Super Gene - Chapter 800: Super Spirit

Chapter 800: Super Spirit

Chapter 800: Super Spirit

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Han Sen tried his hardest to cast the holy light and heal the big monster's wounds, and it wasn't long before its vitality was restored enough for it to continue its fight with renewed vigor. Han Sen felt relieved.

"At least I have a grip on the situation for the time being." Han Sen returned his focus to the armored phantom.

With his dongxuan aura, it was not difficult to use his dongxuan powers to dodge his foe's attacks. Han Sen did not expect to defeat him in his current situation, but he at least wanted to drag out their fight and buy some time for his other companions to resolve their own battles.

In between his evasions, Han Sen took every chance he could to continue healing the big monster so it could carry on fighting the fearsome ape.

Han Sen was primarily waiting for the fairy to finish killing the snake. Once she was done, he envisioned a s...o...b..ll effect in which they could outnumber the others and end them. Fighting the armored phantom alone was a little too much for him.

"It's a shame that Little Silver is still evolving. If it was done by now, bringing about an end to these felons and the shelter they inhabit would be easy-peasy," Han Sen thought to himself.

Han Sen continued using his dongxuan aura to scan the armored phantom. He had managed to learn that it was a second-generation super creature of sorts, and it harbored a strange and unique energy flow.

"Could this energy flow be what's activating the green light to enshroud and empower the sword? If it is, that's brilliant. The light is extremely efficient, but that aside, doesn't it just look so cool?!" Han Sen kept walking backwards, watching and recording the phantom's energy flow.

The fairy was doing fairly well. Her little fists were repeatedly unleashed against the snake's head, and each punch shook blood from the battered face. When the blood reached the ground, however, it became ice.

Han Sen scanned the snake and saw that its energy flow was all blurry. This told him it was a first-generation super creature.

The great ape was the same, as well; a first-generation super creature. The black tiger in the sky was too far away from him for now, so he couldn't tell just yet.

Han Sen noticed that the snake was about to be killed by the fairy, but his sudden burst of happiness was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by a stronger feeling of dread.

Deep inside the shelter, a lifeforce approached. It did not venture their way fast, but that made it all the more ominous. The lifeforce was horridly powerful.

Han Sen used his devil-eye mask to take a look, and he saw a flaming red lifeforce arise. Whatever was headed their way was getting closer.

"Oh, no! This shelter has another super creature." Han Sen immediately became disheartened at this worrying revelation. He had tirelessly battled to reach this stage, and the thought of having to flee without a reward was criminal.

If the horrible creature joined in the fight, the scales of the battle's balance would be tipped and there would be no way to restore them.

But again, Han Sen did not feel right in simply abandoning the fight. As he saw the snake about to be killed by the fairy, he gritted his teeth and ran towards the horrible energy that approached.

If he could slow its advance for a while, and allow the fairy to finish off the snake, he might have a chance.

The armored phantom did not allow its foe to leave so suddenly, and it pursued him. As he continued to evade, Han Sen did not halt in his race towards the ghastly energy.

After skipping past fifteen buildings, he came to a long staircase that reached for the skies. At its top, a larger palace rested.

On the stairs, an elegant woman gently descended. Her body was incredible, and she was around a foot taller than Han Sen. Still, her scaling was perfect. Her long legs led to a slim waist, which acted as a pedestal for the grand that lay above. In the black armor she was robed in, she exuded a presence of power and respect. She was like a panther; a female feline that was both beautiful and cruel.

"That is the spirit of this shelter?" Han Sen now revised his earlier thoughts, when he had believed that the armored phantom was the spirit of the shelter.

The spirit looked at Han Sen coldly. Her eyes were chilling, with her long black hair that flowed down to the ground. She gave Han Sen a murderous gaze.

The spirit was dressed in armor, but she wore no helmet. Atop her head rested a crown. She wielded no weapons, either, but her pretty white hands gave out a feeling of lethality.

"I have to somehow hold on and keep her busy until the fairy is done with the snake." Han Sen gritted his teeth. He did not wait for the spirit to descend the stairs but raced up towards her instead.

He had just finished enhancing his dongxuan aura, so his abilities of perception had greatly improved. With the grace of movement gifted by dongxuan powers, he believed he could kite two super creatures for some amount of time.

The armored phantom was still on Han Sen's heels, and the way it moved now seemed angry. It seemed displeased at its opponent's decision to disrespect the spirit that was descending, and so it swung its sword with far greater aggression.

Han Sen made use of his dongxuan movements, and pushed them to the max. This way, it was difficult for the phantom to strike him.

After walking a few hundred steps, the spirit looked at Han Sen with much disgust and disdain as she stepped down to meet him. She raised her fist and attempted to punch her incoming aggressor.

It didn't seem as if she exerted much strength, but its speed was as if her fist had teleported. It suddenly collided with Han Sen's belly.


Han Sen's body rocketed all the way back down the stairs like a meteor. He smacked into the roof of a building, which ruined its delicate tiling.

The armor on Han Sen's armor had many cracks upon it, and there was now an exposed area. Han Sen removed himself from the rooftop with a mouth full of blood.

The spirit's punch was not one that could miss, but it happened so suddenly he didn't have what it took to dodge.

Fortunately, Han Sen was fast, and the power she used was clearly not at max capacity. His armor would have entirely been destroyed if she had used more force, he imagined.

The armored phantom jumped down from the stairs, slas.h.i.+ng at Han Sen with the green light greatsword.

Stepping quickly, Han Sen was able to dodge the attack. His eyes drifted towards the spirit. She was so fast, he'd have to keep an eye on her; if she was to attack him again, he would have no chance of dodging.

Han Sen's senses were powerful, though, and he could predict when she planned to make a move. Now was the time for Han Sen to properly test what he had recently spent much time practicing.

The spirit looked at Han Sen and raised her fist. She fired it in his direction.

The moment she swung her fist, it accelerated. Han Sen's eyes were not able to perceive how she performed this attack, but her entire body seemed to teleport directly before him.

His excellent senses were indeed able to capture the granular details of her movements. With a move of his leg, he slid his body slightly to the side and dodged her attack successfully.

The spirit, seeing her fist miss its target, looked shocked.

In this small moment, Han Sen swung his own fist at the spirit's belly in a form of payback.

But the spirit's body just disappeared as if it had teleported away. His fist was so close, but it missed.