Super Gene - Chapter 90: Hand of God

Chapter 90: Hand of God

Chapter 90: Hand of G.o.d

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On the next day, Han Sen brought p.o.r.ns to the soldier who had asked him for them. The soldier was so happy that he wanted to become sworn brothers with Han Sen and said Han Sen would be responsible for his happiness from now on.

Han Sen was covered in sweat. Fortunately, Yang Manli came fast enough so that Han Sen got rid of the soldier successfully.

Yang Manli spent half an hour to explain some archery knowledge and gave Han Sen a few tasks to finish on his own.

Han Sen had learned basic archery knowledge at school and what Yang taught him was more practical, which benefited him a lot. Yang was indeed an expert.

There were a lot of tasks for him to complete, which included the gravity trainer. Han Sen wanted to use the gravity trainer himself. This time he used the protection mechanism to adjust the parameters, not to reduce the gravity, but to increase the gravity a notch so that it suited his real fitness level better.

The gym did not seem to be the place where ordinary soldiers trained. Han Sen had never seen other soldiers here than the ones he talked to.

During lunch break, Han Sen was chatting with the soldiers he knew. The soldier who asked Han Sen for p.o.r.ns regarded Han Sen and asked, "Sen, in addition to bow and arrows, what other weapons do you use?"

"Dagger." Han Sen showed him the Z-steel dagger.

Han Sen only knew the nicknames of these soldiers. This guy’s name was "Gambler." Han Sen learned from others that he was greedy and lewd.

Gambler took over Han Sen’s dagger and played with it. The dagger seemed like a living thing in his hand, making dazzling moves like a snake.

"Watch this." Gambler held the dagger an inch away from Han Sen’s eyes. With a simple wave of his hand, the dagger disappeared in front of Han Sen and Gambler’s hand was empty.

"S*#t! Your nickname should be Magician!" Han Sen looked everywhere and didn’t see the dagger.

Gambler laughed and shook his hands in front of Han Sen. He curled his fingers and the dagger returned to his hands magically.

"How did you do that?" Han Sen widened his eyes.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Gambler asked proudly.

"Yep." Han Sen quickly nodded.

"Dazzling, no?" Gambler played with the dagger.

"For sure." Han Sen nodded again.

"Want to learn?" Gambler looked at Han Sen with a faint smile.

"I do. Do you want to teach me?" Han Sen asked.

"If you can bring me all my girls’ new movies, I will teach you." Gambler said with a smile.

"No problem." Han Sen agreed, knowing the girls Gambler referred to were certain p.o.r.n stars.

Although it cost some money to buy new movies, Han Sen really wanted to learn these tricks.

"Come, we will find a place so that I can show you." Gambler took Han Sen aside and told him the key to it.

Han Sen then found out that it was not really magic but finger tricks. Although it was taking advantage of the blind spots, the most important part was one’s control of the muscles on the arm.

Yes, it was the entire arm instead of just the hand.

Gambler told him that this trick was called "heaven in sleeves," also known as "Sleeveblade." It was pa.s.sed down in his family as the foundation of their family business. The dirk Gambler used was specially made. Thin and sharp, it had a crescent-like double-edged blade but no hilt.

Gambler was playing with one dirk in each hand, and it looked like there were two b.u.t.terflies dancing around his hands, which was amazing to watch.

"How long will it take for me to become a master like you?" Han Sen looked at Gambler enviously.

Gambler smiled, "I started at the age of three, and became better at seven. I’m now intermediate and still far from being a master."

He gave the dagger back to Han Sen and said, "Do not underestimate this trick. Although it is just lays the foundation, but it is fundamental and will benefit you for the rest of your life."

"Gambler, what does your family do?" Han Sen could not help but ask.

"Aha, you will never be in our business and I do not intend to let you. I’m just showing you a trick. You could practice it if you think it is fun. Never mind other issues." Gambler walked away and turned back to ask Han Sen, "Have you ever played games on the Skynet?"

"Rarely." Han Sen had spent all his time trying to survive, and had no time for games.

"Go play ‘Hand of G.o.d.’ It will help you learn this trick. If you can level up in that game, you will be getting somewhere with this trick." Gambler pointed to the holographic training machine.

Han Sen was very interested in Sleeveblade, so he went to check out Hand of G.o.d on the holographic training machine. Soon he understood why Gambler asked him to play this game.

This was a holographic game. Its idea was like Whack-a-Mole, but instead of using fingers alone, the spots to touch could appear everywhere around one’s arms. One must use all muscles rationally to hit all the spots to pa.s.s a level. It was highly demanding for one’s dexterity and accuracy.

In addition to the beginner level, the game was divided into three levels: evolver, surpa.s.s and demiG.o.d.

The intention of the cla.s.sification was obviously to correspond with the three phases of G.o.d’s Sanctuary, and to guide players to choose the right level.

Han Sen first chose the beginner level. Actually, when Gambler said "level up," he meant to clear the beginner level. As for which level Gambler himself was in, Han Sen had no way of knowing.

Soon, Han Sen was hooked. He was not that smooth in the beginning, but was soon addicted to the satisfaction gained from hitting rapidly as he got familiar with the game.

"Faster, faster, faster..." Once started, the game would push one to pursue the exhilaration in speeding up.

But Han Sen did not have much time to play this game. After a few rounds in the martial arts contest, Han Sen reached the final match as expected.

Not sure it was good luck or bad luck, Han Sen didn’t encounter either Fist Guy or Son of Heaven. Son of Heaven had eliminated Fist Guy, and Qin Xuan had eliminated Son of Heaven. The final match was between Qin Xuan and Han Sen.

In fact, Han Sen wanted to fight Son of Heaven more, so that he would have the opportunity to kill Son of Heaven on the stage. Usually the young master was surrounded by many strong men and there was almost no chance for Han Sen to approach him.