Super Gene - Chapter 892: Dollar’s Strength

Chapter 892: Dollar’s Strength

Chapter 892: Dollar’s Strength

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After the time the three had spent together, they were no longer wary Han Sen's presence and were comfortable with him there. On this day, after exiting to the garden, Han Sen grabbed the water bucket as he routinely did.

When Han Sen reached the watervine, the copper toad was still there. The watervine had grown three copper coins that had a sparkly, almost gold-like sheen to them. Although this fruit did not look fully mature yet, it was obviously getting close.

Han Sen was planning to slay the toad and speed-up the growth of the watervine himself.

It had been a long time since he fought, however, and he thought he had probably gotten a little rusty. He exercised for a bit first, and simulated the silver fox's thunder powers. He ran in front of the copper toad and pointed at it.


The copper toad was shocked by the sudden intruder, and so it leapt out of the water enraged. Then it spat out a copper coin at Han Sen.

Han Sen knew his attack would not hurt the toad, as he hadn't employed much strength. He was afraid of hurting the vine, so he wanted to draw the toad away from it first.

Seeing the copper coin that was spat out by the toad rapidly approaching him, Han Sen threw another punch out and blew it up.

The toad, seeing its copper coin get blown up, let out a wretched, angry shriek. After this, it transformed into a silver toad that looked like a statue.

Han Sen felt the strength of the toad's lifeforce significantly increase. He thought to himself, "Has this little guy unlocked his second gene lock?"


The silver toad spat out another coin, except this time it was silver.

Han Sen looked at it, knowing it had to be powerful due to it being a second gene lock power.

Han Sen cast the strongest sonic-thunder punch he could muster at the incoming monetary projectile.

The silver lightning, like a silver sun going supernova, enveloped the coin in its bright light.

But it did not stop it. The coin cut through the silver light and struck Han Sen's fist.


Han Sen fell back as the coin bounced away. As it ricocheted off his fist, he noticed the coin had been melted, and its shape twisted.

But the force of the strike made his fist go numb. As his hand trembled, he thought to himself, "An opened second gene lock offers a considerable increase in power. Although I have not opened mine, my fitness level should make up for this current lack. I should be able to kill this toad, if I put my mind to it."

Han Sen hadn't expected the first creature he fought in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary to have already opened its second gene lock. To kill this foe, he'd have to give it his all and pull-out all the stops.

The toad let out another rage-fueled ribbit.

Its silver body was now starting to turn inside out, plating the body of the river-fiend in gold. It was now like a gold toad statue, and it was as ugly as it was luxurious.

"c.r.a.p! Third gene lock? You've got to be kidding me!" Han Sen's resolve to defeat the toad rapidly dissolved at this ghastly sight, so he turned heel and ran away.

Han Sen simulated Light Son of G.o.d's speed boost so he could run and run, without sparing a moment to look back.

With Han Sen's incredible fitness, he was confident in his ability to kill creatures with unlocked second gene locks. But when it came to a creature that opened its third gene lock, Han Sen was not going to hang around. It'd be futile, and he knew it.

Han Sen, when he was last in the Alliance, read information stating anything or anyone that had their third gene lock open was at the very least above six hundred in fitness.

Being two tiers higher than Han Sen and possessing a fitness level that was higher than Han Sen's meant the fight against the toad was a lost cause. All he could do was get away from there and flee the scene.

The toad was ordinary cla.s.s, at least, because normal creatures could only reach the second tier. Ordinary cla.s.s creatures could reach the fourth tier, and that meant the toad had to be ordinary or higher.

Ordinary creatures that had unlocked their third gene lock could comfortably go up against mutant cla.s.s creatures, so Han Sen wouldn't stand a chance against such a monster.

When a creature was born, they all started with their first gene lock open. Unlocking further tiers was dependent on their fitness and level. They still had to put in the effort, though, too.

Some humans, however, have been reported to encounter ordinary creatures with a fifth gene lock open. And since they only had to open an additional two gene locks to take on mutant creatures, that meant they were special. So special, the estimated number of such ordinary creatures existing was somewhere in the ratio range of 1:100,000. It was rare enough to see an ordinary cla.s.s with their fourth gene lock open.

Han Sen did not know how many gene locks the toad had opened in full, but he didn't want to risk anything. Although the toad's lifeforce was that of an ordinary creature, there'd be zero chance of him defeating the toad if it was revealed that it had opened its fourth gene lock.

After running a good distance, Han Sen heard the toad shriek. A gold coin was spat out and sent flying towards Han Sen like a bullet.

Han Sen cast his dongxuan aura to try to dodge it.

But the coin looked alive, and it managed to twirl and mix-up its approach to confuse its target while airborne. It changed direction just as it got close, and looked likely to strike Han Sen's body.

With sudden shock at the realization he was about to be hit and wouldn't be able to dodge, the only thing he could now do was cast sonic-thunder punch to deflect it.


Sonic-thunder punch was powerful, but only its first gene lock had been opened. The punch was broken by the projectile, and the coin was able to cut through the force and hit Han Sen's fist directly.

Han Sen used all his strength in an attempt to punch that coin away, but to his surprise, the coin that cut through his sonic-thunder punch did not strike his fist hard. It fell flat against his fingers, as if it had been magnetized.

The next second, Han Sen felt as if he was much heavier. He felt as if he was carrying a mountain on his shoulders, and it made him drop to the ground.

"This toad has a weird power." Han Sen was not keen to remain lying down. He managed to drag himself back to his feet, but the intense, crus.h.i.+ng weight remained. With this speed impediment, it'd be impossible to escape the toad now.


The toad did not relent; it croaked and fired another coin towards Han Sen.