come from the incoming fist.

Han Sen knew there was much power in that glow, but he was not afraid. His left arm was raised as it gathered frost and lightning, and his right arm bore the dagger.