Super Gene - Chapter 676: His Reputation

Chapter 676: His Reputation

Chapter 676: His Reputation

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Han Sen returned to the shelter. Near the Devil's Mountain, Lu Hui and the Northern Master Huang Yunlong sent someone over, hoping to cooperate with Han Sen to hunt another super creature.

Han Sen neither accepted nor refused. He merely said, "Maybe one day."

Even Philip had taken the trip over to see what it took to join Han Sen's team.

Although Qi Xiuwen did not want to bow his head to Han Sen, the person in Dong Lin ordered him to visit Han Sen and request the opportunity to cooperate with him, also.

Yang Manli was the busiest person around, as a result. Han Sen was a vacant leader, deflecting all tasks and leaders.h.i.+p responsibilities onto her, so she was the one who had to attend to every request. In addition to that, she had to take care of the special forces business. This left no time to herself.

"It does not matter if you are the leader of the shelter or just the leader of the special forces, you should do something." It was difficult for Yang Manli to attend and finish all the work she had for the day, but when it was done, she had to pay Han Sen a visit. This was something important to discuss, but when she walked in, she saw Han Sen sitting on a chair; one hand holding a golden gourd and his other hand busy stroking his silver fox.

There was a silver-haired lady behind him, also. She was busy ma.s.saging his shoulders as another blonde-haired lady tended to his feet.

She thought it wasn't fair on her, having to work so hard every day while Han Sen reclined in his chair getting waited on, hand and foot.

"I am satisfied with the quality of your work," Han Sen said, smiling. Yang Manli had been busy, doing a lot of stuff at all times. She was practically in charge of the Icefield.

"You should at least write your own reports." Yang Manli could not cope with Han Sen's current att.i.tude. She did not understand why a person who made so much money was so carefree and casual about all things. She also wondered why he let her be in charge of everything, as well. With the position she was in, it wouldn't take much for her to bring down Han Sen's empire if she chose to. Lining her own pockets by skimming the books would have been easy enough, too.

But Yang Manli found that Han Sen didn't care about the business, at all. Being a leader of the Icefield might have been a great boon of wealth for somebody else, but to a person who had just killed a super creature, the Icefield were nothing.

"He actually became the first person to kill a super creature in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary?" Although Yang Manli was frequently surprised by Han Sen's deeds, this one took the cake.

There was a two hundred year history of humans occupying shelters, and yet in all that time, Han Sen was the first – Yang Manli struggled to believe it.

Thinking back to how Han Sen used to be, she never thought he'd develop so far as to become the person who now sat in front of her.

"What reports? I thought you always took care of my reports." Han Sen looked at Yang Manli with a fair look of surprise.

When Yang Manli heard his words, she lifted up her lips to say, "How am I supposed to know how you killed the super creature? How am I supposed to know and write about that?"

"Ah. In that case, I will relay to you the details." Han Sen had no problem with writing reports, but he believed them to be a waste of time. And the last thing he wanted was ending up like someone famous in the force. As a result, everything came through Yang Manli's hands.

Han Sen now had a problem; with Yang Manli helping him the way she was, he was free to do as he pleased. But if someone stole her away someday, where would he find another person like her? Someone who could do everything and love her job at the same time?

"Should I give Yang Manli a raise? Give her a higher percentage?" Han Sen thought to himself.

"I can help you write the report, but there is a mission you must attend to yourself," Yang Manli told Han Sen.

"What mission would that be?" Han Sen looked at Yang Manli as he asked.

"A young man has just arrived at the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, born on the Icefield. He requests that you protect him," Yang Manli said.

Han Sen furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "Where will I find the time to do such a thing? Let one of the other groups bring him into the fold."

"I won't stand for that." Yang Manli lifted a smile.

"Of course you will. Even if it was the son of G.o.d himself, he'd get the same treatment as everyone else," Han Sen proudly proclaimed.

"He's not the son of G.o.d but his surname is Qin. So, you go attend to that. I am unable to help you in such a task." Yang Manli shrugged.

"Qin?" Han Sen looked puzzled and asked, "What is his relation to Captain Qin?"

"He is Captain Qin's nephew." Yang Manli smiled at Han Sen again.

"Ah, I see. Then have him come find me!" Han Sen's tone changed at the drop of a hat.

The Qin family owned the special squad, and they had taken care of Han Sen's family a lot. For his relations.h.i.+p with Qin Xuan, he had to accept this task.

While he was waiting for Qin Wenzhao, someone followed him. This was a person that Han Sen was familiar with.

"Su Xiaoqiao?" Han Sen looked at the person with surprise, not expecting that he too had become an evolver and arrived at the ice field.

"Brother Sen, I have finally found the organization." Su Xiaoqiao excitedly grabbed Han Sen, looking as if he wanted to cry.

Han Sen chatted with Su Xiaoqiao for a bit, and then asked Yang Manli to give him a position in the G.o.ddess Army. After that, he went on to see Qin Wenzhao.

He looked barely twenty years old, and he exuded the image of a gentle, young man. He had a soft babyface, one that Han Sen thought women loved.

"Greetings, Uncle Sen. I am Qin Wenzhao," the young man was polite in greeting Han Sen. But in Han Sen's heart, he was taken aback, thinking, "Uncle? Am I old enough to be considered so? I'm only in my twenties; a few years older than you!"

It seemed like Qin Wenzhao understood what discomforting thoughts now plagued Han Sen's mind. He said, "My auntie told me to respect you. And since you both are of a similar age, I thought I'd call you uncle. If I didn't call you uncle, my auntie would think I was being disrespectful."

"I suppose that is okay," Han Sen responded, caring little for the intricacies of formalities, overall. He looked at Qin Wenzhao and asked, "Why do you want me to be your guardian?"

Qin Wenzhao replied, "My auntie has always told me that you are a good and powerful man. It is my hope that one day, I can become like you. It was fortunate that I was sent to the Icefield, so I came here hoping to learn from you. And do not fret, I won't be a burden or cause you unnecessary trouble. I will work and train around your schedule."

"Really? Your auntie really said that about me?" Han Sen heart was happy to hear that, and so he had to ask.

"Yes, she talks about you often. She frequently uses you as a role model in our teachings; someone we should strive to be like. The young ones in our family really admire you," Qin Wenzhao said.

"Hmm, can you give me an example of how Qin Xuan usually compliments me?" Han Sen shamelessly asked.