Super Gene - Chapter 893: Three-Second Hero

Chapter 893: Three-Second Hero

Chapter 893: Three-Second Hero

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Han Sen wished to dodge, but the phantom weight inhibited him from doing so. He was unable to move a single step, let alone evade the coin completely.

Using his hand like a sword, Han Sen simulated Steel-Knight King's green light to strike the incoming projectile.

But the unbreakable green light of the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary was practically useless in this realm. The coin zipped through the green light and attached itself to Han Sen's hand.


His body was dragged down by the weight of mountains, and it brought him to his knees.

Being crushed under the weight of both coins, Han Sen could hear the bones of his body creaking, ready to buckle and snap.


The golden toad was unrelenting, and it fired another gold coin towards its aggressor. Unable to dodge this one, as well, the coin planted itself firmly on Han Sen's face.

He fell to the ground, and so great was the force, an imprint of his body formed as he sunk into the soil.

"There is a big difference between the first and second gene locks being opened. If I unlock my second gene lock, I might be able to fight back. This toad has a strange power, and if it attacked like any other creature, my flight might have been successful. But the coin's weird power prohibits my movement." Han Sen then focused his own power. His kidneys were kicked into overdrive, creating a ma.s.sive amount of energy to gather the momentum he needed to move.

The toad's coins did not kill or inflict direct damage, they just added excruciating amounts of weight. The pressure on his body was enormous, and if he was. .h.i.t with a few more of such coins, his inner-strength was sure to give way. He'd be crushed.

"Argh!" Han Sen shouted. Despite his most valiant attempts to generate energy for a triumphant rise, he was unable to move. His arms now trembled, and things turned awry.

Ever since the first coin landed on his hand, he'd found himself in a dire circ.u.mstance.


Another coin landed on Han Sen's body. His arms could not withstand it, and there was no room for any more resistance. His entire body was pinned to the ground, as if he was paralyzed.

The toad watched Han Sen sink into the soil, and its grimacing look seemed to reflect a certain amount of joy. It looked ready to spit out another coin.

But suddenly, Han Sen felt a horrible power arise. This new power was like a volcano, erupting violently. The golden toad was equally shocked at the emergence of this new threat, and looked at Han Sen.

Han Sen was slowly being crushed, pushed into a pit shaped by his own body. But this power was emerging from within himself. Suddenly, this power revealed itself as a bright ball of light.

Using all his power, Han Sen had been determined to fight back against the phantom weight. He had resisted it with all his might, but still, it wasn't enough. He was exhausted and still unable to move.

But suddenly, a power emerged from inside his cells and coursed through his entire body.

The white light was coming out of his cells, turning his skin white as virgin snow. His hair followed, and with its new color, it rapidly grew to the length of his entire person.

His black pupils turned white, and even his armor started to s.h.i.+ne white through the bright light.

Han Sen's entire body was emitting holy light, and he felt the ceiling of his body's strength heighten. He was taking on the image of a G.o.d, looking magnificently holy. His appearance was supreme and without a single flaw or blemish.

He looked like Apollo Helios himself, and all who looked upon him would undoubtedly turn away in shame. No one would believe themselves graceful enough to merit a glimpse of such a stunning man.


Han Sen's body continued to s.h.i.+ne in this manner, as he raised his hand and gripped the ground. Then, he stood up from the pit.

The coins that were across his body all fell off, and then Han Sen turned to look at the golden toad as a greater power brewed inside him.

The, devilish toad now looked frightened. It was so afraid, it wasted no time in running off.


Han Sen's perfect body carried this white light. He teleported in front of the toad and punched it in the face.

This turned the toad's fear into anger, and so it spat out another coin. Immediately after it did this, it turned around and tried to jump into the river.


Han Sen's fist struck the coin, and it ricocheted back to touch the toad. Then, its body cracked. The warts collapsed in on themselves, as its toxic blood drenched it, oozing uncontrollably.

The toad squealed, and its body sank into the rock it had leapt onto. A crater, shaped like the toad's form, was pressed into the stone. Slowly, as it sank deeper and deeper into the stone, its body was crushed.

"Ordinary Creature Coin Toad killed. No beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to obtain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly."

When the announcement sounded, Han Sen was ecstatic. But his body felt so empty, as the power inside him completely drained from his cells.

His legs turned soft, and he almost collapsed from sudden exhaustion. It almost made him want to cough up blood.

"Super body exhausted; super king spirit status cannot be maintained."

"Super body exhausted; super king spirit status cannot be maintained."

A warning sounded in his head, and repeated itself over and over. This surprised him.

He was surprised to learn it was his super king spirit status that had been activated. The power it bestowed upon him was incredible; it was simply a shame it had only lasted for three seconds.

"What kind of super king spirit mode was that? It made me a three-second hero; couldn't I any last longer?" Han Sen's heart sank.

Still, his excitement about what he had achieved prevailed. When he was in super king spirit mode, one punch was enough to kill a toad that had three of its gene locks opened. The Alliance said it was nigh impossible to kill a creature that was one tier above you, and if that difference was two tiers, you'd be dominated.

When Han Sen became a super king spirit, he one-hit killed a creature that was two tiers higher than him. That power was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

The only bad thing was that his fitness wasn't ideal for it. The six hundred fitness could only grant him three seconds of its incredible power, so Han Sen believed the requirements were too high.

Still, it made sense. That mode was for a super king spirit, and Han Sen had yet to achieve a single geno point in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. It was acceptable.

If Han Sen had not maxed out his super geno points before he became a surpa.s.ser, it was unlikely he'd have lasted a single second with it.