Super Gene - Chapter 706: The Return of the Dollar

Chapter 706: The Return of the Dollar

Chapter 706: The Return of the Dollar

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Where once there were only a few in the audience seats, now the stadium was jam-packed with eager spectators. They all stared down at the battlegrounds, waiting for the shadow of Dollar to emerge.

"Here he is! Here he is!" A man clad in purple armor stepped onto the battlegrounds, and when he arrived, the crowd went wild with screams.

"Why is he wearing purple? Dollar is usually dressed in gold. Is this some sort of knock-off?"

"It looks like him, yet it doesn't at the same time."

Han Sen emerged onto the battleground not having researched his opponents nor read the forfeit guide. He only had to detect an opponent's life force to determine how powerful they truly were. Even if he couldn't tell, the devil ant king armor would keep him safe.

Han Sen's opponent now entered the field. It was a pretty-boy spirit, dressed in silver armor. In his hand, he held a silver sword. He had bunny-like ears and there was an eye in his forehead. Aside from that, he could have pa.s.sed for a regular human.

People had already looked at Han Sen's list of battlers, so they knew what to expect from his first opponent.

The enemy was called Silver-Eye Prince. He was a royal spirit with a really quick moveset. In the a.n.a.lysis provided by professionals, he was one of the strongest foes Dollar would have to overcome if he hoped to fight against the Light Son of G.o.d.

The Silver-Eye Prince checked out his opponent without saying a word. Then, he drew his sword. Like a sudden flash of silver light, he dashed towards Han Sen. At the same time, he unleashed a barrage of sword-thrusts towards Han Sen; there were too many to count. They came down on Han Sen like silver rain.

A lot of people stood up, wanting to get a better look at how Dollar sought to best this silver-rain sword.

But Han Sen did not move an inch. He stood and watched the silver rain fall without blinking.

The silver sword rain that came down was little more than an image. Han Sen had many talents, and before he became famous, he had already encountered this move. The fact that the Silver-Eye Prince sought to use this move on him was something Han Sen believed to be childish.

The audience watched the silver shadows pierce through Han Sen. Their hearts pounded, and many women held their mouths to prevent screaming.

But despite what they saw, nothing happened. Han Sen still stood where he was, unmoved. He just peacefully watched the Silver-Eye Prince prance about with his sword.

Suddenly, Han Sen raised his hand and used two fingers to catch a single silver shadow. And then, all the rain disappeared. Han Sen was left where he was, holding one silver sword between his fingers, three inches away from his throat.

But the three inches might as well have been a thousand miles. Despite being held by two fingers, the Silver-Eye Prince could not budge his sword. It was stuck.


Han Sen's fingers moved, snapping the sword. Then, he followed up with a palm strike into the Silver-Eye Prince's chest.

All the audience heard was the sound of shattered gla.s.s. The Silver-Eye Prince's silver armor was smashed into little more than glitter, as its pale colors surrendered to the wash of blood. The spirit's blood soaked the battleground, but he was dead before he hit the ground. Right before he crashed onto the floor, he disintegrated. He had returned to his spirit stone.

Everyone who watched the fight had been petrified, as if they had been turned to stone. The supremely powerful Silver-Eye Prince did not stand a chance against the might of Dollar. The spirit didn't even have the opportunity to fight back.

"Dollar! It really is Dollar! Dollar has returned!"

"That is way too powerful. That's frightening!"

"Cool! What nonsense were those professionals spewing? Didn't they say Dollar could not break Black-Gold's hammer? They also said Dollar could not defeat the Silver-Eye Prince. Well, take a look at that result. What are they to say now, huh?"

"Dollar, our Lord and Savior, is always with us."

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

"Keep going Dollar! Show them spirits what's up and become a Son of G.o.d!"

"Holy c.r.a.p! Dollar really is still Dollar! Invincible as ever, even here in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Allow me to kneel before you and kiss your hand."

A lot of Dollar's fans were driven into a frenzy by the excitement of his most recent, sensational win. Although some humans had been known to show such strength in Divinity's Bout, facing down Black-G.o.d and the Silver-Eye Prince and emerging untouched was an incredible thing. It was a very rare occurrence.

Of course, many people had never paid attention to Divinity's Bout before.

After this fight, however, people were beginning to see a warming light of hope. They started to believe a human could actually claim a spot amongst the Son of G.o.d's.

Han Sen exited the arena to wait for his next fight.

Not long after, it was time for him to return. He didn't look at the list, a.s.suming such a thing would be trivial and pointless. As such, he didn't know who he was to face-off against next.

The person who arrived on stage surprised Han Sen. He never expected his next opponent was to be a human, and more surprisingly, someone he personally knew.

"Queen? Queen is going up against Dollar!?" A lot of elite evolvers who saw the person standing in front of Han Sen were shocked. No one expected Dollar would be going up against Queen this day.

Time was short, and they had only briefly been given the opportunity to a.n.a.lyze the list. And in regards to who his second opponent might be, there were far too many possible matches. And there was also the variable of not knowing whether Queen would win her previous match.

The list Hua Ping had formulated only accounted for spirits, and he cared little for the a.n.a.lysis of which humans might face each other. People read the list, a.s.suming Han Sen would be facing either another spirit or a human called Huangfu Jing.

No one knew Huangfu Jing was Queen's real name.

"This is interesting. Queen is Dollar's opponent. I'm not quite sure who will be stronger. It's a shame Lin Feng is still on his mission and was unable to join Divinity's Bout. His partic.i.p.ation would make things even more interesting." Teng Zhen Liu was shocked, seeing Queen square off against the enigmatic Dollar. But he still felt as if it was a shame.

Teng Zhen Liu was hoping Lin Feng would be the one to go against Han Sen. Although he knew Queen was powerful, Teng Zhen Liu had to admit he did not know much about her.

"Queen versus Dollar will be an interesting fight, that is for sure. The Murder Dollar legend is Dollar himself, and he knows Heavenly Go, too."

"I don't know if it's Heavenly Go or not."

"This is rather interesting. We'll have a metric to determine how powerful Dollar truly is."

"Who is Dollar, anyway?"

In the ice fields, in the royal-cla.s.s G.o.ddess Shelter, the Beetle Knight continued to take on the shape of Han Sen, like a doppelganger. It brought the little angel to observe the fight, and the people who had guessed Dollar was secretly Han Sen were quickly disappointed.