Super Gene - Chapter 690: Getting the Holy Peach

Chapter 690: Getting the Holy Peach

Chapter 690: Getting the Holy Peach

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Han Sen rushed to the top of the tree, raised his rex spike, and tried to cut down the lower holy peach that had not yet fully ripened. But suddenly, he was alerted by something, and a cold chill ran down his spine.

Han Sen pulled back quickly and saw a red flash pa.s.s by his head. It was the pink snake, back for vengeance.

Han Sen's body was drenched in a sudden cold sweat. The pink snake did not chase after the adiraid and had instead stayed behind to get Han Sen. Fortunately, he had a strong sense; strong enough to dodge the sudden sneak attack. If he hadn't evaded it, the pink snake would undoubtedly be squirming its way inside his ear by now. Thinking about what happened to the bone elephant, Han Sen couldn't help but feel his head itch.

The pink snake missed its attack and rebounded off a tree branch, leaping towards Han Sen once more.

Han Sen and the silver fox now dealt with the pink snake together, but it robbed them of the opportunity to grab the holy peach. The silver fox was too young; if it had grown up a little more, it might have been able to deal with the pink snake by itself. Han Sen would have been able to grab the peach while the snake was kept busy.

Right now, they both were struggling to keep up with the pink snake. The heavy weapon, the rex spike, was too slow against it and was ineffective to wield.

Han Sen wanted to summon the adiraid back, but she was holding the peach. If she was re-summoned back through the Sea of Soul, the peach could not come with her.

The legion of snakes now attacked from all directions, and with the black bugs in tow, the place was in chaos.

Han Sen tried to shake off the pink snake a few times but couldn't. In fact, he almost inhaled the red mist that the snake emitted.

Not long after, he heard the buzzing of flying insects arrive. The few ladybugs that went after the adiraid were now returning, having given up their pursuit.

The blue beast and the two bears also returned. Aside from the crane, they had all come back.

Han Sen, acknowledging how frantic the situation had become, could only retreat. The five ladybugs hadn't just come back to the area, however; they had come back to go after Han Sen alone.

Without thinking, Han Sen chose to run. If he couldn't deal with one, there was no chance he could take on five.

The five ladybugs came towards him, clearly aware that Han Sen was the adiraid's master. To get the peach, they now thought it best to slay the master who was in control of it.

Han Sen wished he could grow more legs. He ran as fast as he could, but the ladybugs behind him were flying faster. They were quickly gaining on him.

The silver fox squealed, and it brewed a charge of silver lightning. The lightning looked like a spider web as it fired towards the five ladybugs.

The four gold-winged ladybugs came into contact with the electric net. They convulsed and became numb with the charge, which caused their pursuit to slow down.

But the big golden ladybug was not affected by the discharge, and it flew just as fast as ever.

Han Sen's heart almost leapt out of his chest. He knew the strength of the golden ladybug after watching the two bears' inability to deal with it, and their subsequent mult.i.tude of wounds. There was no way Han Sen and the silver fox could ever dream of repelling it.

Seeing the golden ladybug giving close pursuit, Han Sen cast a skill that would enable him to dodge it. He hoped that the movement would sustain his life a little bit longer.

The golden ladybug was too fast, however, and the gold shadow flashed to tear Han Sen's shoulder open with a deep cut. It was so deep that the shoulder bone was exposed, and it was bleeding badly.

Han Sen was still conflicted on whether or not he should summon the adiraid back. If he didn't, he wondered if it was only a matter of time before he and the silver fox were killed. But suddenly, the golden ladybug turned its attention away from them and flew away.

Han Sen was surprised, but he understood why it had left them be. He looked back towards the mystic tree and saw the pink snake open its maw wide, preparing to bite the not-yet-ripe peach.

Observing the carnage, and the return of the golden ladybug to the tree, the two bears ran away in fear.

Seeing the two bears bail, Han Sen understood there was no hope in remaining. He turned around and headed in the direction the adiraid had gone.

Without the two bears there, only the pink snake and blue beast remained. Even with Han Sen and the silver fox, there was no way they could fight off the five ladybugs. With the hate and contempt they harbored for Han Sen in particular, he was aware that any return to the area would quickly result in death. It would be suicide.

He wanted to quickly retrieve the peach from the adiraid. With only the crane chasing her, he was sure he'd be able to get the peach from her.

As expected, before Han Sen reached the adiraid, it could see the crane in hot pursuit. It screeched, gliding on the air, summoning strong winds. Then, it went up above the clouds. It left little blood droplets, suggesting it had been injured.

Han Sen saw the shadow of the adiraid in the distance, which now turned towards Han Sen. It looked as if she was chasing the injured crane.

But the crane was one with the wind, and now, it was long gone. Even the adiraid could not catch up with it.

Han Sen took the juicy peach from the adiraid's hand and was filled with sublime happiness. He carefully placed it in a bag he had prepared for it and quickly left the forest.

With the five ladybugs guarding the peaches, Han Sen was lucky to get one. He knew this, and he knew it was best for him not to return and risk the greed of trying to nab the second.

Han Sen thought the lower peach was guaranteed to be secured by the five ladybugs. He did not think that the pink snake and the blue beast stood a chance against them.

One thing Han Sen did not understand, however, was the relations.h.i.+p between the golden ladybug and the smaller, gold-winged ladybugs. They were actual super creatures, not some black bugs that had been created as a form of weapon.

If the golden ladybug gave birth to the four gold-winged ladybugs, then the second generation would be stronger than the mother. But this was not so, because the golden ladybug was evidently stronger than the other four.

But no matter what their relations.h.i.+p was, or what it suggested, Han Sen couldn't care less right now. All he wanted to do was return to the crystal palace where it was safe. There, he could safely dine on the holy peach and practice his Dongxuan Sutra. Perhaps he could finish his first tier now, which was his ultimate goal.

Fortunately, his return trip was uneventful, and he reached the crystal palace safe and sound. He pulled out the peach from his pockets, and the whole crystal palace suddenly smelled of a wonderful, fruity scent. A holy light caressed the peach, and its transparent skin was a thin membrane separating the outside world and the divine carnival of juices within. The pleasant scent could not be held back by the skin.

The silver fox opened its jaw and leapt to the peach, attempting to swallow it whole.

But Han Sen was well prepared for this, and so he commanded the adiraid to hold onto the silver fox. No matter how much it struggled –and struggle it did – it would not be getting a lick of this peach.

"Haha! I'm sorry, silver fox. But this peach is mine; why don't you go eat some candy or something?" Han Sen brought out a Geno Creation pill to feed the silver fox.

The silver fox loved eating a Geno Creation pill each and every day, but now, it did not even look at it. All the silver fox wanted was that glorious peach.