Super Gene - Chapter 700: Maxing Out Sacred Geno Points

Chapter 700: Maxing Out Sacred Geno Points

Chapter 700: Maxing Out Sacred Geno Points

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Han Sen picked it up and started playing with it. When he looked at it from the outside, he noticed no difference. It looked as plain as all the other eggs, lacking any indication that it was special.

He squeezed it with his hand, but it was like a solid ball of rubber. With its elasticity, it resumed its initial shape after being pushed or squashed. Han Sen could not break it.

"This really is something special." Han Sen was delighted, so he quickly pocketed the egg and returned to searching the cave with his aura.

By the time he was done, Han Sen managed to find six more sacred-blood cla.s.s eggs and only that one super egg. He was satisfied with this result.

Han Sen took another look at the pangolin, which was still eating, and gave up on the idea of killing it.

The pangolin was a strange creature, and Han Sen didn't think he could one-hit kill it, anyway. And if there was a struggle, the ant king was sure to become aware of their presence and pay them a visit. With Han Sen still weak and drained of energy, he figured he wouldn't be able to escape.

Han Sen summoned Snow Charmer. They each held a sack, and they filled them up with as many eggs as they could. Once they were done, the exited the area via the tunnel the pangolin had dug.

After exiting the tunnel, Han Sen saw that the little angel was still locked in combat with the ant king. Fortunately, his and the pangolin's presence behind it had not been noticed.

Han Sen returned the way he came, but took notice of the little angel's situation. She and the ant king were locked in a stalemate, where one could not hurt the other despite how much they tried. It didn't seem likely either would win anytime soon, so Han Sen eventually called on her to return and give up on fighting it.

The ant king was a powerful fiend, and it had the toughest sh.e.l.l. With its ability to recover being so quick, there was no point exerting any more effort or time on the faint hope of killing it.

Besides, he had already received one of the ant king's super eggs. Therefore, there was no point in hanging around trying to kill the fully-grown creature.

After he exited the cave from the tunnel, Han Sen summoned his wings as quickly as he could. With his bounty of icky treasure in hand, he left the area. If the ant king found out about its missing eggs, heaven knew what it would do. It might even turn into a berserk super creature, and that would be horrid.


Han Sen had already flown a few miles when he heard a few high-pitched, sonic screams. His eardrums felt as if they had been jabbed by needles.

"It seems as if the ant king has discovered its egg is missing." Han Sen did not linger or cruise the skies, so he flew even faster to get away from the mountain.

Han Sen had been well-rewarded. In the event accidents were to occur, he wanted to return home immediately. He wasn't in a rush to find a super creature right now, either.

He had managed to collect twenty-three devil ants and seven sacred-blood devil ants. He had thought he might be able to collect more, but perhaps the pangolin was lucky enough to swallow a few.

He had two bags that were a mixed a.s.sortment of ordinary eggs and mutant eggs. There was a total of nine hundred spread across both those sacks.

Back in the Crystal Palace, Han Sen quickly placed the ant king's egg on the crystal table. He summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and cast Toxic-Dragon Drill directly upon it.

The ant king's egg was tough, but it was still just an egg. It wasn't half as strong as the ant king's sh.e.l.l, so the egg was quickly splattered by the whirling drill of the rex spike.

"Super Creature Hunted: Subterranean Devil Ant King Baby. The beast soul has been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to ten."

Han Sen was very surprised, hearing no mention of the Life Geno essence. The egg was very small, though; and he supposed it was quite fair to that there was no room for a Life Geno essence to have grown inside it yet.

"It looks like eggs aren't able to produce Life Geno essences. Does that mean I can eat its flesh?" Han Sen picked up the shattered egg sh.e.l.l and scooped up the battered remains of what was once an ant. He sunk his teeth into the sticky, gloopy contents and was surprised to find it softer than he expected. The meat was rather tender, and he wondered if this was similar to what had happened with the bone elephant's body. After it died, it wasn't as tough as it was when it was alive.

Han Sen was overjoyed, and he didn't bother cooking it. He just put it in his mouth and ate it straight.

"Subterranean Devil Ant King Baby consumed. You have received one super geno point."

A strange energy seemed to whirl inside his belly. His body felt numb as it started to vibrate, and his cells felt alive with a unique thrust of energy. He felt refreshed.

Han Sen ate the egg sh.e.l.l and received an additional seven super geno points. His skin became extraordinarily smooth, like he had smeared heaps of collagen onto his face. He looked younger, his face rejuvenated.

He didn't know when the eggs might hatch, so he let his companions dine on them. But he would be the one to eat the seven sacred-blood eggs, of course. The rest were reserved for a barbecue.

Han Sen brought Zero, the little angel, Snow Charmer, Princess Yin Yang, and the silver fox around for barbecue fiesta.

Han Sen skewered a number of eggs on a and placed them above an open fire. There were six sacred-blood cla.s.s eggs on the skewer.

Oil sizzled on the fire, and a pleasant fragrance wafted from the eggs.

"Sacred-Blood Creature Hunted: Subterranean Devil Ant Baby. The beast soul has been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of sacred geno points, ranging from zero to ten."

The notifications popped, one after each other. The only variance was in the fifth notification tone, which told him he had acquired a beast soul.

Han Sen happily sprinkled a few herbs and spices on the eggs that were being cooked, and sensational smell of flavors cloaked the room. In one stroke, Han Sen gobbled every skewered egg at the same time. They tasted divine, and left a satisfying aftertaste in his mouth.

"Subterranean Devil Ant Baby consumed. You have received one sacred geno point."

The notifications and slight upward ticks of his sacred-geno amount increased and then, Han Sen squinted.

"Maxed out sacred-geno points, here I come!" Han Sen said, as he continued to munch on the cooked eggs.

After he ate all six, he still needed eight more points to max out the number. But that was fine, as Han Sen brought out a few sacred-geno ants to desh.e.l.l and cook.

The silver fox and little angel came over to sit next to him. They were picky, and far more interested in dining on the sacred-blood cla.s.s creatures.

Han Sen decided to share. He gave some to both of them, and even gave some to Zero. The whole group was enjoying their barbecue feast, and the whole Crystal Palace smelled of sizzling food and jovial spirits.

"Subterranean Devil Ant flesh consumed. You have received one sacred geno point."

After Han Sen ate his fourth cooked ant, he heard the final announcement ring.

"Finally, I have maxed out my sacred geno points." Han Sen gave a long sigh, feeling super happy.