Super Gene - Chapter 929: Self-Fight

Chapter 929: Self-Fight

Chapter 929: Self-Fight

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Han Sen avoided Phoenix King because he wanted to collect king spirit genes from the lower ranked king spirits first.

All the spirits believed The King was too afraid to battle Phoenix King. They also believed Phoenix King was the only one who could beat him.

The King of Day proclaimed The King to be a cheap *sshole, who would only bully and compete with those who were obviously weaker than he was.

Han Sen's behavior had disappointed many spirits, and their enthusiasm for The King waned significantly. Most spirits tended to avoid him, and none were quite as willing to part with their spirit geno points as they had been.

Of course, Han Sen cared little for how they felt. Right now, he had a goal and he wished to see it through. Therefore, he spent all his time on hunting down king spirits in sequential order.

After killing a few, though, Han Sen had a considerable amount of difficulty locating others; the spirits he sought were no longer entering the spirit base.

"The King, quit your search. Unless you fight Phoenix King, none will allow themselves to be fought by you," Heavenly Empress said.

Flower Empress looked at Han Sen with disappointment. She had admitted to the crush she had on him, but she was now feeling foolish for thinking too highly of a spirit who was now viewed as a scaredy-cat.

"It looks like they've thrown a wrench in my hunting plans." Han Sen sighed, thinking he could have collected many more geno points first. Now, aside from Phoenix King, there'd be no one else to fight.

"You are obscene. Challenge him, if you have the b.a.l.l.s!" The King of Day said.

Han Sen looked at him and said, "Fine; I'll challenge you."

"You are obscene. Challenge Phoenix, not me!" The King of Day shouted.

To this, Han Sen smiled and said, "You're like a broken record. And all this proves is that you're weak. I must have been mistaken, believing you to be quite the character. I can't believe you just admitted to being weaker than me."

"You..." The King of Day's face turned green.

Han Sen looked at Phoenix King on his island and said, "Do you really want to fight me that badly?"

"You are not qualified to be my opponent, so I was merely hoping to teach you a lesson," Phoenix King coldly said.

"Well said." Han Sen laughed.

All the spirits in the vicinity frowned. Phoenix King had sought to mock him, yet Han Sen had complimented him for the jest and laughed in his face.

Han Sen looked at Phoenix King and said, "If you really think you can teach me a lesson, would you like to make this a proper fight? One in which we gamble our self geno points? All of them."

Everyone was shocked upon hearing this. If this was true, it would be a long fight. The fight would last until one side had maxed out their geno points, or the other side ran out of them.

There was no cap to how many self geno points a person could have, but Han Sen could only have one hundred spirit geno points.

The only exception to this was if Han Sen signed a contract with Phoenix King. In that case, he could gather as many phoenix geno points as he wanted. Of course, Han Sen wasn't willing to sign a contract with Phoenix. Therefore, the max amount he could receive was one hundred.

"That's just what I was hoping for." Phoenix King agreed without hesitation. He did not believe Han Sen could beat him, so he accepted the deathmatch.

"Hahaha! You really think the terms of this fight would scare off Phoenix? Let's see how many self geno points you'll have left by the end of this fight." The King of Day was tremendously excited.

Both Empresses did not speak, for self-fights were too serious. No one had many self geno points, and losing a large amount of them was a terrible misfortune to befall anyone.

They were surprised at Han Sen's suggestion of making it a self-fight.

What they did not know was that Han Sen only had two self geno points. At the most, he could only lose two.

Han Sen wanted to increase his number of self geno points, but until now, he had not known how.

They would never have guessed Han Sen only had two self geno points.

Han Sen sent out his self-fight request, and Phoenix King spared no time in accepting it.

A fight such as this attracted the viewers.h.i.+p of many spirits.

"The King is having a self-fight with Phoenix King? Oh man, he is insane!"

"Phoenix King has Phoenix Body, though. The King is going to get murdered."

"I wonder what element The King's genes are. I hope Phoenix doesn't have any of the element he has, so he can receive every last one."

"Yep. We have yet to see The King lose, so it is still unknown to us what element he has. It must be very powerful, no matter what it is."

"Don't worry, mate; we'll find out soon enough."

Because Han Sen had rejected the fight before, they still believed The King did not have what it took to beat Phoenix.

Han Sen slowly walked to Phoenix King's island and said, "Looking at you makes me feel sleepy."

"It's too late for regrets now!" Phoenix King blasted.

"Oh, I have no regrets. It's just the thought of killing you one hundred times will be so boring and tiring. I hope I don't fall asleep before we're done. Hey, here's a thought; how about I annihilate you once, and then you commit suicide ninety-nine times to spare me the trouble?" Han Sen said, with a surprisingly serious tone of voice.