Super Gene - Chapter 701: Devil Ant King Beast Soul

Chapter 701: Devil Ant King Beast Soul

Chapter 701: Devil Ant King Beast Soul

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Han Sen: Super Body – King Spirit

Status: Evolver

Life Span: Three Hundred

Body Evolution Requirement: One Hundred Geno Points

Owned Genes: Basic Geno Points; One Hundred - Ordinary Geno Points; One Hundred – Mutant Geno Points; One Hundred – Sacred Geno Points; One Hundred – Super Geno Points; Seventeen

Han Sen punched the testing machine. The meter showed "217.6587", which meant Han Sen's fitness was over two hundred. He was in his purest form, too.

The strongest known human in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary was sitting at around one hundred fifty. There was a frightening gap between Han Sen and that person.

Although this was just a simple test he had conducted, he was still supremely satisfied. If he had calculated things correctly, when he maxed out his super geno points, he'd be at a fitness level of three hundred. He would become a Celestial Being and be able to challenge super creatures solo, without a problem.

Although he could not effectively face them as he was right now, he had what it took to fight back. He wasn't like other people, who would quickly find themselves crushed by such intimidating foes.

He exited the testing lobby at around lunchtime, and he was planning to have lunch with Yanran. Unfortunately for him, she was busy with work and had to leave the base. That led to Han Sen going for lunch by himself.

Han Sen had ordered his lunch and sat down when he saw Annie approaching, with a dish of her own in hand. She sat directly in front of him.

"You really don't want to take part in Divinity's Bout?" Annie asked Han Sen.

"No, I don't want to," Han Sen replied, as he shook his head.

"Why?" Annie asked, frowning. In her eyes, Han Sen had a super pet that could even the odds and cement a position amongst the ten Son of G.o.d's, bringing some much-needed glory to humanity.

"The pet's power is only that of a pet; do not overestimate it," Han Sen told her coldly.

"But even so, you still have a chance," Annie pleaded.

Han Sen smiled and said, "That is a genuine battleground. It's not a game; I won't resp.a.w.n. I won't put my life on the line for some t.i.tle."

Annie just took a long, icy stare at Han Sen, before grabbing her dish and walking away.

Han Sen was aware that many people were hoping for him to join, but he really couldn't take part. If he exposed the fact that he had absorbed the Life Geno essence, the Alliance would require an answer. In such circ.u.mstances, the Ji or Qin family would be unable to protect him.

This was a matter concerning the human race. He would be pressured by people on every side.

That was why Han Sen was going to use Dollar as his ident.i.ty when he joined. Even if people were able to tell that the elusive Dollar had absorbed Life Geno essences, no one knew who he was. Nothing could be done about it.

"There are a lot of humans in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. In fact, it is the shelter with the highest population of humans, but despite that, we aren't at the top of the food chain here—not by a long shot. I understand why people want us to ascend and break our image of inferiority," Han Sen thought to himself. He believed he should go all the way in Divinity's Bout and earn a position as Son of G.o.d. At the very least, it would give others hope.

But if he were to compete there, he couldn't use his Flaming Rex Spike or little angel. He estimated his chance of beating a super spirit under such conditions to be under 30%. And that 30% chance was only due to his fortunate acquisition of a super ant beast soul.

Super Devil Ant King: Armored Beast Soul

The defense of a super armored beast soul was unfathomably high, and that was the key he'd have to exploit when going up against a super spirit. Plus, Han Sen could simulate the Devil Ant King's energy flow.

That energy flow, when combined with the ant king armor, increased his defense by an incredible amount. In addition, it also improved his recovery speed and his strength. It was a powerful energy flow, and using it in tandem with the ant king armor would make him as tough as a c.o.c.kroach that stubbornly refused to die.

Han Sen had long, powerful legs and large muscles in his chest and shoulders. His waist was thin but solid. Beneath the cover of the dark purple armor, he looked strong and wide. He looked like a devil that had clawed its way up from the pits of h.e.l.l.

Han Sen ran the devil ant's energy flow and the Devil Ant King's armor looked even darker. From bright purple, it became a deep, dark shade of purple.

Han Sen had a look at himself and was satisfied with his appearance. He thought this super armor would enable him to battle the super spirits with relative confidence. Even if he lost, he wouldn't go down without a good fight.

Han Sen put away the ant king armor and fed it the black crystal. There should have been enough time for it to evolve, before the Divinity's Bout began. With the armor evolved, he'd be even stronger.

After that, Han Sen no longer went to hunt. He used the remainder of his time to learn stronger melee skills.

He couldn't use the Flaming Rex Spike or peac.o.c.k crossbow anymore. The Dual sword skill was quite powerful, but he wouldn't stand a chance if he used the berserk sacred-blood swords.

The Dual sword skill itself was no weaker than the little angel's talents, but the swords were. He tested out his swords on her, and when she struck Han Sen's silver snake and ancient mascot swords, she left deep gashes on them both. That was with her only operating on partial power, as well. If she gave it her best, there was a high chance she'd cleave right through them both. Given that, Han Sen did not expect to make use of his Dual sword skill to beat whichever super spirit he was pitted against. When fights dragged on and were boiled down to the nitty and gritty, limbs were your most trusted allies.

Dragon Punch could only increase in power, but it was not a fist skill. Out of the melee skills Han Sen knew, there was only Thunder Knife and Seven Kill.

Logging into the Saint Hall at the military, Han Sen started searching for a fist skill he deemed suitable. He looked for quite some time, but to no avail. None enticed him.

"The hyper geno arts here in the Saint Hall tend to focus on S-rank skills for ordinary folk. Only a few people own true, legendary skills, and they are never listed for sale. I don't think I'll be able to find a skill suitable for me to fight the super spirits with here." Han Sen perused every S-rank skill available to him, and not a single one interested him.

The S-rank skills were not weak, but Han Sen had far exceeded their benefits. He wanted something like Heavenly Go or Seven Twist; something legendary. He wouldn't waste time on other skills anymore.

Han Sen went to the Saint Hall's ordinary section but had even less hope going there. If he couldn't find one in the military section, there'd be even less chance here.

Han Sen took a look, and to his surprise, managed to find a melee skill that attracted him.

It was a hyper geno art called Sonic Thunder Punch. The description stated that after mastery of the skill had been achieved, it was possible to deal sonic damage. But, such a level required a very high fitness. Although it was an evolver's skill, the pract.i.tioner had to be near the rank of a Celestial Being to learn it effectively. Otherwise, he would need a really good thunder element body build.