Super Gene - Chapter 89: I’m the Strongest

Chapter 89: I’m the Strongest

Chapter 89: I’m the Strongest

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"Now, do you have something to say to me?" Yang Manli approached Han Sen who was standing like a statute.

Han Sen hadn’t reached a certain level in Jadeskin, so his fatigue wasn’t cleared away completely. Having stood there for over three hours, he was drenched in sweat.

Even so, his stance was still firm as ever and his hands holding the bow didn’t even tremble.

Yang Manli for the first time felt that maybe Han Sen was somewhat talented. He had been standing like that for more than three hours and his hands were still steady, which was a great quality for an archer.

"Captain, I really have nothing to say," Han Sen said.

"Well, since you are so tough, you could keep standing here." Yang Manli went away without looking back. She was a little angry, but also respected Han Sen for what he did. That was a difficult task for a sixteen-year-old. She herself could only last two hours with a 6.0 bow at his age.

After Yang Manli had closely observed Han Sen’s situation and made sure he was fine, she was surprised to see that he did have the energy to continue.

Although this was a test of endurance, and didn’t have much to do with his other qualities. It still showed that Han Sen was outstanding in something, as someone with a fitness index less than 10 wasn’t likely to last this long.

"How can he have such strong endurance?" Yang Manli thought she probably couldn’t even accomplish this herself, while Han Sen, someone with much worse fitness than she, could pull through.

After Yang Manli went back to the office, she continued to monitor Han Sen. On one hand, she wanted to find out how long Han Sen could last in the end; on the other hand, she was afraid his arms would be damaged.

She did not want Han Sen on her team, but she did not mean to harm him either. That was why she couldn’t let anything happen to him. Not to mention she had started to appreciate his endurance and perseverance.

As for Han Sen's answer, in fact, Yang Manli did not really want to hear it. If Han Sen had really confessed, Yang Manli would have thought he was a snitch.

Before long, the soldiers took some water and food and sneaked back into the gym.

"Brother, great job. Come and drink some nutrition solution to get some strength." A soldier opened a bottle of nutrient solution and lifted it to Han Sen’s lips.

"Eat something. Although this meat is as good as the meat from G.o.d’s Sanctuary, it was cooked by a chef here and the taste is good." Another soldier held a large piece of barbecue on a fork and put it up to Han Sen’s mouth.

"It’s fine. I only have one hour left and must satisfy Yang’s demand. I am afraid she would say it doesn’t count if you help me," Han Sen said.

"Brother, you are really a tough guy. I don’t admire anyone but you."

"Right, what is your name?"

"Han Sen."

"You are just over 16 right?"

"Haven’t had my 17th birthday."

"Are all kids so tough these days?"

"I do not know about others, but I'm definitely the toughest."

"Do not talk to him anymore. It consumes his energy."

The soldiers saw Han Sen was fine and set up a table next to him to play cards. Han Sen was upset and thought, "You animals. Are you trying to help or p.i.s.s me off?"

Han Sen had been standing there for more than four hours. The soldiers watched the clock turning to one second past midnight, put the cards down, took the bow over and raised Han Sen up, ready to throw him into the hydro ma.s.sage machine.

"Don’t! I do not need the ma.s.sage. It’s too late now. I have to go home." Han Sen quickly waved his hands. He had seen this kind of machine before, and it would take at least an hour before he could get out. He did not want to waste his time here.

"That is not okay. You have been stretching your muscles for too long, which could severely harm your body. You must fully relax through the ma.s.sage so that your veins and muscles could be revitalized. You have to stay in it for at least three hours with the strongest mode on," said a soldier seriously.

"I'm alright." Han Sen couldn’t really wait three hours. As the soldiers insisted, he used a technique from Ghosthaunt and grabbed a soldier’s neck. With a twist, he wiggled free like a snake.

"Brothers, I’m really okay. I have to go home now. If you don’t believe me, I will show you that I still have the energy to perform military boxing," Han Sen said and performed the complete set of military boxing.

Military boxing was something taught at the integrated compulsory education, and was something as simple as gymnastics. But all the soldiers were dumbfounded by it. They watched Han Sen as if they had seen a ghost.

"S*#t! Kid you must be a monster under the human skin," the soldiers suddenly shouted when Han Sen finished the military boxing.

"A Shura under the human skin!"

"A perpetual motion machine under the human skin!"

When Han Sen left the teleport station, it was one o’clock in the morning. His mother and sister weren’t home so he cooked himself something to fill his stomach and went to bed.

Although Han Sen's body was fine, he did feel rather tired and almost fell asleep immediately.

He didn’t get up until it was noon.

Han Sen stretched and felt very good all over. It was as if all his cells and pores were revitalized. He discovered that he had made great progress in Jadeskin. Although it was still just a little, it was about the effect of ten days’ practice.

"So Jadeskin is practiced more efficiently under extreme conditions?" Han Sen was surprised.

It was worth a shot anyway. If it was true, it would be great for his practice of Jadeskin.

Han Sen was not in a hurry. He had lots of time to train in the gravity trainer in the future. If he didn’t do it, Yang Manli would make him anyway.

Han Sen had carefully thought about his current situation. It would still be a while until he could become an aristocrat and it was not a bad thing to join Qin Xuan’s squad to gain protection for his family.

As Qin Xuan had said, if Son of Heaven wanted to harm his family. There wasn’t really much he could do even if he was home. The military’s protection was more reliable.

Son of Heaven was careful with Qin Xuan in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, so Han Sen believed that Qin Xuan’s background would deter Son of Heaven. As long as Son of Heaven didn’t know he was Dollar, Han Sen didn’t think the guy would risk offending the military force for some small conflict.