Super Gene - Chapter 872: Blood Legion's Relic

Chapter 872: Blood Legion's Relic

Chapter 872: Blood Legion's Relic

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Dong! Dong! Dong!

Son of Fate's body was supremely fast. His hands attacked Han Sen from each and every angle, and although he was able to block each strike, it was remarkable to acknowledge that Son of Fate was only using his fists. The force that collided with Han Sen's Flaming Rex Spike was greater than the average super creature.

Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to get a better reading of his opponent's lifeforce. What he could see was a mess. The energy didn't flow with any cohesion, and the power he had seemed to have come from the blood he had absorbed.

Even dongxuan aura was unable to simulate powers such as that.

"Not bad! You are able to block all of my attacks; that can only mean your blood must be a sweet nectar. I'm looking forward to my first sip, boy." Son of Fate's face was consumed with greed or l.u.s.t, eyeing Han Sen with the beady eyes of a snake. And just like one, he liked his lips with his forked tongue.

Son of Fate's movements were incredibly odd. He didn't quite seem human, as he had the ability to rotate his head one-hundred-and-eighty degrees.


A nail clipped by the side of Han Sen's neck, drawing blood. Son of Fate, at a strange angle, ravenously gorged on the blood that dripped from his finger. With a weird smile, he said, "It's too delicious!"

Han Sen could not explain the smile. The best he could compare it to was a starving wolf coming across a fresh carca.s.s.


Son of Fate cracked the air, reaching his nails out for Han Sen's heart.

With his dongxuan movements, Han Sen was able to dodge. He then asked his foe a question, "Can I ask you why you believe me to be from Blood Legion? I am honest when I tell you I am not."

"Haha! Honest, come on, you cannot deny it. You smell like one, plain and simple." Son of Fate was like an impish demon, twisting and rotating his body and limbs in a grotesque fas.h.i.+on, an acrobatic feat no human could ever hope to perform. His hands kept reaching out for Han Sen's neck as he went.

Han Sen was able to dodge each attempted strike, and as he did, he pulled out his nine-life cat necklace. Then he asked, "Is this what you smell?"

When Son of Fate saw the necklace, he froze. His black eyes stared at the nine-life cat necklace as he began to s.h.i.+ver.

"Relic... hahaha! The Blood King watches over me, guiding me to its finding." He spoke with a tone that was a mixture of both joy and grief. It was creepy.

Han Sen looked at his face, and understood what he meant. The relic he needed was the necklace Han Sen had always carried.

"Why would great grandpa possess a relic from Blood Legion?" Han Sen knew where the necklace came from, but instead of this providing clarity, it only confused him more.

Han Sen wanted to ask something, but Son of Fate attacked like an enraged, toxic snake in a bid to s.n.a.t.c.h the nine-life cat necklace away from Han Sen.

"Is this a relic belonging to Blood Legion? What does it do? And why are you here?!" Han Sen kept on dodging as he fired his questions, hoping this encounter could elucidate certain things and provide the answers he has long sought.

But Son of Fate ignored his questions, and his eyes suggested he was fixated on the necklace and the necklace alone. His whole body was getting red in excitement, and it was clear that his power was growing alongside it.

Han Sen could see his blood beginning to boil and burn, increasing his strength. His desire for the necklace was driving him insane, like a devil straight from h.e.l.l.

The nails were swung with greater vigor, and one swing nicked Han Sen's face. Son of Fate licked every droplet of blood he had managed to steal.

"Answer my questions!" Han Sen coldly looked at Son of Fate, acknowledging how powerful his opponent was.

But Han Sen did not care. Right now, he wanted answers more than anything, and that was what he was determined to get. Nothing would stop him.

"Your fate is to be a sacrifice to me. There is no need for you to know anything else. Simmer down, boy." Son of Fate's eyes were still full of greed, and his face twitched with a l.u.s.t for murder.

Han Sen stopped dodging his attacks and instead swung his fist towards him.


A giant bolt of lightning was discharged between them both, deafeningly loud.

Sonic-Thunder Punch was unable to mess up his opponent's lifeforce, due to his energy already being messed up.

But the thunder power was effective in semi-paralyzing his enemy, slowing him down considerably.


Han Sen's body expanded, growing to become a three-meter-tall silver ape. The strong arm picked Son of Fate up into the air, by grabbing him by the head.

Pang! Pang!

Han Sen, still clutching his head, drove his body into the ground, again and again.

He pummeled him in this way countless times, and when he was done, there was a deep hole in the earth in the shape of Son of Fate's body.

Han Sen threw him back down into the pit and smacked him in the head.


The power created an even deeper hole, with Son of Fate inside. His skull had been cracked open, and his body was twisted in a lurid fas.h.i.+on.

Han Sen picked him up once more and threw a punch into his face. The nose was pulverized into jelly, right before the body was launched into the air like a cannonball. He broke many trees on his descent, before he was brought to a stop.

"Can you answer my questions now, Son of Fate?" Han Sen stood in front of his beaten opponent, whose body was twisted and mashed in a ghastly state. No longer did Son of Fate have the wild, crazy-eyed momentum that drove him earlier.

"Impossible! Impossible! Humans in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary should not have such power." Son of G.o.d's face was broken beyond recognition, but he had not been killed and could still muster words for speak. Still, his body had been broken completely, and he was unable to move. With obvious shock, he looked at Han Sen.

"Let me ask you something; in Blood Legion, is there a man called Han Jingzhi?" Han Sen looked at Son of Fate, who was dazed.

He looked ready to say something, but then, it was as if he saw something terrifying. His pupils shrank.

"Impossible! Impossible!" Son of Fate looked as if he had seen a ghost, and his body began to tremble and convulse. Then, nothing. He froze in place, slumped on the ground.