Super Gene - Chapter 691: Dongxuan Sutra's First Tier

Chapter 691: Dongxuan Sutra's First Tier

Chapter 691: Dongxuan Sutra's First Tier

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Han Sen carried the peach to a private room inside the crystal palace, to avoid any disturbances that might arise during his practice.

Although he felt sorry for denying the silver fox the peach, he only had one of them. He had no choice but to keep it for himself. If he did still have some peach left after his breakthrough, however, he'd give the leftovers to the silver fox.

Looking at the peach in his hand, Han Sen brought out a medical syringe. He planned to extract some of the juice to try it out first.

Although merely smelling the peach flowers had aided him in the improvement of the Dongxuan Sutra, flowers were flowers and fruit was fruit. They were different. Just because the flowers were good for him, it didn't mean the fruit would be good for him, too.

What was important, though, was to take good things in moderation. If it was good for him, he didn't want to squander it all at once. Not wanting to send this peach off for research, either, he chose to test it on himself.

But when Han Sen pressed the needle against the peach, there was resistance. Pus.h.i.+ng harder, the needle snapped and the skin remained unbroken.

Han Sen froze. Then, he pulled out a raven bolt. He tried using the feather to cut the piece, but that was to no avail, as well. The peach couldn't be cut!

Driven to desperation, Han Sen also tried smacking the peach with his Flaming Rex Spike, but no matter what he tried, the peach would not break.

Han Sen was very sweaty after his exercise in trying to open the peach. He was disappointed, also. "What the h.e.l.l is this? Is this peach just not meant to be eaten by humans? But for something this strong, I'm not so sure super creatures could eat and digest it, either."

Han Sen picked up the peach and tried to bite it with his mouth. But when he bit it, the sweet juices of the peach erupted all over his mouth like the opening of a floodgate. It was strange that no matter what he tried, nothing could break it. Only with the purpose of eating it could it be pierced.

The peach juice was like a cascade of honey running into his mouth. The whole peach was so soft and succulent, Han Sen now fully understood what it meant for food to "melt inside your mouth."

Han Sen only wanted a little bit, but after taking that one bite, the entire peach began melting in his mouth. The sweet juice flowed into his belly, and even the peach skin seemed to evaporate.

In no time at all, only the core remained in Han Sen's hand. The core was clean, and it shone like dazzling jewelry.

"This is indeed a magical sort of peach. I can't destroy it with weaponry, but I can eat it with ease. That is very unique." Han Sen then sighed.

But before Han Sen could finish sighing, a pleasant fragrance permeated the atmosphere of the room. It drifted through his nostrils and coated his insides. His limbs were warmed, and his blood almost felt livelier in its delivery to and from his heart. A pleasant sensation seemed to overwhelm his entire body.

The cells in his body groaned with pleasure as they interacted with that scent. And his body vibrated without control, in sheer delight.

Han Sen quickly calmed himself down and began practicing the Dongxuan Sutra, allowing the pleasant smell to formulate and settle down inside his cells to strengthen his fitness.

The energy of the peach was more effective than Han Sen thought it would be, but it was a very calm energy. It followed the guidance of the Dongxuan Sutra and slowly blended into his limbs, without doing harm to his body.

Han Sen's heart was calmer as he focused on his practice of the Dongxuan Sutra. More and more of the pleasant scent was being refined inside him. The refres.h.i.+ng smell that came from Han Sen's body was growing stronger and stronger.

Even the sealed-up room could not trap the wonder of that pleasant scent, and it now covered the entirety of the crystal palace.

If the crystal palace did not reside beneath the sea, and the scent was not suppressed by the water outside, he wondered how far and wide the fragrance would travel.

The pleasant scent was getting even stronger now, and it formed a faint haze throughout the interior of the crystal palace. The silver fox tried to be greedy and absorb most of the smell, which made his fur s.h.i.+ne like a coat of pure silver.

The gourd also absorbed the smell, in its own way.

Zero really enjoyed the scent, as well. When she sniffed it, she smiled.

The little angel, Princess Yin Yang, the mermaid princess, and the Snow Charmer each loved the smell, as well. And they basked in the mist of pleasure fondly.

The pleasant scent was strongest at midnight. After midnight, it gradually weakened.

But Han Sen's body was totally opposite. The power inside his body felt ready to burst. The peach's pleasant smell had now been wholly refined and the Dongxuan Sutra's pleasant smell was stronger than ever. Han Sen kept banging against the breakpoint of the first tier.

All the cells in his body were making music with a rhythmic pulse. It was like the banging of a gong, and with every beat, his cells released another pulsation.

After every hit, the pulses gathered together to sound like the ringing of a bell. It was like the melody of life.

Every pulsation reduced the smell in his body, and after seven thousand seven hundred forty-nine times, the pleasant smell in Han Sen's body was finally gone. The refres.h.i.+ng, pleasant smell inside him had totally evaporated.

But Han Sen felt his own life force reaching max capacity. It felt like he was going to overload and have the life force burst out from his cells.

Boom, boom, boom!

Every hit was like a wave, which made his entire body vibrate with moans and groans. Every finger, every hair, and even every cell felt like it was going to explode.


Han Sen could no longer remember how many pulsations he had felt, but suddenly, he felt as if his body had broken a chain that previously bound him. His entire body felt light and liberated, like a feather with the freedom and comfort to dance its way across the world. It was difficult to describe.

He was like a fairy that had just been created, and his entire body had undergone a metamorphosis. He was like someone entirely holy, without a single speck of anything ungraceful on him.

Han Sen stood in place, which gave others a charming feeling. Every part of his body was like the blossoming of a virgin flower. The life energy was bursting out, which made others want to get close to him.

It was different than the Jadeskin gene lock. Although the body and its senses were increased, the Dongxuan Sutra was better than Jadeskin. It was far stronger.

Now, Han Sen wasn't emotionless as he was when he used Jadeskin. He could still feel his emotions, and his entire body pumped with the vibrancy and flame of youth, with its accompanying energy. It made others want to approach him.

Outside Han Sen's body, there was an invisible life force spreading. Whoever touched that invisible life force would be connected with his.

In the past, Han Sen had to run Dongxuan Sutra and allow others to absorb his pleasant smell so that he could see their energy.

But now he did not have to do this. Han Sen was only sitting in his room, yet he could watch the silver fox's energy flow from a hundred meters away.

With that transparent force spreading, Han Sen could feel every element of the life that populated the crystal palace. It was like the force had become a part of Han Sen's body; like it was an organ, except it could not be seen.

"This is amazing!" Han Sen was very happy.

In the future, when he fought with a super creature or human, all he would have to do was unlock this gene lock to easily learn his opponent's flow of energy. He could totally learn their flow during a fight. He did not have to wait for his opponent to absorb his pleasant smell.