Super Gene - Chapter 696: Ghost Butterfly

Chapter 696: Ghost Butterfly

Chapter 696: Ghost b.u.t.terfly

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"Friend, I was trying to help you." Han Sen smiled at Philip.

But Philip looked troubled and said, "I wanted to take her away from Devil's Mountain. I wasn't interested in this woman at all, but after what you have done, if you do not stay, I will be in trouble when she wakes up."

"You want to hand me over to her?" Han Sen looked at Philip.

"Of course not; you were just helping me, after all." Philip ground his teeth and continued to say, "You should just go. Don't mention our encounter to anyone else and do your best to stay out of this woman's sight in the future."

Han Sen shrugged his shoulders and resumed his journey towards the canyon. Han Sen helped Philip, due to him being a partner of the G.o.ddess Shelter. He never expected this to happen. He was trying to do good, despite the negative result.

Philip held the woman in his arms and walked away with the intent of leaving the mountain, but after a few steps, he stopped. He turned to look at Han Sen, who was on his way into the canyon, and suddenly became very curious. Anyone who was willing to enter this place alone had to be quite powerful, and this intrigue led him to want to know exactly how powerful this person he met was.

When Han Sen entered the canyon, numerous b.u.t.terflies madly fluttered their way towards him from every direction. Philip knew these b.u.t.terflies and knew that some of them were mutant-cla.s.s.

The man in golden armor did not hesitate, however. He continued walking, paying no heed to the b.u.t.terflies that now clung to his body. Strangely, he just allowed them to be on him.

It was like the b.u.t.terflies were playing around him, and it made for quite a lovely picture.

Philip was shocked at what he was seeing, and his jaw dropped. It remained open for quite some time.

The b.u.t.terflies were poisonous, besides the fact that they were mutant-cla.s.s. If you were bitten by them or dusted with the poisonous powder the wings carried, you'd fall incredibly ill. Even Philip would not dare venture into the canyon, with those b.u.t.terflies about.

But there the man went, not caring about the toxic b.u.t.terflies all around him. He allowed them to hang on him or fly around. But the b.u.t.terflies didn't bite through his armor, nor did they poison him. It was shocking.

Suddenly, from out of a light that encompa.s.sed a particular bush, a white b.u.t.terfly appeared. It approached the gold shadow, which shocked Philip and caused him to say aloud, "Careful, my friend! That is a sacred-blood cla.s.s ghost b.u.t.terfly. If you get poisoned, your body will rot until there is nothing left but fizzled bones."

The man seemed to hear what he said, as he turned around and nodded back in Philip's direction. The sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly was already floating around Han Sen, however. It was indeed like a ghost.

The White-Ghost b.u.t.terfly's body was strange, and it was how it received its namesake. Even elites who could attack with blistering speed had trouble striking this white ghost.

The white ghost was going to land on the golden man, but he then quickly raised his right hand and trapped the White-Ghost b.u.t.terfly between his fingers.

The b.u.t.terfly fluttered its wings repeatedly, attempting to escape his fingers. The fingers were like prison bars, and despite its desperate struggle for escape, it could not free itself.


The man clenched his hand into a fist and the scary white b.u.t.terfly was crushed inside, its blood seeping from his palm.

A scary White-Ghost b.u.t.terfly was crushed in an instant and he was not poisoned, at all. With no delay, he continued his descent through the canyon. His body was still a post for numerous b.u.t.terflies, however, and he continued to allow them to just land on him.

Beneath the morning light, between the vetivers, the b.u.t.terflies trailed the gold shadow on its travel. Philip was frozen whilst watching all this.

"This man cannot be Dollar, can he?" The gold shadow disappeared out of sight, which prompted Philip to snap out of his daze and react. When this thought entered his head, he couldn't help but speak it out.

But the man was already long gone, and it was too late for Philip to ask. He spoke to himself again, saying, "Drat! I should have asked him his name again; perhaps he really is Dollar!"

The reason Philip did not ask for his name again was to protect the man. If Xu Yuan asked about him when she awoke, he wouldn't be able to tell her anything about him—and that would be the truth! He didn't even see the person's face, so he had very little to go on. It would have been better that way, so that was why he did not ask again.

But now Philip regretted his decision. He liked watching Dollar fight a lot, and he always dreamed of meeting him. He very well could have been Dollar, and if he had let the opportunity of meeting him pa.s.s him by, he'd be depressed.

Although he wanted to go deeper into the canyon and ask the person whether or not he was Dollar, seeing Xu Yuan unconscious in his arms, he gave up the idea. He couldn't venture in there while carrying a pa.s.sed-out woman.

Han Sen was very happy right now. He had managed to squeeze the white ghost to death in his hand and heard the charming, oh-so familiar voice call out to him.

"Sacred-Blood Creature Hunted: White-Ghost b.u.t.terfly. The beast soul has not been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of mutant geno points, ranging from zero to ten."

Although he did not receive its beast soul, Han Sen was still quite happy. The b.u.t.terfly was so small, he could gobble it down in one or two bites. He had the chance of increasing his sacred geno points a lot with these things, as the ma.s.sive monsters he generally tended to go for could often take a whole month to eat.

But Han Sen was not worried about the poison that coated the White-Ghost b.u.t.terfly's body. A poison like that could not harm his body, which possessed Jadeskin and the Dongxuan Sutra.

Eating a raw b.u.t.terfly like this, however, would not have sat well in his tummy. So, he found a nice little alcove in the canyon to rest in. He started a fire and began cooking the b.u.t.terfly with oil. He added some spices, and the end result smelled pretty good. It was like a dish from another planet, which he called "Fried Silkworm."

"This is very nutritious." Han Sen had lived here for a very long time and no longer felt disgusted eating such things. He munched on the white b.u.t.terfly with glee.

It tasted pretty good, particularly after the voice that told him of his increase in sacred geno points. The gross feeling of dining on a bug quickly evaporated.

After eating the b.u.t.terfly, his sacred geno points number raised by six. This meant his total of sacred geno points had reached 72, and it wasn't far from maxing out.

"If I could find small sacred-blood creatures like this more often, I'd have already maxed out my number." Han Sen felt pretty bad right now, as he used to spend at least half a month dining on the ma.s.sive sacred-blood creatures he killed, in the absence of smaller ones. It was often all for one single sacred geno point, as well.

But right now, Han Sen was mostly glad he could just absorb Life Geno essences from super creatures. Otherwise, due to their enormous size, they would have taken forever to eat. He pondered whether or not he could eat an entire one in half a year.

Han Sen packed his stuff and continued to travel. Then, he suddenly heard a strange noise coming from beyond a canyon wall. It sounded as if something was digging through the rock.