Super Gene - Chapter 881: Finishing the Blood-Pulse Sutra

Chapter 881: Finishing the Blood-Pulse Sutra

Chapter 881: Finis.h.i.+ng the Blood-Pulse Sutra

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"Why?" Han Sen asked, not understanding.

"Your great-grandfather was renowned for his cruelty in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. Every spirit there will hate him with a pa.s.sion. If you don't want a perpetual bounty on your head, keep your familial tie to him a secret. But since you didn't learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra, that shouldn't be too much of a problem." Luo Lan smiled.

"This is bad." When Han Sen heard this, his heart jumped. He knew he'd have no problem keeping it a secret, but he was aware that the Zhao family hated him. He feared they would send word to the spirits of the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary about who Han Sen's ancestor was.

Han Sen told Luo Lan the story of what had transpired between him and the Zhao family over time, and when Luo Lan heard this, she said, "The Third G.o.d's Sanctuary is enormous. There are few humans there, and lesser still are capable of traveling. Unless you are extremely unlucky, and sp.a.w.n near the Zhao family, you shouldn't have too many problems."

"And when you enter the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, you are eligible for a name-change. Even if they know you are out there in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary someplace, they will only know your name. Your precise location will be unknown to them." Luo Lan did not seem to be worried at all.

"I suppose you're right, Mom." Han Sen felt rea.s.sured with his mother's comfort.

Luo Lan then said, "You don't have to come find me, by the way. I can travel to Moment Shelter by myself."

"No, Mom, I should come and pick you up. It is too dangerous for you to venture there alone," Han Sen quickly responded.

"You underestimate the talents of your mother. Just stick to doing your own thing; I'll be fine." Luo Lan gave another warm smile.

Although Han Sen wanted her to wait for him, she insisted on going by herself. Knowing his mother's determination, Han Sen knew he'd have no choice but to accept, agree, and respect her decision.

There was nothing he could do save speed up his own journey to visit her. The sooner he met her, the less danger she would have to face on her own. He knew she was powerful, but it was natural for him to worry over her well-being.

Han Sen wasn't in much of a mood to kill any more creatures, so his journey there was defined by one thing, and one thing only; power walking. Unless he stumbled across a creature that could benefit his pets, he was too lazy to fight.

After walking for an entire month, Han Sen came across a second-generation wolf king out on a moor. To get it, Han Sen had to slay its entire wolf pack.

He didn't get a beast soul, but he was able to finally max out his super geno points.

After another three months of walking, Han Sen finally met up with Luo Lan. They spent four months traveling back to Moment Shelter, where he let Luo Lan to handle the affairs of the shelter. Now, Han Sen could focus on moving up to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Throughout his time on the road, Han Sen also spent time practicing his Blood-Pulse Sutra. His body received a great many changes, and he was close to breaking its first gene lock.

Han Sen planned on finis.h.i.+ng the first tier and then becoming a surpa.s.ser. He also wanted to level up the fairy, too. She wouldn't listen to anyone but Han Sen, so he thought she'd only bring mischief if she was to remain in Moment Shelter without him. Han Sen was going to try and get her to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, to avoid her being a nuisance in his absence.

As for the three-tailed fox, Big Black, Small Back, and Little White, they were all well-behaved. Even if Han Sen wasn't around, they would follow Luo Lan's commands. That, alongside the super beast souls he was going to give her, would guarantee that Luo Lan would have no problem keeping the shelter secure.

Aside from Little Angel and his Devil-Ant King armor, Meowth and Golden Growler, Han Sen gifted all of his beast souls to Luo Lan.

Han Sen worried people might recognize the Devil-Ant King armor that Dollar had used, and that's why he decided to bring it with him. After everything he had experienced so far, he knew his beast souls wouldn't be of much use in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Even his shapes.h.i.+fting Silver-Blood Macaque beast soul was useless to him now. It could boost him to a fitness level of three hundred, yes, but once he became a surpa.s.ser, his fitness level would reach six hundred.

Han Sen's body wasn't weaker than the Silver-Blood Macaque. He had reached a fitness level of three hundred, but his king spirit body did not activate. He thought it would most likely activate after he became a surpa.s.ser.

So, Han Sen spent his time practicing with his Blood-Pulse Sutra and taking the Crystal Palace out for deep-sea dives. Down there, he searched for water element super creatures to aid the fairy's development.

Han Sen had a creature in mind, too: the blue seahorse. Unfortunately for him, however, it took him a long time to find it.

He eventually did come across it, though, in the blackest depths of the sea. It had two little seahorses alongside it, and although Han Sen could have slain them all, he chose not to.

It was difficult to produce second-generation super creatures, and since Han Sen did not need them anymore, he let them go.

It turned out that the blue seahorse's element was fire. It was useless for the fairy.

A year pa.s.sed, and the fairy had still not evolved. But in that time, he had managed to open the first gene lock of the Blood-Pulse Sutra.

Surprisingly, and disappointingly, the Blood-Pulse Sutra was a bit of a letdown. It turned out to be weaker than he expected it to be. Aside from a simple strengthening of his body, it had no real utility. It was worse than the Dongxuan Sutra and Jadeskin by a long shot.

"Does this sutra only affect your kin?" Han Sen reviewed the Blood-Pulse Sutra again, but felt as if there had been a mistake. It should have been far better than what he was seeing.

Han Sen did feel as if his body had changed, though. Still, he couldn't pinpoint where or what exactly had changed.

Half a month after this, Han Sen killed a water element monster. After the fairy ate its body and the Life Geno Essence, she started to evolve.

When fairy evolved, she made a whirlpool in the water and turned into ice, freezing the Crystal Palace at the same time. The sanctuary door opened in the air, and a spirit walked out to approach fairy.

Unlike the silver fox, who was hesitant to leave, the fairy spared no time in accompanying the spirit. Gleefully, she raced straight towards it.

"Ungrateful b*tch." Han Sen felt as if he had been used and cast aside. He felt as if his kindness had all been in vain.

As this occurred, Han Sen was in the Crystal Palace. The spirit that came through the door did not see Han Sen when it took the fairy back across the gate. But before the fairy went beyond the gate, she made a mocking face towards the Crystal Palace.

"Fine, whatever! Go ahead. This place is better off without you!" Han Sen sighed. Although he said that, he actually missed her.

Now, the gourd was the next thing Han Sen could not let go of. He couldn't bring it with him, and neither was it birthing. Han Sen had tried everything, including feeding it a copious amount of super creature blood, but it no longer absorbed any. Han Sen had no clue how to get it open.