Super Gene - Chapter 799: Phantom Armor

Chapter 799: Phantom Armor

Chapter 799: Phantom Armor

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The big monster roared in agony, as its giant body tumbled a few steps backward. Blood cascaded from the wound, coloring its scales. From inside the palace, a shadow creature emerged, wielding a steel greatsword and clad in steel armor.

Taking a closer look, Han Sen noticed that the armaments were not actually affixed to a person or creature. Despite being fitted in the shape of a human, the armor was not actually clothing anyone. The armor was empty, as if it were possessed. In between the plating of the armor, all he could espy was the flicker of a ghostly-green light.

"Is this a creature? Or is it a spirit?" Han Sen watched the armored monster with uncertainty.


The steel armor moved, and so too did the two meter long greatsword. Its speed and power was most impressive, and it left another deep cleft in the big monster's body.

A green-light imbued and enshrouded the greatsword, exceeding the length of the weapon by an additional meter. The green light looked sharp, and for it to break through the scales of the behemoth, it must have been far more powerful than the greatsword the little angel wielded.

Although the big monster tried to step on the possessed armor below, it was too heavy and slow. It missed the phantom foe, and upon bringing its foot down, the menace began chopping it up. The leg oozed blood from every cut, and the monster screamed in absolute agony.

Han Sen thought of helping it out, but he saw three other monsters enter from the sides of the plaza before the palace. They were being surrounded.

A thirty meter tall ape, a four-legged snake and a winged black tiger all appeared, each from a different direction. The winged black tiger roared and approached them. Han Sen commanded his little angel to engage the tiger.

The snake and the ape approached Han Sen together. The ape threw a fist down towards Han Sen, an attack which he dodged with ease. But the force of that fist was such that the ground quaked.

The four-legged snake flung out its tongue, which looked like a b.l.o.o.d.y-whip. It was incredibly fast, and it almost tangled and knotted its way around Han Sen.

His Flaming Rex Spike retaliated with a strike against the big ape's arm, which only created a light scuff. He couldn't damage it. The four-legged snake was too fast for Han Sen, and it was difficult for him to evade in between dis.h.i.+ng out his own attacks.

One-on-one was already difficult enough, but now he was being challenged by two. This was an extremely dangerous situation for him to be in.


Han Sen tried to dodge the snake's attack, but he was dealt a blow by the ape instead. His body was launched away as if it had been fired from a cannon. He traveled a dozen meters and slammed into the palace wall. With his body in a crumpled heap, he spat out blood.

The snake and ape didn't relent, and Han Sen jumped away with pain in his chest as they approached. He leapt near the big monster and used his Flaming Rex Spike against the armored phantom monster.


The armored phantom saw the incoming strike, and it raised its greatsword to block it. In the collision, Han Sen took a few steps back.

The ape and the snake managed to catch up with him, and the big monster decided to aid Han Sen in return. It roared and ran toward the ape. The two monsters were incredibly loud as they duked it out, every impact between them making a deafening noise.

The big monster was having difficulty with the agile armored phantom, but fared far better against the ape.

Han Sen cast his dongxuan aura to do battle with the armored phantom. It was far better for him to deal with that than to attempt to combat the ma.s.sive ape. This exchange of opponents was the right move, as it placed them both in the realm of combat they exceeded in.

Still, the snake was after Han Sen, and this made him frown.

"Fairy, I have taken care of you for far too long with no return. It's about time you do something for me." Han Sen leapt out of the way of the snake's razor-tongue, brought out the scallop sh.e.l.l, and threw it towards the snake.

The snake avoided the scallop, and it fell down to the ground. The lid of the scallop finally moved, and the fairy emerged from it in a rage.

She looked at the snake and immediately cast her icy self-buffs and flew directly before it.

Han Sen sighed. It was fortunate for him that the fairy was willing to aid him in his time of need and wasn't going to remain her lazy self in such dire circ.u.mstances. Now that every creature had a single rival of its own, Han Sen was able to focus his attention solely on the phantom armor.

The phantom armor was still an obscenely powerful foe, and its agility and finesse with the blade was just as good as Han Sen's. Against strength that far outmatched his own, Han Sen had to take advantage of the one area of combat he did have an advantage in: speed.

But the armored phantom swung its green light-wreathed steel greatsword with tremendous power. When Han Sen brought his Flaming Rex Spike up to deflect it, his weapon was given a fairly large dent.

Following this, Han Sen did not dare interact with his enemy's sword directly. He used his dongxuan aura and cast a formation to outpace his opponent.

He found an opening in which he could safely attack, so he quickly took advantage of it and swung the rex spike. It struck the ghostly armor to little effect, so he quickly fell back. Han Sen then thought of attacking a gap in the armor, since that might allow him to deal the damage he sought.

The Flaming Rex Spike, however, was too big. It wouldn't have been able to strike the fine slits that existed between the armor plating.

Han Sen continued dodging the attacks of its green light, and at the same time thought to himself, "It's a shame that the raw Z-steel shortsword I asked the w.a.n.g family to forge for me has yet to be completed. If I had it with me now, this would be a great opportunity to test its effectiveness."

Without any other choice, Han Sen drew a raw Z-steel bolt in his hand. When the time was right, he could use his hand to drive it through what was possibly the weak spot of the phantom menace.

Elsewhere, the little angel and the black tiger continued battling each other in airborne combat. The body of the black tiger was like metal, and the claws of its paws were incredibly lethal. It didn't have a single disadvantage when going against the little angel, so it was difficult to presume which one might emerge victorious.

The battle between the big ape and the big monster was the bloodiest of all. They were both vitality-based super creatures, and each of their attacks rocked and shook the shelter.

They had both been brutally injured as they fought. This was especially so for the big monster, that had been severely injured before starting to fight. In the battle with the ape, its wounds had been exploited, and the behemoth was not in good condition.

The fairy was the most relaxed creature of all. The snake was slower than she was, and the tongue could never latch onto its target. The frosty projectiles the fairy cast out only made it slower, as well.


The fairy threw her little fist out and smacked the snake's face fiercely. Almost instantly, blood was drawn from its hideous mouth.

The snake did seem very powerful, however, and it didn't seem likely that the fairy could end its life anytime soon.

Han Sen could not deal with the armored phantom on his own, though. And seeing the big monster about to be defeated by the big ape, he became worried. If the big monster fell, it would tip the scales of their battle off-balance and they would be unfairly matched. If that were to occur, he'd have no choice but to fall back.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and cast Dongxuan Sutra. He turned his own energy into a holy light, and when he found the right moment, he cast the holy light onto the big monster to heal its wounds.

The holy light he simulated, received from the rhino, had incredible healing properties. When the cast-light reached the wounds, they instantly began to seal themselves up.