Super Gene - Chapter 705: The Light Son of God

Chapter 705: The Light Son of God

Chapter 705: The Light Son of G.o.d

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"Is he really that strong?" Fang Mingquan asked Hua Ping with a look of disbelief.

With a wry smile, Hua Ping said, "You know the Alliance created a forfeit guide, for the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary's Divinity's Bout, yes?"

"Yes, I know. It contains a record of all the most powerful spirits that have partic.i.p.ated in Divinity's Bout. If they encounter a spirit on that list, they are advised to immediately forfeit to avoid being killed," Fang Mingquan said.

"Light Son of G.o.d is one of those. He has only taken part in Divinity's Bout once, so there was a lack of information about him at the time. A human with an unlocked gene lock was pitted against him. He was one of the top evolvers of all time, and he was a very famous man. He had many sacred-blood beast souls, strong hyper arts—the works. But the Light Son of G.o.d killed him in a single hit."

Hua Ping shook his head and continued his explanation. "I have been too presumptuous. No human is powerful enough to become a Son of G.o.d. You need more than luck on your side to do that. I advise that you inform your friend of this wretched development. Tell him he can continue fighting for now, but he must pull out before the final battle. If he doesn't, the Light Son of G.o.d won't even allow him the opportunity to concede."

Fang Mingquan was getting an idea of how bad things might get, but he had no way of contacting the elusive Dollar.

Fang Mingquan thought his best bet for informing Dollar would be posting a news article about it. If he did that, there was at least a chance Dollar might see it.

Divinity's Bout continued. Today, everyone would have to fight five times. Dollar had another three spirits to go against; the other two were human.

Han Sen beat down the two humans and slew the three spirits with ease.

"Powerful. He is so powerful. He might very well be the strongest evolver in history. With such power, I cannot imagine..." Hua Ping was very excited, but a pang of woe nagged at him from behind. Dollar was practically only one step away from being a Son of G.o.d, but he feared what might happen to him if he tried to take it.

The better Dollar performed, the sorrier Hua Ping became. By the end, he couldn't bear to watch Dollar fight.

Someone so excellent was soon to be stopped, right before earning the t.i.tle and becoming one of the ten Son of G.o.d's. He had no clue the next time humanity might have a similar opportunity.

Fang Mingquan, on the other hand, was thrilled and excited. Although he wasn't wholly clear on when Dollar joined the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, he suspected it hadn't been more than a few years. Ascending at such a sharp trajectory, it was difficult for him to gauge his power correctly.

But Fang Mingquan and Hua Ping were both still worried. If they couldn't contact Dollar, and he ended up facing off against the Light Son of G.o.d, things would go very bad, very quickly.

"He has read the forfeit guide, hasn't he?" Fang Mingquan pondered aloud. He was sure that Dollar had, but he was still prepared to go back and make a broadcast about the show. He hoped it was would be popular enough to let Dollar know how powerful the Light Son of G.o.d truly was.

Too many fights were taking place at the same time, so people tended to just watch their family members or at least the people they cared for.

So, for this reason, very few people paid attention to Han Sen.

A few people did come over to see, and although they were blown away when witnessing his power, it wasn't enough to attract others over.

Fang Mingquan decided to return to the Alliance and start a broadcast about Divinity's Bout. In particular, he wanted to talk about the five matches Dollar had already taken part in. He also wished to speak about the opponents he was going to face-off against in the future; the Light Son of G.o.d, in particular. He wanted to deliver plenty of information about that spirit, and what the spirit had done in the past.

This broadcast was almost like radio. There were no pictures of the event and it only featured Fang Mingquan discussing Divinity's Bout, alongside a rough map he had drawn up. Despite this, it drew a lot of attention.

"Dollar is here? And he's taking part in Divinity's Bout!?"

"Dollar only became an evolver a few years ago; he's taking part in Divinity's Bout already?"

"Holy c.r.a.p! Black-Gold's hammer was smashed into smithereens by Dollar's fist? And he then proceeded to kill the spirit with a single punch? Are you yanking our chain? I remember the previous Divinity's Bout, in which my friend went up against Black-Gold. He had unlocked his gene lock and yet despite that, he was immediately struck by the hammer three times and was at the precipice of death before he could be dragged out in forfeit."

"Dollar rocks!"

"I'm going to go watch Dollar battle."

"Let's all go support Dollar tomorrow."

"If Dollar is there, I'll be there."

"If the a.n.a.lysis is true, though... poor Dollar. He'll be stopped in his tracks one step away from the top."

"Why do you guys a.s.sume he can keep on winning? Let's just see if he can beat the rest of the spirits and humans first."

"That Dollar is BS. His previous record was only landing as the tenth Son of G.o.d in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary. And he only competed there once."

"Yeah! Dollar is a scrub out here in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. The Light of G.o.d will crush him with his finger."

"What is the point of fighting, if it's all down to luck? If he didn't face-off against the Light Son of G.o.d, and become one of the top ten, he'd still be killed by the other Son of G.o.d's. He is sidewalk litter against them; trash kicked to the side on the pavement."

"With the luck you guys are talking about, I could be a Son of G.o.d. I could join and be lucky enough not to face-off against any strong foe and then POW! I'll be a Son of G.o.d."

Dollar's partic.i.p.ation in Divinity's Bout was the catalyst for a great schism in the Alliance. A great debate had begun, and many people rooted for Dollar. They wanted him to become the first human Son of G.o.d in history.

But there were many people who did not believe Dollar could make it and beat the Light Son of G.o.d in the process. People with sense were more likely to advise Dollar to give up the fight, lest he be killed.

Many professionals had a.n.a.lyzed Dollar's Divinity's Bout. They thought his luck had been pretty good thus far. Every fight seemed to be an easy one, apart from the upcoming Light Son of G.o.d.

The other humans who took part in the holy battles would be out a few rounds before Dollar, as the spirits they met were too powerful for them and they had to quit.

But Dollar's luck stopped there. Even if he went ahead and beat the next few spirits coming up, he would most likely withdraw before going up against the Light Son of G.o.d.

That was what most professionals a.s.sumed Han Sen would do. As things were, they did not believe any human had what it took to go against the Light Son of G.o.d and win.

There were some really crude and offensive professionals, however. Many of them firmly believed Han Sen would stumble and fall long before he reached the Light Son of G.o.d.

And of course, there were some who believed Fang Mingquan was making stuff up or at least exaggerating the truth in a bid to increase viewers.h.i.+p. They did not believe Dollar could break Black-Gold's hammer with a single hit. After much research and a.n.a.lysis, they theoretically proved Dollar lacked sufficient power to do such a thing.

Regardless, the whole Alliance was talking about the event, and everyone seemed to have a theory of their own. And on the second day of Divinity's Bout, the stadium was packed to the gills with attending spectators. Humanity's interest in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary's Divinity's Bout had suddenly been reinvigorated.