Super Gene - Chapter 874: Thunder Mountain

Chapter 874: Thunder Mountain

Chapter 874: Thunder Mountain

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Han Sen made plans to travel to Thunder Mountain, but before he left, someone came looking for him.

"Mister Han, we are from Angel Gene. We would like to request your aid in slaying a super creature. Provided you have the time, we are happy to discuss the price for such an appeal." Zhao Xuebin was one of Angel Gene's managers, and he smiled as he made the request.

"The Zhao family are indeed shameless. First, they want to kill me; now, they want my help." Han Sen could not help but laugh in his heart. His words told a different story, however, and he responded, "That depends on what super creature you're asking me to kill, and of course, the price as mentioned."

"If you are willing to help us with this task, then rest a.s.sured, the price will bring a smile to your face." Zhao Xuebin spoke softly and paused. After a brief while, he continued on by saying, "We want you to help us kill the Thunderbull that resides on Thunder Mountain."

Han Sen couldn't believe such a coincidence could transpire, as the Thunderbull was his target, too.

"Sure. It'll cost you one hundred high-cla.s.s Angel Gene Fluids," Han Sen said, with a puffed-up chest.

"Oh, Mister Han! Don't you think that price is just a little bit unreasonable? You know high-cla.s.s Angel Gene Fluids require royal shura blood for their formulation. Our relations.h.i.+p with the shura is bad enough, and so the procurement of this blood is difficult. One hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is too steep. Besides, we have our own team. We only require your a.s.sistance; we are not asking you to take on the super creature all by yourself." Zhao Xuebin blushed, undoubtedly feeling rather awkward over the proposition he had to decline.

"You said your offer would bring a smile to my face; one hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is what that would take. If you can't oblige my price, then go ask someone else," Han Sen said sternly.

It was true that the number of vials of Angel Gene Fluid in circulation, and available for purchase, was low lately. Rarely could anyone afford to buy them, even if they could be found. Han Sen's request for one hundred of such vials was quite ludicrous, and it would eat out an entire month of Angel Gene's revenue.

"Mister Han, your price is far too high. As much as I would like to, I cannot strike you this deal right now, but I will return to the Alliance and consult my supervisor," Zhao Xuebin suggested.

"I am leaving the shelter one hour from now," Han Sen said.

Zhao Xuebin nodded and said, "I'll be quick, so please wait!"

Han Sen thought the outrageous price he had suggested would be enough to scare them off and have them quit their intrusion. But unfortunately for him, Zhao Xuebin came back with a grin. He said, "Our company accepts your price. I have the vials with me, but we'll require you to sign this contract."

Han Sen was surprised, to say the least. He looked over the contract's contents and everything seemed to be in order. He looked at the crate of Angel Gene Fluid, and noticed it had been stamped with their proper, official seal. If what was included within was not what he had requested, or if the Angel Gene Fluid inside the vials was a cheap knock-off or a diluted variant of the liquid, he would be able to sue them.

"Okay." Han Sen signed the contract and accepted the hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid.

When Han Sen left, a middle-aged man approached Zhao Xuebin and said, "Manager Zhao, one hundred vials of high-cla.s.s Angel Gene Fluid is far too expensive."

Zhao Xuebin shook his head and replied, "It's not as expensive as you think. We are unable to kill the bull ourselves, unfortunately; so, we have no choice but to ask him. He is the only person who owns a super pet right now, after all."

"But again, this is one hundred high-cla.s.s vials of Angel Gene Fluid. Couldn't we use those ourselves to kill the Thunderbull?" Liu Gui pleaded.

Zhao Xuebin laughed and said, "This Thunderbull can unleash AOE strikes. Even if we did manage to kill it, we'd incur far too many losses of personnel. We can lose the liquid, but we cannot lose our people. Asking Han Sen to do this, regardless of the price, is better for our future prosperity. We can always synthesize more of this liquid; it is only material."

Lui Gui nodded and did not say anything further, as it wasn't his place to make such decisions, anyway.

"Go and get yourself ready; we will depart alongside Han Sen soon. The slaying of this Thunderbull will be good for us, and if the boy does happen to fail, then he'll have to return the vials of Angel Gene Fluid to us, anyway. It will be even better for us, if he ends up grievously wounded." The dark light of murder flickered from Zhao Xuebin's eyes.

Han Sen sent the Angel Gene Fluid back to the Alliance, allowing Ji Yanran to hold onto it. There was no chance he'd be returning that crate.

And in regards to the Thunderbull, he did not believe Angel Gene would make an honest deal. But if he could slay the creature, obtain the loot, and walk away with the fluid he had been offered, it was worth going with them.

Anyway, Han Sen did not feel bad about doing bad things to the people of Angel Gene, if push came to shove.

With Zero in tow, Han Sen went to rendezvous with the members of Angel Gene who were going to accompany him.

"Mister Han, we are off to hunt a super creature. Are you sure it is appropriate of you to bring along a beautiful little girl?" Zhao Xuebin mockingly suggested, upon laying eyes on Zero.

"It is only a super creature; she'll be fine." Han Sen said, as he stroked Zero's head.

When Zhao Xuebin and Lui Gui heard what he said, they choked on their words of reb.u.t.tal. They believed Han Sen was far too arrogant for his own good, but they held their tongues.

They brought eight people to accompany Han Sen on their journey to the mountain where they'd fight the bull.

Zero followed Han Sen from behind as usual, and it didn't seem as if the events that transpired in the Dark Haunted Forest had affected her in the slightest. She just continued to follow him, with greater accuracy than his own shadow.

It started to rain, and the road grew muddy and tough. But to the collective that scaled the lands past the safety of the shelter, it was nothing.

Han Sen, riding Golden Growler, summoned Spirit Owl to fly above them and s.h.i.+eld Zero from the rain.

The area was stuffed with dark storm clouds, and thunder rolled unceasingly. It was so loud that it m.u.f.fled the sound of all else. And behind the clouds, the distant lightshow of flickering lightning bolts played out rhythmically.

The silver fox seemed very excited, and he jumped on top of Golden Growler's head. He looked off into the distance, peering at Thunder Mountain. His eyes surveyed the lands, as if it was looking for something in particular.


A lightning bolt streaked across the skies like the forming of a spider web, illuminating the wet, darkened land.

Han Sen used the light to view the black peak they were headed towards. It was higher than any other mountain in the area, and it was so tall it was as if it connected to the very sky itself.

All of the lightning seemed to come from that mountain, as if it was some natural, rocky lightning rod.

"Mister Han, that is Thunder Mountain, home of the Thunderbull," Zhao Xuebin said, as he pointed towards the craggy peak.