Super Gene - Chapter 646: T-Rex Beast Soul

Chapter 646: T-Rex Beast Soul

Chapter 646: T-Rex Beast Soul

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The blinded T-rex continued to fly across the sky, getting hammered by Han Sen and the silver fox's attacks. Over time, its health got visibly worse, but it still stubbornly refused to give up the ghost.

Heaven knew how much blood the T-rex had lost over the course of their battle, and it chilled Han Sen to watch it continue to spew up more and more, as it carried on attempting an airborne escape.

As he chased it across the big sea, Han Sen spent most of his time aboard his silver eel, to more effortlessly keep pace with the T-rex above.

Han Sen had been badly injured, as well. If he continued flying, it would only have been a matter of time before exhaustion kicked in and he was too weary to fight.

They chased the T-rex for another eight days. On the eighth day, it was unable to keep going and collapsed into the sea.

Its giant body dropped into the sea, producing ma.s.sive waves. The T-rex tried its best to return to the skies, flapping and splas.h.i.+ng about with its extinguished wings, but failed.

It may not have been able to get back up, but that didn't mean it was dead yet, either. After Han Sen leapt onto its back, though, he noticed it was unable to fight back. Lacking the weapons necessary to penetrate its thick scales and deal it one final, killing blow, Han Sen resolved to just wait until it died.

Han Sen waited for two weeks before hearing the notification he enjoyed listening to so much.

"Super Creature Hunted: Fire-Scale T-rex. The beast soul has been acquired. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to ten."

Han Sen then watched as the huge, lifeless body of the T-rex faded away. A fiery crystal dropped from its disintegrating corpse. The crystal was beautiful to look at and about the same size as a fist.

Han Sen quickly went to catch the crystal, but the flames that wreathed it burnt his hand. He brought back his hand and the crystal dropped into the sea.

It was like a burning orb of metal dropping into the sea. Its entry into the water was followed by much steam, and the encompa.s.sing water began to boil.

"Holy smokes! How am I supposed to consume Life Geno essence that spicy?" Han Sen was afraid that after the crystal fell into the sea, another strong creature might come along and eat it. He quickly summoned his peac.o.c.k crossbow and used it to fish the crystal out of the sea.

The Life Geno essence had not grown colder, despite being submerged in the sea. It was still just as hot.

Han Sen observed the fiery crystal delicately perched upon his peac.o.c.k crossbow. He frowned and commented, "How am I supposed to eat this thing? If I lick it how I did back in the First Shelter, I'll end up chewing a roasted tongue."

The silver fox was in Han Sen's arms. With its little paws, it attempted to grab the Life Geno essence. Han Sen stopped it from doing so immediately, as he wanted to dine on the essence all by himself. It was a hard-fought victory, and he wanted to enjoy every morsel of the reward he had earned.

But Han Sen soon realized he was wrong. The silver fox was just curious about how the Life Geno essence looked; it didn't want to eat it. It was like a cat playing with a ball. It used its paws to touch the Life Geno essence, which then burnt them. After that, it hurriedly gave up its interest in the crystal.

"You don't want to eat it?" Han Sen put the Life Geno essence down near the silver fox. Its face looked disdainful and it turned around, refusing to even look at it.

"That greedy silver fox doesn't actually want to eat this good stuff?" Han Sen was quite shocked.

Then, Han Sen thought of something else in his possession that enjoyed eating random stuff. So he summoned his Little Angel and placed the T-rex's Life Geno essence in front of her and said, "Would you like to eat this?"

The Little Angel just looked at the Life Geno essence and shook her head. It didn't seem as if she was interested in it, either.

"What's going on?" Han Sen pondered in bewilderment. He couldn't believe his two biggest monster munchers weren't interested in eating such rare and valuable consumables. Was the world ending?

"Is it because this thing is too hot, and they don't think it'd sit well on their stomachs?" This was the only possible reason Han Sen could think of.

It was a shame that the Little Angel and the silver fox were unable to speak, so they couldn't tell him the reason why they didn't want to eat it.

Han Sen thought and thought about how he might be able to eat the Life Geno essence until his brain nearly broke. Of all the methods he thought of, not one would allow him to eat it.

"This is like a burning ball of iron. How am I supposed to eat it?"

As time pa.s.sed by, the temperature of the Life Geno essence did not seem to reduce. Unable to resist anymore, he stuck out his tongue and gave it one big lick. Unfortunately, all that did was incinerate his tongue.

"Heavens curse it! How am I supposed to eat this thing?!" Han Sen had no idea what to do, and having exhausted all viable options, he had to put it away for the moment.

Fortunately, despite how hot it was, its heat was nowhere near the magnitude of the flames the T-rex had generated. Han Sen used a metal water storage unit to tuck the fiery Life Geno essence in. Thankfully, for as hot as it remained, the temperature of the crystal did not conduct into the metal pot.

"This thing is far too strange." Han Sen then examined the rest of the battle results and found out most of his crossbow bolts were ruined. They had either been incinerated or snapped by the T-rex, leaving only seven for Han Sen to use.

But defeating another super creature at the expense of those bolts was a more than worthwhile exchange. Had he lost every single bolt, he would still have thought it was worth it.

Han Sen then went to examine his greatest reward: the Fire-Scale T-rex beast soul. He was really excited about it, having no clue what it might be.

Super Creature Beast Soul: Gem Type

When Han Sen saw the text, he turned to stone. He recalled seeing that t.i.tle someplace else in the Second Shelter, but there weren't many out there. He remembered seeing it once on the news but had no clue what it could be used for.

Han Sen staggered a little and then summoned the Fire-Scale T-rex beast soul. All that appeared in front of him was a fist-sized ruby-like gem. Inside the gem, Han Sen could discern a faint image of the T-rex he had seized the beast soul from, as if a miniature variant had been encased within.

As Han Sen continued looking at it, he was unable to determine what this strange gem was actually capable of.

"Let's go back to the shelter first. I should be able to find out what purpose this thing serves back at the Alliance." Han Sen returned to sit on the silver eel's back and had it deliver him all the way back to the ice fields.

A thought then entered Han Sen's mind; what if w.a.n.g Yuhang's extended holding of his hand had infected him with a certain amount of the man's bad luck? He then thought if that were true, he surely would not have obtained the beast soul. And he even received a lot more.

But, that being said, he had no idea how to consume the Life Geno essence he had obtained or make use of the beast soul. This gave Han Sen an itch.

Back in the ice fields, the Mystery Island had yet to return to the Empty. This made Han Sen breathe a sigh of relief.

When Han Sen returned to the lofty island, w.a.n.g Yuhang welcomed him there with great pa.s.sion.