Super Gene - Chapter 871: Son of Fate

Chapter 871: Son of Fate

Chapter 871: Son of Fate

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Liu Fang and w.a.n.g Jiangang were consumed with terror, and so they quickly took off running into the forest.

Han Sen stood firm, coldly looking at the hand. He may have encountered ghostly-looking creatures before, but he did not believe that genuine spirits-of-the-deceased ghosts actually existed.

The figure's hand burned hot with a lifeforce. If it was a ghost, how could there be a lifeforce?


The pale hand swung to the lid of the coffin and sent it flying away. A humanoid body then stood up from inside the coffin.

The person was slender like a skeleton, and was two meters tall; an average human height.

But the person was so gaunt, they were little more than skin and bones.

The skin was discolored, with a greenish hue. He was pale, and it was difficult to determine whether or not blood pumped inside his body. The eyes of the person were pitch black, and the hair was grey and long; long enough to brush the ground.

After emerging from his grave, the person used his black eyes to look all around. As they scanned his environment, they fell upon Han Sen, and they did not move away from him.

Han Sen was shocked, but he was not afraid. He had encountered far more terrifying foes in the past, than the one he was seeing now.

The reason for his surprise, however, was the tattoo that glazed the figure's entire back.

The person's skin was rough but thin, like the bark of a dying tree. Its tattoo, though, was as red and lively as an actual flame. It looked fresh.

The cat-like symbol adorned its entire back. The image of the cat seemed to suggest it was sleepy, with half-open eyes. The tattoo seemed so real.

Han Sen had come to be very familiar with this tattoo, as it was the symbol of the Nine-Life Cat. He had seen the image adorning cards that belonged to the Blood Legion. Zero had a tattoo of the same image, and Han Sen also owned a necklace depicting the same thing.

"Might Zero have some relation to this person?" Han Sen asked himself, as he looked upon the figure with apprehension.

The figure continued to look back at Han Sen, his pitch-black eyes masking any emotion he might have sought to express. Their eyes met for three long seconds before the person suddenly bore a smile. The teeth that were presented were clean and tidy, but still, the way in which they were shown would creep any onlooker out.

A chill ran down Han Sen's back, alongside a sudden outbreak of gooseb.u.mps.


The man stepped forward and onto the blood-stained soil. Then, strange things began to occur.

The blood from the deceased started to look alive. The blood flowed towards the person's feet, soaking into his veins and coursing through his skin up to his heart.

Han Sen could see the blood enter his blood vessels. The veins were like narrow snakes, wreathing their way through his thin skin. It was a creepy and unnerving sight.

He continued stepping forward, and wherever his feet went, so did the blood. The veins were lumpy, but slowly, the body started to look healthier. Before long, the figure started to look like a real, living person again.

"Who are you?" Han Sen asked, as the man coldly approached him.

"You are a human? Haha. Who is irrelevant, but I am not a human; understand that." The man presented another weird smile, which only added to the creepiness.

"If you are not a human, what are you?" Han Sen asked.

"What am I? Haha! You are asking me what I am? Haha!" The man's laugh was a maniacal cackle. After a time of absorbing more blood, he looked healthier. Even the color returned to his hair, going from grey to a deep, rich, and s.h.i.+ny black color.

Aside from his strange black eyes, the person could be mistaken for any average human. Han Sen thought of him as your typical pretty boy right now, albeit one with a sinister streak.

"Did I say something funny?" Han Sen coldly said.

"As a Blood Legion faithful, are you telling me you do not recognize Son of Fate? Since when has Blood Legion fallen so far?" The man stopped smiling now, and asked Han Sen with a stare of weighty gravitas.

"You are from Blood Legion?" Han Sen was shocked. If he was from Blood Legion, did that mean Zero was from Blood Legion, as well?

Han Sen thought about it some more and came to the conclusion she must have had some sort of connection to Blood Legion. If she didn't, there'd be no reason for her to have that tattoo. And this person appeared right after she entered the tree.

"You are a devout member of the Blood Legion, are you not? And you say you don't know me? You are ignorant, but that is okay. I will accept you as a sacrifice." After he said that, he reached out his hand and tried to grab Han Sen's neck.

The sharp nails almost sc.r.a.ped Han Sen's skin, but he was quick to dodge with the spring of a lunging snake.

The strange man looked surprised and said, "Heavenly Go? As a Blood Legion member, how did you come to learn such a thing?"

"Stop saying that; I'm not a member of Blood Legion! I don't have anything to do with you or them. So, tell me, if you are from Blood Legion, why were you in the coffin?" Han Sen frowned, wanting to extract as much information as he could before things turned too sour.

"Haha! You think you can hide your faith from me by simply not admitting your belief in our cause? You smell like the Blood Legion, boy. And that is one fragrance you can never be free of. You are of the Blood Legion, and only through the price of your own blood can you leave it. Do something meaningful with your pathetic self and give me your blood!" Son of Fate moved. He was fast, and he ran directly in front of Han Sen.


Han Sen summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and did not delay in engaging the creepy man. The nails collided with the Flaming Rex Spike, ringing out a sound of struck metal.

The powerful force of their collision made Han Sen fall back with his Flaming Rex Spike. Son of Fate was no weaker than a super creature, it would seem.

But Son of Fate looked surprised. He spoke to himself, saying, "How long was I asleep for? Are humans able to rival super creatures? Can they obtain super geno points and their beast souls? Hmm, it is better that way. Your blood is sure to taste even better, boy!" Son of Fate displayed a wild, ravenous smile. The blood red tongue licked his lip with an evil greed.