Super Gene - Chapter 677: Pink Little Snake

Chapter 677: Pink Little Snake

Chapter 677: Pink Little Snake

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Qin Wenzhao was a young man who was polite and knew his place, so Han Sen had no problem with becoming his guardian.

What surprised Han Sen the most, though, was how talented Qin Wenzhao looked. Now that super creatures had been found, Han Sen wondered why the Qin family allowed him to become an evolver so soon. He could have waited another few years to see if he could collect super geno points.

Recently, Han Sen's schedule had been quite liberating. He couldn't find appropriate super creatures to slay, so most of his time was spent on practicing the Dongxuan Sutra or in researching the Life Geno essence.

But there had been no progress on either front. For the latter activity, being unable to achieve results on the Life Geno essence himself, Han Sen decided to lend it to the Ji family. For the entire time, it had been in his hands, he'd had countless eyes watching him like hawks, willing to bend over backward to secure the Life Geno essence for themselves. Giving it away to the Ji family would prompt others to stop pestering him, and Han Sen could go about doing his stuff freely.

It would be best if they could find out how to absorb the Life Geno essence. If they figured it out, Han Sen could focus on hunting super creatures. Of course, if they did not find out how, then there was no loss.

Seeing as he had absolutely nothing to do, Han Sen prepared to take Qin Wenzhao and Su Xiaoqiao out on an adventure and let them take in the glory of the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

But in truth, Han Sen had a destination in mind: the Peach Forest. He had yet to achieve a breakthrough with his Dongxuan Sutra, and he had no way of gauging how long it might take if he had to stick with it all by himself.

If he managed to eat one of the mystic peaches from the giant tree, perhaps he could achieve the breakthrough he had been looking for and unlock the gene lock.

He brought Qin Wenzhao and Su Xiaoqiao with him, and everything went swimmingly. Along their journey towards the Peach Forest, they managed to kill a good number of creatures.

When they reached the eaves of the Peach Forest, Han Sen did not dare bring them inside. He took a quick look himself, though, and noticed that all the flowers had wilted. Beneath the green leaves, however, he could spot green fruit that was as small as beans. It seemed it would be a while longer before they were ripe enough for collection and consumption.

Han Sen only peered at them from the outskirts of the forest, and following that, made preparations to depart with the two disciples. After all, the Peach Forest was a dangerous place, and there was no telling how many super creatures might have continued to reside beneath its darkened boughs. Even if Han Sen was on his own, he wouldn't have dared enter.

As they got ready to leave, they heard a monster roar from within the forest. It came from very far away, so the noise was faint. But Han Sen, panning the surroundings with his ears like radar dishes, felt his face drop.

The noise sounded like it came from the black bear that he encountered at the giant tree. The roar was a mixture of sadness and anger, and he couldn't imagine what might have spurred its cry.

Although Han Sen greatly desired to find out what had happened, he wanted to take Qin Wenzhao and Su Xiaoqiao to the nearest shelter first. When he took them there, he bid that they should wait for him. Then he returned to the forest borders.

Standing outside the Peach Forest, Han Sen could still faintly hear the cries of the black bear. The continued noise eased his worry that the creature might be dead, and taking great care, he stepped into the forest and treaded lightly as he followed the sound of the cries.

Because he hadn't brought the silver fox with him, he made sure to take the utmost care along the way. It was far more difficult for him to make progress beneath the boughs this time, as he encountered many creatures along the way.

There were snakes everywhere. Han Sen summoned his golden armor and gargoyle glyph to avoid the bevies of snakes and continued his venture to where the cries of the black bear originated.

Suddenly, Han Sen saw a pink little snake slithering. Had he never visited this forest before, he would have continued on his way.

But the pink snake looked a little inconspicuous. It was only one foot long, and it was very thin. With its pink body, it looked practically harmless. It gave the impression that it was the sort of creature you could simply squish underfoot.

But Han Sen remembered this snake. This pink little snake was under the giant tree, practicing with all the other creatures. It was a scary snake.

Han Sen suddenly stopped moving and put away all the powers in his body. He only wanted to take a look at what was happening with the black bear and did not want conflict with the pink snake.

But the pink snake looked as if it had not even noticed Han Sen's presence. It just carried on slithering in another direction. It was going so slowly, as if it was taking a stroll through the park. After a while, it managed to reach a peach tree, where it decided to climb up.

Han Sen felt as if something was wrong, so he opened his gene lock and planned to run off. But that was when he noticed a group of snakes surrounding him. There were red, green, black, white, and patterned snakes. They were all around the ground and all along the trees like vines; he couldn't tell how many were there.

"The king of these creatures is so evil." Han Sen was shocked at what had happened, so he summoned his wings and tried to fly away. But then he saw a snake with wings leap out of the trees. Even the pink little snake had transparent blood wings. It flew above Han Sen and circled there, prohibiting any chance of an airborne escape.

Han Sen quickly summoned his Flaming Rex Spike, the two-meter long weapon. He threw it at a group of snakes, which instantly incinerated them into charcoal. The strike formed a gap in the ring of snakes around him, and he dashed through it.

It didn't take Han Sen long to realize that the pink snake was very similar to the wolf king and pegasi king. Its powers rested in the abundance of its subordinates and its ability to command them. The snakes established a formation, and although they had trouble in their attempts to harm Han Sen, they forced Han Sen to go deeper into the forest.

"What does this pink snake want?" Han Sen was shocked.

But then he noticed that the pink snake might not want to kill him. It just continued to push him deeper and deeper into the Peach Forest. Who knew what it wanted, but that was what it did. It was almost obvious how much the pink snake wanted to drive him deeper.

Han Sen did not want to underestimate the intelligence of these creatures. He wanted to escape, but not a single window of opportunity had become available.

The forest was full of snake-like creatures. Sometimes, they flew out from the crowns of peach trees like locusts, a plague, everywhere. On and on, they banished Han Sen into the deeper recesses of the Peach Forest.

The snakes were chasing Han Sen towards the black bear. Han Sen had been pushed one hundred miles, and the roars of the bear were clearer and more distinct. The cries were louder than he had imagined, and the bear was extremely angry now.

Han Sen gritted his teeth, thinking he might as well speed up and fly towards the bear. The crowd of snakes did not attack, but they picked up their pace to follow him. For some reason, they really wanted Han Sen to go there.