Super Gene - Chapter 695: You Are in Trouble

Chapter 695: You Are in Trouble

Chapter 695: You Are in Trouble

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Han Sen left the silver fox by the Beetle Knight so his doppelganger would appear more authentic; Han Sen was planning on traveling to Devil's Mountain alone.

With the angel by his side, however, he wasn't afraid. He wanted to use this opportunity to slay sacred-blood creatures and max out his sacred geno points.

He hunted many sacred-blood creatures in the sea, but because of their large size, eating a lot of them was a slow process. As a result, attempting to max out his sacred geno points this way was far too slow.

Devil's Mountain was home to many different creatures. Not long after he began ascending the mountain, he caught sight of big gorillas, with a few mutants among them.

But someone was already battling with the group of gorillas, which surprised him. He never expected he'd find someone else so bold as to hunt creatures on Devil's Mountain.

Han Sen took a closer look and noticed it was Philip. He had a girl nearby him, as he fought. The black gorillas were unable to compete with Philip, as he quickly laid waste to each and every one of them. Even the mutant-cla.s.s variants could not withstand many attacks from him, and he looked to be a fiercely powerful warrior.

"Philip, you are so good! You are so strong and so handsome!" The woman had her hands pressed against her chest as she praised Philip. The pupils of her eyes were almost shaped like hearts in adoration.

The woman was rather pretty. She had big b.o.o.bies, long legs, and looked quite young. Her words of encouragement were soft but high-pitched, and they worked like fuel on Philip, stoking the fire of his yearning to do combat. He now fought even harder. He ruled the sword in his hand like he ruled the world.

Han Sen watched the scene for a while but then prepared to leave. As he walked away, he heard the woman say something else to Philip, who had slain all the gorillas. "Philip, you are so good! But these creatures are not your level; let's find some sacred-blood creatures for you to go against."

When Han Sen heard this, it made him happy. Philip was going to make a blunder and waltz into danger, unknowingly. They were at the edge of Devil's Mountain, and there were no dangerous monsters where they currently were.

If Philip really did naively venture deeper with the young lady, finding a creature wouldn't be the issue. Re-emerging from that horrific place, alive with all limbs still attached, would be the problem.

But this had nothing to do with Han Sen, so he kept on walking. After ascending the current ridge he was scaling, there was a canyon before him. It was host to many shrubs and thickets of vetiver-like plants, each crowned with a number of pink flowers. b.u.t.terflies danced softly around them, painting it as a quaint and idyllic place.

What Han Sen saw, however, was a dangerous zone. Although the b.u.t.terflies looked beautiful, they were secretly aggressive creatures. Looks could traditionally be deceiving, and so it was, as Han Sen could observe the powerful life forces within them. They were no ordinary creatures, and they had to be at least mutant-cla.s.s.

Han Sen watched the b.u.t.terflies from afar. The canyon was sprawling, painted in patches of vetiver. The b.u.t.terflies were there in a high number, all about, like flickering flames above the ground. They were larger than average b.u.t.terflies, but they still looked weak and easily squishable.

"Philip, look. Someone is there!" Han Sen was still observing the view of the canyon before him when he heard the familiar voice ring out.

Han Sen turned around and saw Philip and his big-b.o.o.bed lady-friend approaching. He promptly frowned.

Philip was one of the leaders of the ice fields, in charge of the Philip Shelter. He wasn't a dumb, foolhardy man, and Han Sen was surprised at his willingness to bring a lady up Devil's Mountain.

Philip did not see him as Han Sen, due to Han Sen being clad in golden armor.

"What is your name, my friend?" Philip asked, while looking him over.

The golden armor was not exclusive to Dollar, as many people possessed it in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. It was because of this that Philip wasn't quick to a.s.sume Han Sen was anyone particularly special, least of all Dollar.

"What is it?" Han Sen did not answer Philip's question, he merely replied with another.

"If you want to traverse this perilous mountain, perhaps we should team up? We can watch each other's backs," Philip said.

"Sorry, but I prefer traveling alone," Han Sen coldly responded.

When the lady heard him say this, she didn't look as happy as she once did. She blurted out, "You are so ungrateful! Philip is a cornerstone of the union here; he is owner of one of the G.o.ddess Shelter's armies! He is Philip, as in the Philip Army? He wanted to help you."

"Thank you, but no thank you. I have a personal obligation to fulfill; perhaps our paths will cross again soon." Han Sen wasn't interested in accompanying Philip, in the presence of his girl.

"This man does not know his place; ignore him. Let's go!" The woman, who was clutching Philip's arm, tugged strongly. Then they both departed for the valley.

Philip felt tremendously awkward, but with a righteous face he said to the lady, "Xiao Yuan, Devil's Mountain is far too dangerous. If we venture there alone, I can only fear a wretched happening might befall us. Give me a second and I'll see if I can convince him."

Philip pulled away from her as he pleaded his plight. He snuck near Han Sen and whispered, "Friend, our encounter here is fate. Why can we not go together?"

After that, Philip lowered his voice even further, to a point where even Han Sen almost had trouble hearing, and said, "Friend, do me a favor here. I'll give you two mutant beast souls."

"What favor?" Han Sen enquired.

"Pretend you and I argue, then we feign a fight. Throw the fight and then pretend to be terrified, running away as I chase you from behind. That's all you need to do. One mutant beast soul now and another you can come claim at the Philip Shelter. You must have heard of the name Philip before, yes? Then you know a man of such reputation would not fail to fulfill their debt." Philip was again speaking in a quiet voice.

"Give me two sacred-blood beast souls and I'll think about it." Han Sen understood what Philip truly wanted. As much as he would have liked to impress his girl, he couldn't avoid venturing any further into Devil's Mountain without offending her.

"Friend, that is daylight robbery! I only asked you to put on a show; two mutant beast souls is a generous offer for such a deed," Philip said, with a furrowed brow.

"Ordinarily, yes; it isn't too bad an offer. But I have something quite important to do today. Time is precious for me right now, so the price is two sacred-blood beast souls," Han Sen responded.

"Brother, two sacred-blood beast souls is too much." Philip continued to frown.

"That's okay; I have an alternate way for you to get what you need, a method that requires no effort on your behalf." Han Sen smiled.

"What method would that be?" Philip gave Han Sen a confused look.

"It's simple." When Han Sen spoke, he moved. A gold shadow flashed in front of the lady. The woman was suddenly shocked, and she looked ready to scream, but before she could, Han Sen slapped the back of her neck and she fainted.

"There you go! See? That'll cost you nothing. Now you can go pretend that you saved her." Han Sen handed Philip the unconscious woman and then left him, venturing on to the canyon.

"Friend, you can't leave. You are in trouble!" When Philip picked up the unconscious woman, his face changed.