Super Gene - Chapter 930: Phoenix Body

Chapter 930: Phoenix Body

Chapter 930: Phoenix Body

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"Ridiculous!" Hearing what Han Sen said, The King of Day could do nothing but scoff indignantly.

Phoenix King took the jive calmly, though. He was not swayed by what Han Sen said, and merely responded, "This is good. Perhaps that is what we should do; of course, the reality will be the reverse. I kill you, and then you proceed to kill yourself ninety-nine times. Okay?"

"Then it is settled." Han Sen smiled, as he let out a holy light that enveloped him.

Phoenix King's body kicked up a blaze of golden flames, instead. The shadow of a newly arisen phoenix could faintly be seen, behind the curtain of fire that wreathed the spirit. The array of tall flames was a mesmerizing sight, like a fountain of molten gold.

"Phoenix Body sure puts the envy into all who look upon it," The King of Day said, not even attempting to hide his own jealousy of the power.

Each member of the audience of spirits had their mouths agape and eyes wide. They felt pride in being allowed to witness the casting of Phoenix Body.

Phoenix King had spent many years in the first and second spirit bases. He had never lost once, and he was a supremely powerful spirit.

Han Sen looked at him and merely swung his fist.

Phoenix King threw a fist of his own in retaliation. The gold flames that surged around his fist turned into the shape of a fire-born phoenix, and it carried the knuckles forward with tremendous force.


Han Sen's fist collided with the phoenix and broke it. His fist did not stop there, however, and onwards it went. His fist surged through the air and walloped Phoenix King.

The bird and the flames that surrounded Phoenix King were shattered by the mystic power that fueled Han Sen's fist.

But in the next second, the golden flames tightened around Phoenix King's body and were renewed like the summoning of fiery armor. He was undamaged, as if he had not suffered the power of that punch.

"Phoenix King is good, but there's no denying how powerful The King is, too. Did you see his phoenix-shape shatter?" Heavenly Empress commented.

The King of Day was happy, and he said, "Ha, even The King's power is null against Phoenix King. The King is done for this time."

Flower Empress wore a complicated look, and clearly waged an internal battle of conflicting opinions. She wanted The King to lose, but not grievously. She almost wanted him to win.

Han Sen did not relent in his attacks. Fist after fist hammered against Phoenix King's body, and while each time the fires were quelled, they'd be reborn to protect their caster before another fist could land.

No matter how much power Han Sen put into his attacks, Phoenix King shrugged each of them off. Still, no damage was dealt to the Phoenix Body.

Phoenix King merely stood there, not even attempting to dodge Han Sen's attacks. He looked at his opponent with disdain, as punch after punch was thrown against him.

"It's useless. You cannot harm me. Suicide now, and save us all the trouble and wait," Phoenix coldly said.

Han Sen smiled at Phoenix in return, saying, "I'll admit I'm impressed. That's a fire element skill, right?"

"Don't compare the grace of my Phoenix Body with that of ordinary fire. Mine is a holy flame, it is pure and it is ultimate." Phoenix's face was stuffed with gross pride as he spoke.

The spirits that watched the fight looked on him in admiration. They were in awe of Phoenix Body's might.

Han Sen laughed and said, "You make it sound unbeatable, but we all know everything has its weakness. Fire is fire, and fire doesn't get along with water too well."

"You don't control the powers of water, boy," Phoenix said with a mocking tone.

The water element was still harmless against Phoenix King. Ordinary watery attacks were not able to suppress the flames of the phoenix.

The King of Day joined-in on the mocking and said, "Cut the c.r.a.p! Even if you did wield water elemental powers, they would do nothing. Stop wasting our time."

Han Sen ignored The King of Day and continued to focus on Phoenix King. He said, "Who told you I'm not attuned with the element of water?"

Han Sen reached out his arm and opened the palm of his hand. Frosty air was summoned to encompa.s.s it, and it grew stronger and stronger into a fierce blizzard, until it eventually consumed him.

"I thought he was physical-only?" Everyone was shocked at this revelation, unable to believe Han Sen was using the power of ice.

"Was he hiding his true power, after all this time? I mean, he was already beating each and every one of us he faced." Even The King of Day was taken aback.

"No. This is not his true power; it actually seems weaker," Heavenly Empress stated.

"You mean to say that power doesn't actually belong to him?" Flower Empress asked.

Phoenix King looked on Han Sen with disdain, saying, "This power does not belong to you. You cannot make it effective! Not even this power can bring me harm."

"Really? Then are you willing to accept one of these punches?" Han Sen did not wait for a response, and simply threw a fist out towards Phoenix King.

The icy powers were learnt from Little Fairy in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. He had only opened its first gene lock, so it was indeed weaker than what it could have been. It was visibly so, in the eyes of others.

Han Sen knew Little Fairy's powers were special, but he planned on doing more than just using her powers. He had more than a few aces up his sleeve.

Almost at the same moment, Han Sen simulated Little Silver's power. The frosty air crackled with the charge of brutal electricity, not too unlike the Water-Thunder skill he had just learnt.

Han Sen's fist was shrouded in biting clouds; the same clouds that masked much of his body.

Phoenix King's power and speed were not as good as Han Sen's, so the spirit's Phoenix Flame attack could not hurt him.

They had been at a stalemate, in which Han Sen could not be damaged and Han Sen could not damage the spirit with his holy light. Thus far, Phoenix King had only been so and boisterous because of the Phoenix Body talent he possessed. He had an indestructible body, and he wanted people to know that.


Han Sen's fist collided with Phoenix King's fire-wreathed body.